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The Second Dynasty of Cayvie
11th May - 18th June 2004

Ascension Address

[run diagnostic scan]
DIAGNOSTIC SCAN OUTPUT: 05-10-3004 03:44:13
>deflection shields = 25.1: Good
>air = 30.2: Good
>fuel = 1.5: WARNING! Low Fuel!

(front sensors triggered)
[run optical scan]
OPTICAL SCAN OUTPUT: 05-10-3004 04:35:45
>object identified as planetoid
[checking galactic database]
>planet identified as Nadil-5


Diameter: 22,010.31 km
Surface Gravity: .5112 G
Atmosphere: 50.3% N 41.4% O 4.9% S 3.0% Ne .3% C
Lifeforms: None known

[run diagnostic scan]
DIAGNOSTIC SCAN OUTPUT: 05-10-3004 06:20:23
>deflection shields = 25.1: Good
>air = 25.4: Good
>fuel = 0.2: WARNING! Critical Fuel Emergency!

[initiating emergency landing on Nadil-5]
>landing successful: minor damage to hull, rear thrusters


This Dynasty's History has not yet been written; it has been re-archived by Simon, however.

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