Sunday  the Thirteenth of April, 2003

A call for other people's effort - I'm percolating a web project that requires close-up photographs of the letters A, B, D, E, I, L, N, R, T and U, taken from obvious or obscure pieces of outdoor writing; I just need a few good ones of each, for the site's title graphic. I grabbed far more than I expected to around a smallish village yesterday afternoon (feeling entirely too guilty about pressing a pedestrian-crossing button just to get a glowing 'WAIT') - I've got enough, but it'd be good to have a selection of others, from different parts of the country or the world. Email them in in any old format within the next few weeks and I'll use the most interesting ones, with credit.  ]

Passing Frenzies: Thief II - Button Men - Startopia - BlogNomic

 Friday  the Eleventh

A4 rice paper and edible printer ink - ideal for emulating a very grainy, two-dimensional, diet-friendly Star Trek replicator. "Google! Earl Grey, hot.", and as much origami cake as you wanted. [via Raven]  ]
Ex-smoker Chirac launches a bomb-free war on cancer, and all power to him. I'd misread the first line as "fifteen days after kicking a two-packets-a-day habit" - a pity, really; proposing that his government raise cigarette tax and clamp down on public smoking would be a great way for a President to give up.  ]
As the Americans continue to raise their flags in that brief, instinctive Dr Strangelove way of theirs, I'm still waiting for a dirty great bomb to go off under Baghdad, somewhere. If I was a violent and paranoid dictator, I'd be rigging at least half of my drainpipe-legged statues to explode when sabotaged.  ]

 Thursday  the Tenth

Day of the Gloriously Anachronistic Fake-Alert-Box Pop-Up.  ]
There's a wonderful suggestion that British forces took Basra by applying Mornington Crescent strategy to trench attacks. (I'm sure it's more like Camden Town, really.)  ]

 Wednesday  the Ninth

"BlogNomic is divided into Rounds called Dynasties, each with a separate winning condition. When a Player fulfills the winning condition, he/she is named Emperor/Empress of BlogNomic, and the next round is begun as that Player's Dynasty."
Regime change at BlogNomic; gone is the blog-content-manipulating prize system, and in comes a cleaner ruleset and an Emperor with veto power. We're back at the ground floor - sign up now for the inevitable coup.  ]

 Tuesday  the Eighth

"I remember sitting next to my mother and watching the scenery roll by the dusty windows, the columns of soldiers and armor going the other way, into the city, past the bombed-out villages and occasional shriveled black thing that might have once been a person. From time to time, one of the sleek, triangular purple ships of the aliens would flit by, just above head level, totally ignored by everyone."
Liberty; the PLIF mailing list awakens, and Pat Spacek is doing new things. [from Ben]  ]

 Monday  the Seventh

"Barthes saw [Gothic cathedrals and CitroŽn cars] as "the supreme creation of an era, conceived with passion by unknown artists, and consumed in image if not in usage by a whole population which appropriates them as a purely magical object". I would like to consider the London Underground Map in the context of Barthesís list of 'supreme creations'."
The London Underground Map: Imagining Modern Time and Space - a wonderful contextual history; how the initial maps were designed as a way to unify the public's comprehension of a fragmented underground system run by a variety of rail companies, and how a persistent Harry Beck wove the timeless, space-distorting, thoroughly magical Tube map. There is a very real sense of the cathedral to it; the mock-reverential Mornington Crescent pilgrimages suddenly make a lot more sense than I'd credited them with.

And this quote from Beck himself stands out, for all sorts of reasons:-

"If you're going underground, why do you need bother about geography? It's not so important. Connections are the thing."


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