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23rd June to 12th August 2003

Second only to RoundOne in length, the 2-month Dynasty of Geran covered most of the summer of 2003

Ascension Address

I am your Emperor.
Bow before me.

That is all.

Geran maintained the previous theme of a kingdom in the middle ages, but made it a more agricultural setting, and changed the money from Gold to Lead.


Geran, Kevan, Nea, Royce, Squirrel.

Proposals of Interest

[Farming Weekly] (Kevan 07/09/03) This allowed players to grow corn and breed sheep once each week, and really defined this dynasty more than any other rule.

[Taxes] (Geran 07/18/03) Established possible Income Tax (based on agricultural profits), Property tax (based on Corn and Sheep), and Tariff (on transfers between players).

[Market Forces] (Kevan 07/21/03) Adjusted the values of corn and sheep relative to each other, in a simple form of supply and demand

[Prizes for Proposals] (Royce 07/23/03) A nice reference to Kevan's [Kaleidoscope] game, giving Lead to people who collect prizes with proposals. (This is a standalone version of the BlogNomic prize game from RoundOne.)

[Market Day] (Kevan 08/01/03) Allowed trading sheep and corn on Market Day each week.


Things got pretty slow during the summer, and after nobody made any proposals for ten consecutive days, Kevan declared everyone else idle and [voted himself in] as Emperor.


It was revealed later that the first and third rulers of BlogNomic were actually the same person.

From: Myke Silvestri Sent: Tuesday, December 2, 2003 12:01 PM To: Damanor Subject: Blognomic History

Greetings, Speaker Damanor,

I'm Myke, by the way, one of the first (though not quite founding) Players of BlogNomic, and the first Emperor. The piece of interest is that I was also BlogNomic's third Emperor, under the name of Geran. I chose to keep this fact private only because I did not want to ruin chances of continuing both Players should I want to re-enter the game.

More and more, I realize I'm never going to rejoin, and the History section gives me an opporunity to finally flaunt my deceit.

As a quick side note of interest, [this post] in the First Dynasty of Lyndse is the closest I came to messing up (due to the nature of backblog.) I was posting from a work computer from which I'd posted as Myke months before, and it had saved my info. I'd forgotten to reset the info to Geran, and accidentally cast a vote as Myke when he wasn't an active Player...

I don't know if any Players have revealed multiple personalities since... it'd be cool if I was the first. But yeah, just wanted to get my dual reigns out in the open.

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