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17th October 2004 to 6th November 2004

Ascension Address

Iíve called you together here today to announce my plans for finally ending this chaos that has continued since that foolish experiment in creating life.

For the last 20 years, we have fought each other, our people and the world itself trying to increase our own power that miniscule amount to stay ahead of the other Warlords, fending off assassins, hoping to live long enough to enjoy the small chunk of land we have carved out for ourselves.

Unified we could rule the world and crush the fools who dare to oppose us. Peace can only come through violence, and only if we stand together. Betrayal and backstabbing must not happen if we are ever to have stability. As such I propose we form an alliance to ensure none of us have the opportunity to do so. Naturally we must choose a leader, who will be given great power, as otherwise we could never agree on anything long enough to do anything otherwise.

This Dynasty featured Warlords who joined Alliances and gained Reputation. Knightking was known as the High Lord.


TrumanCapote?, Aaron, Josh, Kevan, Chronos, Orson, KnightKing?, Mickey, sctfn, ShadowSliver?, Simon, WildCard?, Patio11.

Proposals of Interest

[Alliances] (Knightking 10/17/2004) - Allowed for the creation of Alliances. A Warlord who wasn't in an Alliance wasn't really a Warlord at all, hence the advantage of being in one.

[Military Power] (Chronos 10/18/2004) - Created offensive and defensive forces for each Warlord, which were later used in conflicts between Alliances.

[Leader of the Pack] (WildCard? 10/18/2004) - Gave the Leaders of Alliances more power by letting Deferential votes of their Alliance members point to them, instead of the High Lord.

[Ask the Audience] (Kevan 10/18/2004) - Installed a method for internal Alliance affairs, such as joining or calling for an attack.

[Trust, rev. 2] (Orson 10/18/2004) - An idea that went through a few changes before finally being accepted. Allowed Warlords to trust or distrust potential friends or enemies in other Alliances.

[Causus Belli] (Patio11 10/19/2004) - He misspelled "Casus," but that didn't stop his concept of diplomatic rebuttals from going through.

[Let's Settle this like Warlords] (Orson 10/19/2004) - Introduced the framework for Dueling, with the specific example of a Leadership Duel attached. Incidentally, this also created a loophole where an Alliance could engage in a series of Duels, earning a net gain of 10 Reputation each time, but it was never fully exploited.

[Ritual Warfare] (Chronos 10/19/2004) - Allowed Warlords to settle fights, though not actually start them. That way, multiple attack rules could be created.

[Alliance Warfare] (Knightking 10/19/2004) - Now Warlords could start fights.

[What's Trust got to do with it?] (Orson 10/20/2004) - Removed Trust calculations from attack resolution, which temporarily made Trust useless.

[Assassinate!] (Simon 10/21/2004) - Created Assassins, dark spectres of the night who could cause all sorts of nasty things to befall Warlords.

[Generalized Warfare] (Chronos 10/21/2004) - Another way to attack the enemy, except it was similar enough to Alliance Warfare that it occasionally caused confusion.

[Reputation Sharing] (Orson 10/22/2004) - Allowed allies of Warlords to share in the rewards of proposal passage, giving a little Reputation to everyone instead of all of it to a single person.

[Lone Alliances] (Chronos 10/22/2004) - Since a Warlord could simply create a new Alliance every time their old one died, this proposal changed the rules so that a single-member Alliance remained indefinitely, although with fewer privileges.

[The Center cannot Hold] (Orson 10/25/2004) - Gave new meaning to Trust; if the difference between the Trust of two Warlords was too great, their Alliance fell into disorder.

[Attack: TrumanCapote] (Knightking 10/27/2004) - The beginning of the end. Activity started systematically beating the crap out of Entropy, one Warlord at a time.

[Tributes] (Chronos 10/28/2004) - Allowed Warlords to transfer Reputation in exchange for favours, pacifism, and so on.

[Exploit Containment] (Orson 11/1/2004) - Fixed an exploit where a two-man alliance could generate perpetual Reputation through rapid-fire combat. The exploit is described in greater detail [here].

[Victory Condition] (Chronos 11/4/2004) - Passed by the now-dominant Activity to give Chronos the win. If the combined power of an Alliance was more than twice that of the next most powerful Alliance and no vote within that Alliance pointed to a Warlord who wasn't the Leader, that Leader could declare victory.


Since Activity's total military powers were double those of Entropy, the uncontested leader Chronos declared himself the victor.


The best thing about this Dynasty was all the awesome flavour text it created. It seems there's something about being a dark-age tribal leader that brings out the best in people.

[Truman and Simon's argument about the leadership of the Entropy Alliance]:

Simon: Two words: Gigantic Battleaxe.
Truman: Stop giving comfort to our enemies!

[Activity Leadership Challenge] - Orson challenges Chronos, then impales himself on his own blade. Ouch.

History compiled by Simon.

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