Sunday the Second of August, 2020

What ARGs Can Teach Us About QAnon – mssv
"It’s fun to speculate and to join seemingly disparate ideas, especially when the creators encourage and reward this behaviour. It’s less helpful when conspiracy theorists “yes, and…” each other into shooting up a pizza parlour or burning down 5G cell towers." (filed under: args delusions)

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Friday the Twelfth of June

Classics in the History of Psychology -- On the Perception of Incongruity: A Paradigm, Bruner & Postman (1949)
"I can't make the suit out, whatever it is. It didn't even look like a card that time. I don't know what color it is now or whether it's a spade or heart. I'm not even sure now what a spade looks like! My God!" (filed under: cards mutation delusions psychology)

Thursday the Fourth

Turn MTG into Uno with One Simple 29-Card Trick! : BadMtgCombos
"With a hand full of blue cards and no 4s, they are forced to draw a card." (filed under: games mtg hacking cards)

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Wednesday the Third

BirdNET – The easiest way to identify birds by sound
"This demo lets you record a file using the internal microphone of your Android device and an artificial neural network will tell you the most probable bird species present in your recording." (filed under: birds sound)

Saturday the Fourteenth of March

Ban the ban: essential game design advice (with examples) - Nick Bentley Games
"If players repeatedly want to make a too-powerful move, rather than ban it, impose a cost. You’ll not only fix the problem and expand the space of options, you'll also create speciousness." (filed under: games design)

Friday the Thirteenth

Time Pyramid of Wemding: A Pyramid That is Scheduled for Completion in 3183
"The premise of the Time Pyramid is that the builders will lay a single concrete block for its structure every ten years. If everything goes according to schedule and if future generations remain cooperative about continuing to work on the project, the pyramid will be completed in 3183." (filed under: construction time future)

Thursday the Twelfth

Bikers First: Mobile Pop-Up Bicycle Parking Shed Wanders Amsterdam | Urbanist
"Though it hasn’t been approved by the city, the mobile bike parking shed gets away with occupying [car] parking spaces through a loophole; as required by law, it has its own license plate so the operator can pay for parking like everyone else." (filed under: transport cheating law)

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Monday the Ninth

The invisible city: how a homeless man built a life underground | News | The Guardian
"When they were ready to reinforce the walls and pour the floor, Van Allen trundled a wheelie bin in the dark over to one of the heath’s bathing ponds. (One-part water.) He trundled over to the sandy carpark. (One-part sand.) Mixed with four-parts cement powder, this was their concrete." (filed under: architecture secrets london construction)

Glanced at: Max von Sydow, star of The Exorcist and The Seventh Seal, dies aged 90 | Film | The GuardianWelcome to GamesByEmail

Monday the Second

Programmers generate every possible melody in MIDI to prevent lawsuits - MusicTech
"To complete the project, Riehl and Rubin created an algorithm capable of recording every possible 8-note, 12-beat melody combo." (filed under: music random)

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Tuesday the Eighteenth of February

Minichess - Wikipedia
"Chess on a 3×3 board does not have any clearly defined starting position. However, it is a solved game: the outcome of every possible position is known. [...] The longest checkmate on 3×3 board takes 16 moves." (filed under: chess board games mutation)

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Sunday the Sixteenth

Stimulation of Empress Tree Seed Germination by Liquid Smoke | SpringerLink
"After a period of imbibition in liquid smoke, the seeds were irradiated with an inductive 5 min red light pulse and left to germinate in darkness for additional 7 days." (filed under: plants fire light illusions)

Norfolk, Aldborough | Whitefriars signature - Stained glass  | FlickrGlanced at: Stained Glass Signatures/Maker's Marks | FlickrNumerous species that inhabit fire-dependent ecosystems have evolved reproductive strategies to adapt to factors associated wiWhitechapel Fatberg Manhole Cover London, England - Atlas ObscuraA short history of the O'Reilly animals - O'Reilly MediaPristimantis mutabilis - WikipediaHQ, maker of the once-popular HQ Trivia, is shutting down - The Verge

Wednesday the Twelfth

How London got rid of private cars – and grew more congested than ever | Politics | The Guardian
"I was looking at Amazon, then I realised there were a hundred and one people delivering to my own building every second." (filed under: london traffic transport)

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