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14th September to 18th September 2003

''This is by far the shortest Dynasty in BlogNomic history, with vicious disputes and anger over how much power an emperor should have. Ascension Address''

Don't worry, Citizens, the official Ascension Address and the rest of the Ascension process changes will be announced shortly. Please return to your homes and watch some TV.

From the use of Japanese characters in the new BlogNomic logo, some players assumed that the main theme of this round would be that of Feudal Japan, although this was never clearly resolved.

However, it does seem that Anthony was going for the totalitarian form of Emperorship. This is exemplified by the power struggle between the two known forces in Blognomic at this time, Kevan vs. Anthony.


Anthony, Aaron (alter egos Bottle, Gillian), Ben, Kevan, Royce, est, Mat, Paul, Sheeley, Sheeley, Squirrel.

Proposals of Interest

No Proposals passed during this Dynasty.

Notable Arguments

The fact that no proposals enacted seems somewhat befuddling. How is it that possible? The mere fact that there were so many illegal proposals (8 total) could have factored into this matter. However, there was one proposal that had some promise of passing, Cleaner Slate by Kevan, but was turned down by a poorly explained veto. The new arrival of Anthony's brother, Paul, seemed to give him some leverage on his veto power. The careless use of power and the increase in supporters to Anthony's Dynasty were factors that triggered the demise of Round 6. Anthony left Blognomic with ruffled feathers, and Est was nominated as the new Emperor.

The majority of the disputes are recorded in the comments sections in two posts: a [Proposal to remove Anthony from power] and a [Call for Judgement] that took place after Anthony vetoed the earlier proposal. It concluded with Anthony (and his "brother", Paul) [leaving the game].


Est made a [Call for Judgement] that removed Anthony and put the throne up for election by nomination.


From the Comments section of [the fateful Call for Judgement]:


So, what now? Anarchy?


You type that as if it were a bad thing.

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