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19th April to 18th May 2003

Ascension Address

It is my hope that this First Dynasty of Myke will be one full of cooperation, and so I encourage all of my subjects to help foster this atmosphere by creating and voting in favor of rules that would make it beneficial to find another Player in whom one can confide in and backstab plot with.

There was an underlying medieval/fantasy theme throughout this dynasty, with Gold for money, talk of imperial treasuries, and discussion of a Kingdom.


Geran, Kevan, Lyndse, Nea, Noelle, Mike, Mikey, Myke.

Proposals of Interest

[Faith in the Empire] (Myke, 4/11/03) This rule created the idea of Imperial voting, where a player votes with whatever the Emperor chooses. At the time, players were penalized for not voting, and this gave them an opportunity to express their lack of opinion.

[Take Two] (Myke, 4/12/03) Established the icons currently used for "for" and "against" voting, and gave the Emperor the ability to change the imperial seal for a veto.

[Imperial Bankcruptcy] (Kevan, 4/20/03) The victory condition for this dynasty: if anyone has more gold that the Emperor, the dynasty is declared bankcrupt and the wealthiest subject becomes the new emperor.

[New Ruleset Location] - The ruleset was moved to the [Brilliant Corners wiki].

[BlogNomic Wants You] (Kevan, 04/23/03) General lack of players created an ongoing recruitment drive for BlogNomic, with substantial payoffs: a new player could give 50 gold to the player responsible for his or her joining, and receive 25 in return.

[Rise and Shine] (Kevan, 04/30/03) Meaningless, but awarded 50 gold to the first three players to vote in favor of it. (Quorum was three at the time.)

[The Grand Vizier] (Kevan, 05/09/03) The first "government" position other than Emperor and Admin, this rule gave some of the responsibility of government to the Grand Vizier.


Lyndse, the Grand Vizier (and a non-admin), managed to get more gold than Myke, causing an [overthrow of the government].

Notable Arguments

There was a brief debate on the advantages of administrators over non-admins in acquiring gold (the equivalent to points in this dynasty) - Admins always seemed to get points quickly from their admin work, something that non-admins simply couldnt match. The argument still applies, to an extent, but the points given to admins serve as a motivation to continually update the ruleset and take care of proposals.


Noelle, in her request to join BlogNomic, wrote:

So... this is basically psuedo-political textual calvinball game that deals with blogs. Make up the rules as you go along, and change them whenever you deem necessary...as long as majority rules. Sounds exactly like the United States Government. Except I bet BlogNomic is organized better.

History originally submitted by Damanor.

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