Tuesday the Thirteenth of November, 2018

'It's impossible!' – Christian Marclay and the 24-hour clock made of movie clips | Art and design | The Guardian
"But four or five is very hard. At five, the baker gets up, the street cleaner gets up. But between, in that weird hour – you’re not going to rob a bank at 4am." (filed under: art time films)
This artist uses jigsaw puzzles, with the same die cut pattern, to make these terrific mashups / Boing Boing
"I favor puzzles from pre-digital years, when the picture was typically a photograph of a single subject, such as a galloping horse or a ballerina or the Empire State Building." (filed under: art mutation puzzles)

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Tuesday the Sixteenth of October

Never Seen And Sometimes Barely Heard, Loopers Fill In Hollywood's Soundtrack : NPR
"As they record, the loopers stand in a circle under two overhead microphones. A scene plays silently on a big screen. On cue, and often off-mic, they start to walk around and talk. They record random scraps of [crowd] dialogue, to be mixed later into the scene they're watching." (filed under: films secrets sound)

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Tuesday the Ninth

The Wreckage, The Collapse – BLDGBLOG
"The 100-ton jack pushes two large timbers against the bearing walls of the museum. Each visitor to the museum must pass through the turnstile in order to see the exhibition. Each input on the turnstile ever so slightly expands the jack, and ultimately if enough people visit the exhibition, Samson could theoretically destroy the building." (filed under: art demolition)

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Wednesday the Third

Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia
"Listen to the sound of Wikipedia's recent changes feed. Bells indicate additions and string plucks indicate subtractions. Pitch changes according to the size of the edit; the larger the edit, the deeper the note." (filed under: wikipedia sound)

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Sunday the Thirtieth of September

Critics call London’s new phone kiosks eyesores | The Seattle Times
"[Phone boxes] are still considered vital infrastructure, and companies with proper licenses can keep building them so long as local councils cannot credibly object to the particular site or design." [...] "A lot of them are advertising totems with a telephone handset on it." (filed under: phones advertising law london)

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Friday the Twenty-Eighth

Order of the Occult Hand - Wikipedia
"The Order of the Occult Hand is a whimsical secret society of American journalists who have been able to slip the meaningless and telltale phrase "It was as if an occult hand had…" in print as a sort of a game and inside joke." (filed under: news secrets language hands)

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Sunday the Ninth

The N+7 Machine
"The N+7 procedure, invented by Jean Lescure of Oulipo, involves replacing each noun in a text with the seventh one following it in a dictionary." (filed under: language mutation)

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Tuesday the Twenty-First of August

Swiss startup Energy Vault is stacking concrete blocks to store energy — Quartz
"The system is “fully charged” when the crane has created a tower of concrete blocks around it. The total energy that can be stored in the tower is 20 megawatt-hours (MWh), enough to power 2,000 Swiss homes for a whole day." (filed under: electricity architecture stone)

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Friday the Seventeenth

The Simple Algorithm That Ants Use to Build Bridges | Quanta Magazine
"When traffic over their backs is above a certain level, they hold in place, but when it dips below some threshold — perhaps because too many other ants are now occupied in bridge-building themselves — the ant unfreezes and rejoins the march." (filed under: ants emergence architecture)

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Wednesday the Fifteenth

Woman's ancient 'Clameur de Haro' rejected by Guernsey court | Channel - ITV News
"Rosie Henderson adopted the Norman ritual in an attempt to stop road works at Les Echelons. [...] It is described as a cry for justice and involves an aggrieved party, known as the ‘criant’, the alleged ‘wrongdoer’ and two witnesses." (filed under: law history language nomic)

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Friday the Third

Richard Garfield and Fantasy Flight Games Found KeyForge, a New Model in Game Design and Production | BoardGameGeek News | BoardGameGeek
"[E]ach Archon is represented by a deck, and each KeyForge deck ever sold [will] be a unique combination of cards not available to any other person who ever plays the game. [...] What's more, each Archon is named and depicted through some kind of random name and image generator." (filed under: cards games words random)

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