Friday  the Twenty-Fifth of October, 2002

And the catalyst that triggered all this musing, mentioned by an entity I only know as "SpasmodicMonk" - Giant Monster Rampage, a tabletop game of arbitrary toy monsters demolishing Lego cities, or whatever you feel like building for them to demolish. Design your own monster, including its tonnage and the option of such powers as Invincibility and Signature Roar. Looks entertaining.

(Must try playing Rumble with giant monsters instead of superheroes...)

There's also Steve Jackson's Lego Pirate Game, of course, if you've got the fleet for it, which I can't imagine anyone has. But it all seems a bit too generic-naval-battle - atmospheric, but there's no real need for it to be using Lego, specifically.
There's always a slight feeling of tinkering with the pieces of a game I have no rules for, a reality I have no physics for, when playing around with Lego in adulthood. The uniform plastic studs of the floor tiles, the precise one-brick quanta of another universe's building blocks. I construct forms and towers in frozen time, obeying a few local laws of gravity and friction, but don't know how to start it into its own particular life.

BrikWars may well be the shining Platonic ideal I'm grasping for, a snappy but convoluted Lego-figure wargame with tiny plastic people running around with hands full of weaponry and gadgetry, demolishing scenery to build their own cathedrals and defences. Three floor studs are approximately an inch. I may have to buy Jack some more Lego people.

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 Thursday  the Twenty-Fourth

Odd to see the BBC reporting the Russian theatre situation as a "hijacking" for a fair while, presumably through some ropey translation which nobody was actually bothering to parse. Did the Chechen rebels threaten to open fire unless the performance was immediately redirected to a fairer and more socially-responsible ending?

And - I've been suspicious of this for years - why does the jump-cut logo of the increasingly-absurd BBC Breakfast linger on "EAKF" in such a diagonal way that it can be read as "FAKE"? More vague, facetious news commentary as it breaks.

Wondering absent-mindedly why Alphabet Street didn't seem to stock any Murakami, and were only offering me - wait a minute - a CD, it turns out that they actually closed down their book wing a while back. But you can buy your boring old dead media at for sane postage rates, these days. Mediocre range of books, but they actually discount some of them quite heavily. Life of Pi and Dorian for nine quid each...

[Update: Wait a minute, looks like some sort of book-club must-promise-to-buy more scam. Pah.]

 Tuesday  the Twenty-Second

Horribly, even predictably appropriate that the zombie-viral thing should see my server beseiged by hordes and hordes of blindly-clicking online-forum monkeys, pounding the glass doors into submission. In lieu of shotguns, and assuming that all significant people have already had their brains safely eaten, I resort to breaking out pop-up adverts. May CAMRAD have mercy on my soul.

 Monday  the Twenty-First

"I first saw Dawn Of The Dead in my early teens. I remember what affected me most about it then, and still affects me today, is that the post-apocalyptic setting did not operate as a cautionary tale but as a kind of ideal. When I saw the empty shopping mall in which the bulk of the film takes place, I wanted to be there - holed up against impossible odds, fighting an enemy that seeks victory through numbers rather than cunning, in a fortress of consumerism."
I feel like this all the time, of course. Where the Zombies Come From; Alex Garland discusses the inspirations behind 28 Days Later - George Romero, John Wyndham, J G Ballard... Can't remember the last time I looked forward to anything in a cinema. It's out next Friday. There is no cure.
More trailers for 28 Days Later, and a silly viral thing to help spread the URL. Appalling that they've overlooked the obvious idea of doing a zombie-style viral - a page informing the reader that their brain has been eaten by [name given in URL], and that they should wreak grey-skinned revenge by luring people to [same URL but with their own name on the end].

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