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This is an archived copy of the Ruleset at the end of the First Dynasty of Angry Grasshopper. Is it not the current BlogNomicRuleset.

  1. [Rulestate and Gamestate]
  2. [Crewmembers]
  3. [Proposals]
  4. [Voting]
  5. [Enactment]
  6. [Calls for Judgment]
  7. [Gamestate Tracking]
  8. [Dynasties]
  9. [Victory and Ascension]

  10. [The Crew]
  11. [Buttons, Levers, inter alia]
  12. [Locations]
  13. [The Computer Is Never Wrong]
  14. [Vocal Folds]
  15. [Data Bank]
  16. [Machinery]
  17. [Service Groups]
  18. [Action Points]
  19. [Power On]
  20. [Wonder Drugs]
  21. [UCSRS]
  22. [Service Robots]
  23. [Police State]
  24. [Change the Light Bulb]
  25. [Ship's Protocol]
  26. [Uniforms]
  27. [Orders]
  28. [Victory]
  29. [The Space Mad]
  30. [Logic Tests]
  31. [Ambulatory Routines]
  32. [Computer Sequences]
  33. [Biosample Contamination]
  34. [Puzzler Sequences]

  1. [Glossary]
1 - Ruleset and Gamestate

This is the Ruleset for BlogNomic; all Crewmembers must obey it. Rules 1-9 are the "core Ruleset", covering basic Crewmember and proposal mechanics; Rules 10 onwards are those specific to the current round.

The Ruleset and Gamestate can only be changed when a Rule specifically permits their being changed. ("Gamestate" is defined as any information which the Ruleset regulates the alteration of, such as Crewmember's names and the blog colour scheme.)

Spivak pronouns, as defined in the Glossary, shall be used throughout the Ruleset, whenever a Cremember is referred.

Admin Staff may correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes in the Ruleset at any time.

2 - Crewmembers

Anybody may apply to join BlogNomic (if e is not already playing) by contacting any of the Admin Staff, specifying the name e wishes to use in the game and the URL or email address e wants eir name to link to in the Crewmember roster. The Admin may choose to approve or reject this application; if it is approved, the applicant will be signed up as a Member of the BlogNomic weblog, and will be considered a Crewmember from the moment that e first appears on the roster in the sidebar.

A Crewmember may change eir name or eir sidebar link, or leave the game, at any time, by posting an entry to the BlogNomic weblog requesting such action.

Some Crewmembers are Admin Staff, responsible for updating the site and the Ruleset, and are signified as such in the sidebar. Crewmembers who wish to become Admin should sign up with a username for the Ruleset Wiki, and submit a Proposal to make themselves Admins. Existing Admins may be removed from their post by Proposal, CfJ or voluntary resignation.

Some Crewmembers are idle, and should be marked as such in the sidebar. For the purposes of rules other than 1 and 2, idle Crewmembers are not counted as Crewmembers. Admin may render a Crewmember idle if that Crewmember has failed to vote for more than a week, or if it has asked to become idle. Admins may un-idle a Crewmember at eir request - the Crewmember's personal gamestate retains the values it had immediately prior to eir idling.

A single person may not control more than one Crewmember within BlogNomic. If anybody is suspected of controlling more than one Crewmember, then a Proposal may be made to remove any number of such Crewmember from the game, and to bar the perpetrator from rejoining.

3 - Proposals

Any Crewmember may propose a change to the Ruleset or gamestate by posting an entry with the subject "Proposal : [Title]" (where [Title] is a title of eir choosing), and describes the changes e wishs to be made.

Proposals can either be Pending, Enacted, or Failed. When a Proposal is first put forward, it is considered Pending.

No ostensible Proposal shall be legal if its posting leads to its poster having more than 2 Proposals pending. Furthermore, no Crewmember may post more than 3 Proposals in the same day.

4 - Voting

Any Crewmember may cast eir vote on a Pending Proposal by declaring it in the comments of the entry. Valid votes are FOR, AGAINST, and DEFERENTIAL, which must be represented by appropriate icons. If there exists more than one Vote from a single Crewmember on a single Proposal, only the most recent of those Votes is counted. If a Crewmember leaves the game or goes idle, eir Vote no longer counts.

A vote of DEFERENTIAL is a vote of no opinion, or of faith in the decision of the Computer. The vote will count as the same as the Computers's vote. The Computer cannot cast a vote of DEFERENTIAL. If there is no Computer, a vote of DEFERENTIAL counts as an explicit vote of abstention.

If the Crewmember who made a Proposal has not cast an explicit Vote on it, eir Vote is counted as FOR.

5 - Enactment

Quorum is equal to half the number of Crewmembers, rounded down, plus one.

If the oldest pending Proposal's FOR votes exceed or equal Quorum and that Proposal has been open for voting for at least 12 hours, or if it is more than 48 hours old and more than half of its votes are FOR, then any Admin Staff may mark that Proposal as Enacted, then update the Ruleset and/or Gamestate to include the specified effects of that Proposal.

If the oldest pending Proposal has enough AGAINST votes that it could not be Enacted without one of those votes being changed, or if all Crewmembers have voted on it and it still cannot be Enacted, or if the Crewmember who proposed it has voted AGAINST it, or if it is more than 48 hours old and most of its votes are AGAINST, then any Admin Staff may mark that Proposal as Failed. When the proposer votes against eir own proposal, that vote may not be changed.

whenever an admin marks a proposal as enacted or failed e must report the following information on the proposal:
1) the final tally of for to against votes, or whether the proposal was self-killed or vetoed
2) the time of enactment or failure
3) the identity of the enacting or failing admin

6 - Calls for Judgment

If two or more Crewmembers actively disagree as to the interpretation of the Ruleset, or if a Crewmember feels that an aspect of the game needs urgent attention, then any Crewmember may raise a Call for Judgment by posting an anonymous entry (via the blogger account that is specifically designated for CFJs) which begins with the paragraph "Call for Judgment" in bold text, and goes on to describe the issue, and measures that should be taken to resolve it.

All Crewmembers may add votes of agreement or disagreement in comments to this entry, using appropriate voting icons (a Crewmember's later votes overriding its earlier ones). CfJs continue until they reach a quorum of FOR votes, or until four days have passed. After this time, if more than half of the cast votes are in favour, the Gamestate and Ruleset should be amended as was specified. Otherwise, the CfJ fails and may have no further effect.

The name of the CFJ blogger account is: CallforJudgment?
and it's password is: blognomic

7 - Gamestate Tracking

Proposals, Calls for Judgment, and other official posts, as well as specific gamestate information, shall be tracked by the BlogNomic blog at http://blognomic.blogspot.com. Any Crewmember may post to the blog at any time, but may only make official posts to the blog when the ruleset allows it. Posts following the format specified by a rule are considered official posts.

If nobody else has commented on it, an official post may be altered or removed; otherwise this can only be done as allowed by the ruleset. The Admin processing an official post is allowed to append to the post to reflect its new status. Anything appended to a post in this way must be formatted <div class="adminEdit [result]">[data]</div>, where [result] is one of enact, fail, veto, or other.

A non-official post may not through editing of the blog be changed into an official post.

Voting and comments are tracked by backblog, accessible through the link at the bottom of every post.

Specific parts of the Gamestate data shall be tracked by the Generic Nomic Data Tracker at http://kevan.org/generic?nomic=blog. Any Crewmember may update any Crewmember's data via the GNDT, whenever the Ruleset permits it.

All updates to the GNDT are logged - if a Crewmember feels that an alteration goes against the Rules (as they were at the time of the alteration), e may simply undo the effects of that alteration. If such an undoing is disputed, a Call for Judgment should be raised.

Crewmembers shall be assigned a password for the GNDT when they join the Nomic.

8 - Dynasties

BlogNomic is divided into a number of Rounds, referred to as Dynasties.

Each Dynasty has a single Computer and is named according to the number of times which that Crewmember has been the Computer (or Computer equivalent) (eg. "The First Dynasty of Myke").

The Computer has the following powers:

If there is no Computer, any Crewmember may propose a new header, color scheme, and/or VETO icon. If such a proposal passes, the changes will be made by any Admin.

A page of Dynasty Records are kept on a separate weblog, recording events that took place during past Dynasties, noting their themes, their Computer or equivalent, interesting rules, large arguments, the winning move, etc. A Dynasty record must accurately reflect the Dynasty it refers to. Crewmembers may submit Dynasty Records to the Computer.

9 - Victory and Ascension

If a Crewmember believes that e has achieved victory as specified in the current ruleset, e may add a post to the Blognomic frontpage entitled 'Declaration of Victory', and a Hiatus begins. So long as the Hiatus is in effect, the only game actions that may be taken are those covered by rules 2 and 6.

Every Crewmember may respond to the Declaration of Victory saying whether e regards it as legal or illegal (using the FOR, AGAINST and DEFERENTIAL icons). If more than half of Crewmember consider the win legal, then the poster of the Declaration is considered to have officially won the Dynasty - the Dynasty ends. If more than half consider it illegal, and if no CfJs remain pending, however, then the Hiatus ends and the current Dynasty continues. If no clear decision is reached after 24 hours, the Computer may optionally step in and decide the win's legality.

When a Dynasty has been won, all Crewmember's GNDT stats are reset to zero or blank. Any Crewmembers who were idle throughout that Dynasty may be removed from the game, at the Computers's discretion.

The Hiatus then continues until the new Computer posts an Ascension Address to the BlogNomic weblog - this should specify the Computer's chosen theme for the new round, and may optionally include a proclamation that any number of Rules will be repealed (excluding Rules 1-9), and/or that the words "Crewmember" and "Computer" will be replaced with new theme-appropriate terms. If the new Computer chooses not to repeal a rule with number over 9, e may also replace any keyword in those rules with a new theme-appropriate term. The remaining rules, after the new Computers's proclamation, shall be renumbered to keep a sequential progression. The new Computer may also proclaim at the Ascension Address the veto of any Pending Proposals.

Upon posting this Address, and having made the Ruleset changes, the Hiatus period ends and the new Dynasty commences.

The Computer may not declare victory in eir own dynasty.

Rule 10 - The Crew

The word Crew may be used to indicate the set of all Crewmembers.

Unless otherwise specified, the computer is not a Crewmember. The computer Is a Crewmember for Rules 1 through 9.

Crew Members are (in descending order of vitality) either Healthy, Stunned, Wounded or Dead. This is tracked by the GNDT's UCSRS[6].

If a Crew Member is Stunned, e may not move between Locations. If a Crew Member becomes Wounded or Dead, eir Daily Points are reduced to zero.

If a Crew Member becomes Stunned, Wounded or Dead eir current Action is set to "-" and eir Action Points are reduced to zero.

Rule 11 - Buttons, Levers, inter alia

Currently, there are five types of mechanisms with which Crewmembers may operate the various machinery on the ship. Each mechanism has a corresponding action which a Crewmember must perform in order for the machine to work. Those mechanisms and their corresponding actions are described below:

  1. Buttons - Push
  2. Levers - Pull
  3. Knobs - Turn
  4. Switches - Flip
  5. Any mechanism - Lock

Each machine on the ship must be equipped with at least of one of the mechanisms. A Crewmember may only perform one action at a given time.

A Crewmember may spend 1 Action Point to change eir 'Actions' Field. Setting the 'Actions' field to null (no action) does not require a point to be spent.

An Action of "Lock" may only be performed by a Crewmember of the Delta Service Group. While this Action is being done Machinery at that Location does not respond to other Actions.

Rule 12 - Locations

Each Crewmember is considered to be present in a Location, which is tracked by the GNDT. When a Crewmember is allowed to move, e may do so by updating the GNDT field accordingly. The Computer is omnipresent.

There are several Locations, as follows:

No game action may be taken that would cause the Escape Pod to contain more than three Crewmembers.

The decks are considered to be stacked one above the other, with Deck 1 being the topmost, Deck 2 the next one and so on, until Deck 5 being the bottommost.

Every Location is adjacent to all other Locations in the same Deck. If the Lifts are working, the Corridors on a deck are adjacent to the Corridors on all other decks.

A Crewmember may spend 1 Action Point to move to any Location adjacent to eir current one, unless e is in the Cell or in the Ambulatory.

New Crewmembers start in the Briefing Room.

Rule 13 - The Computer Is Never Wrong

Every Crew Member, including the Computer, has a Logic rating, tracked in the GNDT. This may be any integer value from -360 to 360. New Crew Members start with a Logic rating of 15.

A Crewmember or Computer with a negative Logic rating has Space Madness.

Rule 14 - Vocal Folds

A Crewmember may spend 1 Action Point to issue a Command to the Computer, this is done by making a post to the blog with a title that is a Command Phrase defined in the ruleset, and Command Parameters in the body of the post which follow the proper format defined for that Command.

The Computer must respond to the Command before taking any other game actions. The Computer must respond with "affirmative", "negative", or "error" (which can be represented by using the voting icons FOR, AGAINST or DEFERENTIAL, respectively). The Computer may also be required to respond with specific game actions, as indicated by the ruleset for that Command.

At any time the Computer may suspend Computer Access for all Crewmembers, by posting with the title "ACCESS DENIED". All pending Commands may be ignored until such time as the Computer posts with the title "ACCESS RESTORED" whereupon all pending Commands must be processed in order, or they must all be deleted from the Command Buffer (which is indicated by responding to each with a Veto icon).

If a Command allows the Computer to alter the Ruleset or the Gamestate in any manner, the Computer can only do so after announcing, in the main page, the altering. This announce is done by marking the post with the command as if it were an enacted Proposal, as specified in Rule 5 - Enactment. Within that marking, the Computer must also include an abstract, in italic type, of the alterations to be made.

Rule 15 - Data Banks

The Command Phrase is ">QUERY#", where "#" is a unique reference number, and the Command Parameters consist of a single question.

In its response, if the Computer responded "affirmative" or "negative", then it must also include a statement answering the question asked, and optionally announcing changes to the Ruleset as a result of this statement (which must be enacted by the Computer as part of the response). These changes are limited to the addition, removal and alteration of Machinery and Locations. If the Computer responded to the Query with an "error", then both the Computer and the querying Cremember must have their Logic rating lowered by 1.

A log of all Queries and their responses shall be kept in the QueryLog Wiki page; this needn't be updated as part of the response, and may be maintained by any Admin Crew Members.

Rule 16 - Machinery

The Caine is fitted with an extensive range of grey-plastic flashing-light Machinery, as listed below - each piece of Machinery may be found in one or more Locations around the ship, as specified. Even if listed in more than one Location, the Machinery is still considered to be only one, for effects of use limitations. If a Crew Member's Action corresponds to a piece of Machinery in eir Location, then e is considered to be using that Machinery, with effects specified. Machinery which is Damaged may not be used.

If a piece of Machinery has an asterisk (*) after its name, the Computer may activate any of its function by spending an Action Point, instead of doing any of the mechanic actions described in Rule 11 - Buttons, Levers, inter alia. The Computer is considered to meet any Group requirement for an equipment e is trying to use.

Rule 17 - Service Groups

The Crew are divided into five Service Groups: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. Each Crew Member either belongs to a single Group, or no Group at all, and this is tracked by the GNDT’s UCSRS.

Initially, Crew Members belong to no Service Group. Any Crew Member who has no Group may assign eirself to the Group with fewest members, at any time, with a rank of X and a grade of 0. (If several groups are tied for fewest members, the Crew Member may choose which to be assigned to.)

The Alpha Group consists of programmers, navigators, and machine operators. Any member of the Alpha Group may increase eir Logic by 1 after successfullly using a piece of Machinery if e has not done so earlier that day.

The Beta Group consists of nurses, doctors, and medics. Any member of the Beta Group may, while moving, move a Stunned, Wounded or Dead Crewmember with em by spending another Action Point. By spending 2 Action Points a Beta Group member can use eir medikit to change the Vitality of a Crewmember in the same Location from Stunned to Healthy or increase that Crewmember's Logic by 5 points if it is below 10.

No one knows for certain what the Gamma Group consists of but rumor has it that it consists of tangelo smugglers, laser harpoon wielding maniacs, and conspirators. Any member of the Gamma group will gain an Action point in addition to eir Daily Points.

The Delta Group consists of machine repairmen, mechanics, and engineers. By spending 3 Action Points a member of the Delta Group may repair any damaged piece of Machinery causing it to cease to be damaged by posting a blog entry to that effect, or repair a Service Robot by increasing its Daily Points by 1 (to a maximum of 5 DP). A Delta Service Group member may perform the "Lock" Action.

The highest ranking member of the Delta Group may be refered to as the Engineer. If the Engineer is not in the cell e may spend all eir action points to create a piece of Machinery defined in the ruleset at eir Location by making a entry to that effect. The Engineer may not create a Console, Power Core, Jettison Thruster, Interdimensional Transporter, Crewmeber Detention Field, or Training Device.

The Epsilon Group consists of guards, inspectors, and enforcers. Any member of the Epsilon Group may spend an Action Point to use eir neural stunner on a Crewmember in the same Location as em. Using the neural stunner on a Healthy Crewmember changes eir Vitality to Stunned. It has no effect on Stunned, Wounded, or Dead Crewmembers.

A member of Epsilon Group may spend an Action Point to move a Crewmember in eir Location to an adjacent Location, provided that the move is one the Epsilon Crewmember could make.

The highest ranking Crewmember of the Epsilon Group may be refered to as the Warden. The Warden may spend an action point to use eir neural stunners on as many Crewmembers in the same location as em as e wants.

Rule 18 - Action Points

There is a field in the GNDT named "Action Points", which takes non-negative integers. This number represents the number of actions a Crewmember may take. A Crewmember may spend Action Points by decrementing the number in eir "Action Points" field by the amount spent. A Crewmember having zero Action Points may not spend any more that day.

There is a field in the GNDT named "Daily Points", which takes non-negative integers. This number represents the number of Action Points a Crewmember may receive in one day -- in some sense a count of turns per day. New Crewmembers start with a Daily Points equal 3.

If a Crewmember who is not Stunned has not done it in the last 24 hours, e can reset eir Actions field to null (no action) and eir Action Points to the same value as eir Daily Points.

If a Crewmember who is Stunned has not done it in the last 24 hours, e can reset eir Actions field to null (no action), eir Action Points to the same value as eir Daily Points minus 1 and eir Vitality to Healthy.

A Crewmember reseting eir Action Points when in the Crew Dorms is considered to have rested the night and receives 1 extra Action Point for doing so. If a Crewmemeber who has just rested the night in the Crew Dorms has less than 15 Logic, e may increase eir Logic score by 2 points.

A non-Officer Crewmember reseting eir Action Points when in the same Location as an Officer of eir group is considered to have had a morale boost and receives 1 extra Action Point for doing so.

The Computer has a Daily Points score of 2. If the Computer has not done it in the last 24 hours, e can reset eir Action Points to the same value as eir Daily Points.

Rule 19 - Power On

A Power Check is a Command. The Command Phrase is >Power Check, and the Command Parameters consist of a name of a piece of Machinery, the description of said piece and the Location of the issuing Crewmember.

In its response, if the Computer responded with "Affirmative", the Machinery is activated in the Crewmember's Location.

A new Machine is then added to the rule "Machinery" with the name of the Machine, its Location, and the description of the Machinery to be taken from the Command Parameters. This new Machine is not part of the ruleset until it is added.

There is no effect if the Computer responds with a "Negative" or "Error".

Rule 20 - Wonder Drugs

A variety of drugs is available inside the Caine. These drugs are generally geared to the metabolism of the Crew. A Crewmember may only consume a drug if another rule in the Ruleset allows e so. A Crewmember may only minister a drug in another one if another rule in the Ruleset allows e so. A Crewmember using a drug on eirself or ministering a drug on another Crewmember must spend an Action Point in order to do so.

The drugs currently available are:

Any Healthy Crewmember using or being administered 3 or more doses of any drug within a 24 hour period becomes Stunned.

Rule 21 - UCSRS

Each Crewmember has an UCSRS - Universal Crewmember Status Record Sheet, stored by Howard’s data banks and tracked by the GNDT with the Field UCSRS. The UCSRS is represented by a string of characters, separated by dashes. (Dashes are used as dividers to make the code easier to read and are not counted as a character of the string.)

Crewmembers begin with the UCSRS XXX-XXH.

The single character parts of the UCSRS are called s-Codes and e may be identified by referencing their position in the format UCSRS[#]. (for example in XXX-XEX, UCSRS[5] = "E").

An "X" value means that position of the UCSRS is either unused, having no effect in the game, or non-filled, having the effects specified in the s-Code description.

These are the information currently tracked by the UCSRS:

A - Alpha Group
B - Beta Group
G - Gamma Group
D - Delta Group
E - Epsilon Group
X - No Group

E – This Crewmember is unaffected by the mind warping effects on viewing non-Euclidean space and doesn’t lose any logic if e is in or enters the Viewing Bay while the Opacity Control Device is activated.
L - This crewmember makes all logic checks as if eir logic is 10 points higher than its recorded value in the GNDT.
H – This crewmember is unaffected by exposure to the vacuum of space.
X – No treatment in effect.

Rule 22 - Service Robots

There are service Robots on board the Caine. They are tracked in the GNDT as if they were Crewmembers, with name ‘Rnnn’ where ‘nnn’ is a serial number issued upon Robot creation. The Robots are not Crewmembers unless otherwise specified. They may not take part of any Group, and do not have a Vitality or Logic rating. They have 5 Daily Points.

If a Robot has not been moved during the current day, the Computer or any Crewmember in the same Location as that Robot may take control of it, by posting a comment to the GNDT to that effect. The Computer or Crewmember who takes control of a Robot is considered to be its Controlling Entity. Taking control of a robot costs the Controlling Entity one Action Point and causes the controlled Robot’s Action Points to be reset to its Daily Points. Once the Robot is under eir control, the Controlling Entity may move the Robot or use it to control Machinery. A Controlling Entity who is a Crewmember continues to control the Robot even after the Robot leaves that Crewmember’s current Location. The Robot moves and operates Machinery as if it were a Crewmember.

If a test against a Logic score is mandated in order to use Machinery, a Robot fails that test automatically.

''Rule 23 - Police State

Removed. Kept here as placeholder to avoid renumbering of the others''

Rule 24 - Change the Light Bulb

The Caine can operate under one of several Alert Modes - that is, one of Green, Blue, Amber, or Red - which is tracked in the Ruleset as the last sentence of this rule. These modes have certain effects, controlled by the Computer, on the Caine's systems - for example, the Computer may deny access to certain items of equipment, or power up different equipment as necessary. In addition, the Computer may change the Alert Mode at any time, by posting to the Blog with the title "Alert Mode: [new mode]", and detailing the changes to the Caine's operation in the body of the post.

Crew Members may change the Alert Status by making a Proposal as usual.

The Caine is currently in Red Alert Mode, due to the imminent return to Euclidean Space and the space-mad mutineers.

Rule 25 - Ship's Protocol

Certain laws for Crewmember conduct exist aboard the Caine. Such laws are listed at the end of this rule. A crewmember violating any of the laws in this rule, as determined by the Computer, shall be known as a Criminal.

At any time (including when Queries are outstanding), the Computer may make a post with the subject "Criminal: [Name]", where [Name] is the Crewmember being branded a Criminal. Such a post is invalid and non-binding unless the Computer includes within the post the law or laws that have been broken by the Crewmember named.

Criminals must be escorted to the Cell by a member of the Epsilon group. If 48 hours have elapsed since a Crewmember has been declared Criminal or at any time if the Criminal is a Member of the Epsilon group eirself, any Crewmember may move em to the Cell by use of the Teleport Chamber or any other means available. When a Criminal is moved to the Cell by another Crewmember the Crewmember that moved the Criminal has eir Grade increased by 1 unless eir Grade was increased this way within the last 24 hours.

Criminals must remain in the Cell for 72 hours. After this time has elapsed, Criminals shall be released if they promise never to break any laws again; upon doing so they are no longer Criminals (until violating another law).

Rule 26 - Uniforms

Each Crewmember has a Rank ("Officer" or "non-Officer") and a Grade (0-9), which confer authority over Crewmembers of lower Ranks and Grades, in the following way:-

(An outranking Crewmember is "Superior", an outranked Crewmember is "Subordinate".)

If an Crewmember's Grade would be lowered below 0, eir Officer Rank is removed and eir Grade becomes 9. If e were not an Officer, then e is removed from eir Service Group and eir Rank is set to 'X'.

If a Crewmember's Grade would be increased above 9, e becomes an Officer of Grade 0. If e already has a rank of Officer then e gets a Gold Star instead.

If a Service Group has no Crewmembers who are Officers, then the Crewmember with the highest Grade (if one exists) becomes an Officer of Grade 0.

An Officer may have up to three Proposals pending. (Any extra Proposals remain legal if the proposer stops being an Officer.)

Rule 27 - Orders

Once a day, an Officer may issue Orders to any number eir Subordinates. If an Officer performs any other GNDT action after issuing an order, e is considered to be done with eir orders for the current day, and may not issue any more orders in that day.

An order is issued by posting comments to the GNDT in the format "***ORDER [Subordinate Name]: [Order Action]". An Officer may only issue Orders to Subordinates in the same Location as em.

Each Order may only include a single defined GNDT action, or prohibition from doing such an action. For example "Go to Sickbay" is an Order action , as is "Don't leave the Bridge", but "Push the Buttons on the Medibank and Restore Crewmember X to Healthy" is two actions and should be broken into two Orders.

Once per day, an Officer may change the Grade of a Subordinate e has issued an Order to in the last 24 hours, by increasing or decreasing the Subordinate's Grade by one.

Once per week, an Officer may be reviewed by their Subordinates. Either the Officer or any of their Subordinates may begin the Performance Evaluation by posting to the blog with the format "[Service Group] Evaluate: [Officer Name]". Each Subordinate may respond once, including a FOR, AGAINST, or DEFERENTIAL vote.

The evaluation must be tallied 48 hours after its posting, or when all subordinates have voted, whatever happens first. When tallying, each FOR vote increases the Officer's grade by 1, each AGAINST vote decreases it by 1, and DEFERENTIAL votes have no effect. After the tallying, any Subordinate in the same Group as the evaluated Officer who failed to vote on the evaluation may be downgraded by 2 levels. Any Crewmember in the same group as the Officer being evaluated may apply the grade changes to the GNDT.

If an Officer loses sufficient grades in eir evaluation that e ceases to be an Officer, and there are no other Officers in the same Service Group, then all non-Officer Members of that group, excluding the just-demoted Officer, are considered candidates to promotion. The Crewmember applying the evaluation results shall then roll a DICEX, where X is the number of candidate Members, and promote the DICEXth candidate, in the same order they appear in the GNDT, to Officer with a Grade of 0.

Officers with a gold star may issue orders to any non-officer crewmember not in eir service group as if e were a subordinate crewmember in that officer's service group.

If a crewmember has been ordered by an officer with a gold star not in eir service group for a given week, then for that week that crewmember may vote in the officer's evaluation as if e were a subordinate crewmember in that officer's service group.

Rule 28 - Victory

The Crewmember that causes the Caine to leave non-Euclidean space without damaging the Caine may declare victory.

Add a timer on the side bar of the front page titled "Euclidean Space in: T days", to be placed beneath "Oldest pending proposal". Set T to 15. Each day after the passage of this proposal, decrement the value of T by one. The proposal was enacted, and so the clock ticks at 02:42 AM

If the value of T in the sidebar timer is legally set to zero or a negative number, then any Crewmember (excepting the Computer) who is alive may declare victory if the absolute value of eir Logic score is strictly greater than the absolute value of the Logic score of each of the other non-Dead Crewmembers.

If T is legally decremented to zero and two or more living Crewmembers are tied for the greatest magnitude in the Logic score, then the first one to correctly answer a Computer Sequence (in the Computer's estimation) may declare victory.

Rule 29 - The Space Mad

A Crewmember or Computer with Space Madness has the following changes and additions to eir normal Crewmember abilities:

Rule 30 - Logic Tests

A Crewmember may have eir logic tested in order to perform some actions or as the result of actions performed by em or another Crewmember.

Logic tests have a Target Number, as specified by the rule mandating them. If a rule fails to specify a target number, them the current Logic score of the Crewmember shall be used as the Target Number.

A Logic Test is done by rolling a DICEX, where X is the Target Number.

If the result of the DICEX is equal to or greater than the Crewmember current Logic Score, the Test is failed. Otherwise, if the result of the DICEX is lower than the Crewmember current Logic Score, the Test is passed.

A Logic Test where the Target Number is lower than the Crewmember current Logic Score passes automatically, without rolling any DICE.

Rule 31 - Ambulatory Routines:

There are some Routines programmed in the Ambulatory Control Panel. Whenever a Crewmember activates one of those Routines, every Crewmember who happens to be at the Ambulatory in that moment suffers the Routine’s effects.

The routines currently programmed in the ACP are:

Rule 32 - Computer Sequences:

One per day, the Computer may post a Sequence to the main page.

A Sequence is a post with the title "Sequence #N", where N is an indexing number, with a sequence of numbers (in any field) as the body of the post. Sequences are Open or Closed. All Sequences are Open when they are posted.

Any Crewmember may attempt to answer an Open Sequence by posting a reply with no less then the next six terms of that sequence, and optionally the rule that generates the terms of the sequence.

The Computer shall judge whether or not an answer to the Sequence is correct. If the Computer judges an answer satisfactory, then e shall respond to that comment with a FOR vote, which Closes the Sequence and signifies that the answer was substantially correct. Answers are judged chronologically. If different answers are posted to an Open Sequence that satisfy the initial data, the Computer may at eir discretion mark one or more answers as correct by posting FOR votes as responses to those comments.

A Crewmember that correctly answers a Sequence has eir Logic increased by 5. The Computer may further add up to 2 points per Sequence for aesthetics and presentation at eir discretion.

All Sequences shall be listed in a SequenceLog with their status (Open or Closed), and their solutions, if Closed.

Rule 33 - Biosample Contamination

At any one time, there might be one or more biosamples released (or at least identified to be in storage) on the Caine (from the sample pods in Cargo Bay 2), as tracked at the end of this rule. The sample's status, be it Released, Dead, or In Stasis, is also tracked.

Fungi from Yuggoth

Status: Released

Could it be some sort of nasty green-yellow phosphorescent fungus? It seems like a species of Earth fungus, except for the ability to form pseudopods, an uncanny awareness and an immediate need for food sources to restart its metabolism.

Add "Fungi from Yuggoth" to the GNDT. The Fungi is not a Crewmember, although it is tracked like one in the GNDT and may use Machinery as if it were a Crewmember. The Fungi has 6 DP, 6 AP, and 1 Logic. The Fungi is controlled by the Computer for game purposes.

If the Fungi is alive, once per day it may Infest a Location that is Adjacent to another Infested Location at the Computer's decision. This is done by posting an a notice to the front page to that effect. A Crewmember who has positive Logic loses DICE2 logic when moving into an Infested Location, and the Fungi gains DICE2 Logic (a separate DICE2 check is mandated here).

The Fungi may Attack any Crewmember in Infested Location by spending 1 Action Point and having the Computer post a comment in the GNDT to that effect with a DICE5 check. If the DICE5 check is greater than that Crewmembers current number of Action Points, then the Crewmember loses a level of Vitality, and the Fungi gains DICE10 Logic points.

A Crewmember may attempt to purify an Infested Location, provided that e is currently in that Location, by spending 3 AP and posting a comment to the GNDT conveying that intent, along with a DICE10 check. If the DICE10 is less than or equal to 2, then the specified Location is no longer Infested. If there are no Infested Locations, set the Fungi's Health to Dead.

If the Fungi makes an attack in a Location with multiple Crewmembers, it must attack the one that the one with the greatest absolute value Logic score.

The Fungi can only attack living Crewmembers.

If the Fungi is released, then Cargo Bay 1 (Deck 5), Cargo Bay 2 (Deck 5), and the Corridors (Deck 5) are Infested.

Rule 34 - Puzzler Sequences

One per day or when the latest sequence is solved, to a maximum of twice per day, the Puzzler may post a Sequence to the main page. Crewmember Gobleteer is the current Puzzler.

A Sequence is a post with the title "Sequence #N", where N is an indexing number, with a sequence of numbers (in any field) as the body of the post. Sequences are Open or Closed. All Sequences are Open when they are posted. Each Sequence is noted with the posting Puzzler's name.

Any Crewmember, including the Computer but not the Puzzler, may attempt to answer an Open Sequence by posting a reply with no less then the next six terms of that sequence, and optionally the rule that generates the terms of the sequence.

The Puzzler shall judge whether or not an answer to the Sequence is correct. If the Puzzler judges an answer satisfactory, then e shall respond to that comment with a FOR vote, which Closes the Sequence and signifies that the answer was substantially correct. Answers are judged chronologically. If different answers are posted to an Open Sequence that satisfy the initial data, the Puzzler may at eir discretion mark one or more answers as correct by posting FOR votes as responses to those comments.

A Crewmember that correctly answers a Sequence has eir Logic increased or deceased by 5 at the Crewmember's preference. The Puzzler may further add or subtract up to 2 points per Sequence for aesthetics and presentation at eir discretion. This bonus may be the opposite of the Crewmember's choice.

All Sequences shall be listed in the SequenceLog with their status (Open or Closed), and their solutions, if Closed. Each shall be noted with the posting Crewmember's name. If a single Crewmember other than the Computer has solved more than half the current "Puzzles"(non-Computer posted Sequences), and there are at least three Puzzles, then that Crewmember becomes the Puzzler. If the Puzzler is dead, whoever has solved the most Puzzles other than the Computer becomes the Puzzler. Whenever the Puzzler changes, the an Admin should modify the second sentence of this rule to reflect the current Puzzler, and an announcement should be posted to the Blog.

If there is a tie for number of Puzzles solved, or this Proposal is enacted, then the Crewmember with the lowest logic becomes the Puzzler.

99 - Glossary

This Rule is always at the end of the Ruleset. Its only effect can be to clarify ambiguity.

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