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Meta-Dynastic Interlude One
26th April - 10th May 2004

Ascension Address

As this is not a Dynasty, it has no Emperor, and no Ascension Address.

Creepy, eh? This is the non-Dynasty that answers the question, "What happens when the very fabric of the Nomic is unraveled, stuffed in a Glad garbage bag, and ultimately thrown on a bonfire?" Okay, so maybe it didn't get that crazy, but... well, read on, and be glad they took the Riot rule out eventually.

Proposals of Interest

[The End of History?] (Aaron 4/27/2004) Replaced "Mariner" with "Player" and "Morale" with "Hats." Really.

[Passing the Torch] (Satyr Eyes 4/27/2004) Accepting his fate, Satyr Eyes relinquished his imperial position (then known as "Poet") and wrote a nice closing post to wrap up his own Dynasty.

[Poet Idol] (Kevan 4/27/2004) Enacted a rule, "Support Network," which allowed Players to Support a given Player, so that as soon as everyone got bored with the meta-Dynasty, they could elect a new Poet.

[We All Want To Be Simon Cowell] (Josh 4/27/2004) Allowed Players to transfer Hats to one another so that they could buy each other off once Poet Idol passed.

[Balancing Act] (Cayvie 4/27/2004) Enacted a rule, "Hats," which made Hats wearable. A Player could wear as many Hats as they could Balance on their head at a time.

[Campaign Trail] (Josh 4/27/2004) Changed the "Support Network" rule so it was no longer an automatic ascension method; instead, in five days there would be a full-fledged election.

[Drink Well] (Aaron 4/27/2004) Rewarded the first Player to wear 200 Hats at once with the "Bartholomew Cubbins award of Hat Balancing Excellence." The winner of this award got to put a tilde next to their name.

[William Shatner's HatWars] (Brendan 4/27/2004) Created Hat Combat. Now Players could attack one another in an attempt to claim more Hats to their name. The first official attack was, of course, a throwable [Bowler Derby].

[CfJ: What If...] (Damanor 4/28/2004) Caught an interesting ruleset bug whereby two rules were named "Hats," putting a stop to Cayvie's evil plans (note the comments.)

[White Hats with Hard Hats] (Satyr Eyes 4/28/2004) Besides the important creation of a rule that allowed Players to "hatxx0r" the rules, ie. change letters in the ruleset without recourse, this also floated the idea of a Jew Dynasty and temporarily changed Kevan's name to "n00b." Look at the comments if you don't believe me. [(Later, Kevan got his name back.)]

[Aunty's Wooden Leg] (Aaron 4/29/2004) Gave anyone dumb enough to reduce their Hats to 1 the title "Mad Hatter."

[All Around My Hat I Will Wear The Green Willow] (Aaron 4/29/2004) If someone could get the Bartholomew Cubbins Award bearer and the Mad Hatter to disagree on an issue, then the Player with the most Support votes earned the Hat of Buster Keaton, with which they could siphon Hats away from their Supporters.

[New Uses for Old Words] (Brendan 4/29/2004) After a CfJ got rid of the last vestiges of the term "Mariner," Brendan brought it right back by introducing Sailor and Captain's Hats.

[omg zerg rush kekekeke ^_^] (Satyr Eyes 5/1/2004) Clarified the Hatxx0r process, specifically to make sure Players didn't try to back up objectionable Hatxx0ring attempts.

[Hatxx0rati0n 1] (Aaron 5/1/2004) Changed "five days" to "five Mays" in the Support Network rules, apparently leaving a five-year gap before the next Dynasty would be forced to start. Apparently.

[Hatxx0rati0n 2] (Cayvie 5/1/2004) Changed the "Birthday Hat" to a "Birthday Cat."

[Hatxx0rati0n 3] (Matt 5/2/2004) Changed "Sailor Hat" to "Tailor Hat," but only in the spot where it allowed a Player to get one, meaning that anyone without a Sailor Hat previous to this Hatxx0ring couldn't get the Captain's Hat.

[All the Nomic's A Stage] (Ornithopter 5/6/2004) Turned the whole thing on its head, as Players now had to contend with an Audience in addition to hat-attacks, hatxx0ring, arguments about rule interpretation, etc., etc.

[CfJ: May may may may may may] (Josh 5/6/2004) Claiming to have completed the requisite passage of the five Mays, Josh called for an election. He got shot down, but at least he provided some kind of precedent for taking the meanings of words at face value.

[Hatxx0rati0n 4] (Josh 5/6/2004) An attempt to cut off Hatxx0ring by changing "20 Hats" to "20 Hate," only to fail due to various infringements on Hatxx0r guidelines.

[Hats Are Not 1337] (Satyr Eyes 5/7/2004) Built on the popularity of Hatxx0ring by changing everything to computer terms.

[Hatxx0rati0n 5] (Matt 5/8/2004) Changed "X * 3" to "Y * 3" in the Captain's Hat description, allowing Matt to supercharge his BalanceRating? without paying a cost.

[New Player...?] (Satyr Eyes 5/9/2004) The BlogMatrix? Has You

[Paradoxical Observation] (ChinDoGu? 5/10/2004) Set a precedent whereby paradoxes do not destroy the Blog, the Nomic, and all that which we believe to possess the quality of Life. Actually, we just take the obvious solution and apply it. Damn you, Occam!

[Break (Formerly known as "Hatxx0rati0n")] (Damanor 5/10/2004) Changed "Each" to "Bach" in the "Support Network" rule. DA DA DA DAHHH!

[Break 2] (Satyr Eyes 5/10/2004) Changed "five Mays" back to "five days," thus forcing an election - an election that ended 15 minutes later.


Cayvie took the election in a landslide, two votes to none. Want a recount? One for Cayvie, two for Cayvie! How about another? Just to make sure: one for Cayvie... two for Cayvie! Okay, okay.


History written and submitted by Simon. Approved by TrumanCapote? as last act as Duke, December 12th, 2004.

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