Saturday  the Fifth of April, 2003

If I'm ever sitting on a beach of differently coloured pebbles, I tend to absent-mindedly sort the static into shapes and structures, as a tiny gesture of human folly for the next tide to destroy - a polygon of light stones filled with darker ones, a dark-to-light gradient, some terrible mosaic artwork. Perhaps inevitably, I tend to wonder what would happen if you were to build an army of tiny robots and order them to bubble-sort the beach (where a pebble has a darker pebble touching it on the west side, swap the two around, and repeat for the entire beach, forever).

This! This is what happens. Proce55ing is absolutely wonderful; it took twenty minutes to get the basic beach running, and another effortless, enjoyable hour to tinker beyond the basic idea. A perfect tool for converting small ideas into small programs and publishing them online. Expect more.  ]

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 Thursday  the Third

The Out of Order sign - "a very effective psychological tool that can temporarily shut down almost every mode or form of machinery". Low-key civil disobedience, anti-war or otherwise. [via Joh]  ]
"This sentence is helping to increase the likelihood of nuclear war by distracting you from the more serious concerns of the world and beguiling you with the trivial joys of self-reference.

This sentence is helping to decrease the likelihood of nuclear war by chiding you for indulging in the trivial joys of self-reference and reminding you of the more serious concerns of the world."
I haven't been able to get these two Hofstadter sentences out of my head, since Erik mentioned them the other month. Fly.  ]
"I never knowingly press that button which tells you what your balance is, and if I press it by mistake I screw shut my eyes. I just use the machine to draw out thirty quid every now and then. If my request for cash gets refused, I know there's trouble afoot. So I leave it for a few days and then try again. Or borrow some."
Rod Liddle on the fear of banking, on having six months of paychecks go missing, without noticing. I tread the very same path, and embrace it as a state of fiscal nirvana.

I think the cashpoint machines are on our side; although they automatically tell you your balance at the end of the transaction, the screen only ever seems to be displayed for a quarter of a second. I'd assumed this was a technology thing - old software running on a gleaming new modem, and dustily assuming that there'd be a five-second connection delay - but it even happens with the shiny technicolour ones. Am I missing something?  ]

 Tuesday  the First

Oh, here we go; Teito Tokyo - Kakusareta Chika-Ami No Himitsu at Amazon Japan (translate the page). It sounds a bit Däniken from the reviews ("If as for contents, the person who a little is knowledge of civil engineering, every majority to every page. Burst of laughter."), but it'd be good to have a kick around Tokyo looking at the "evidence". Maybe I should make something up for Brighton.  ]
The Subterranea Brittanica has had some niggling, serendipitous publicity; they were on Robbie Coltrane's monitor on telly last night, and cropped up on the Today programme this morning to cover a nuclear bunker being sold on ebay. Their site has a wealth of photos, details and floorplans of miscellaneous underground structures throughout the UK, including a nicely weak choose-your-own-adventure tour of an abandoned complex and details of the ongoing (but now abandoned) underground food stockpiles, maintained by MAFF.

Elsewhere, journalist Shun Akiba is waving a torch into mysterious tunnels beneath Tokyo, although I can't find anything else about this, not even any mentions of the reprinted book he's apparently written. It's all very Murakami.  ]
This tray of simple simulated fluid is wonderful; I speak as a man who stirs Fruit Corner yoghurts to a careful midpoint, and can stare at a cup of black coffee until it's cold. The Processing language looks like a great deal of fun - a friendly, cut-down, getting-on-with-things version of Java, running with an impressive turn of speed.  ]


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