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6th November 2004 to 29th November 2004

Ascension Address

Fellow Lords, after crushing Entropy, we may now settle for the pacifying of our Realm. Though Iíll retain the title of High Lord, we will not be called Warlords any more, but Lords, as we rightfully and peacefully rule over our lands.

The War process has damaged all our Reputations, and as part of this Peace Treaty we shall agree to once again normalize our Confidence in each other.

Furthermore, as peaceful persons, we shall no more call our meetings Alliances, but Parties, and the ones who lead those Parties shall be called Speakers.

Finally, I call upon all of you to become more acquainted to the people of our lands, for Iím intended to lead us into a Democratic State.

This Dynasy followed a theme of Parliamentary Politics. ChronosPhaenon? kept the title of the High Lord and the other players were Lords, organized into various Parties.



Proposals of Interest

[Anarchy in the Ukraine] (Kevan 11/28/2004) - This created two Victory Conditions based on the Support ratings of the Parties. TrumanCapote? used the low support condition to cause the population to riot and then declare himself Emperor.


TrumanCapote? sabotaged the support rating of the Prosperity Party, of which he was the newest member, by self-failing a batch of his own proposals. This triggered the Anarchy victory condition and was able to make a Declaration of Victory before anyone was the wiser.


The voting rules were altered in this dynasty so that Lords had differently weighted votes, which could be bought up using Confidence. This changed the usual egalitarian "1 player, 1 vote" system, but it did not lead to the runaway effect that I expected. There were limits imposed by the party system: a single Lord could not hold much more voting power than the other party members. So the play felt similar to the Warlord dynasty which preceeded it.

History compiled by smith.

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