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The Second Dynasty of Kevan
12th October - 23rd November 2003

Ascension Address

Welcome, my captured human specimens, to the eighth round of BlogNomic, the Second Dynasty of Kevan. I am your Doctor and shall be overseeing October's experiment - for the time being, you are advised to remain safely in your sparsely-decorated homes, and should not worry yourselves about the lack of water or electricity, nor the strange noises you may be hearing in the streets outside.


Aaron (alter-egos Gillian & Bottle), Damanor, Elazar, Est, Joranj, Kamikaze, Kevan, Keitalia, Mat, Nakor, Nathan, Pakaran, Royce, Squirrel.

Proposals of Interest

[Mission Statement] (Kevan 10/12/03) Humans now exist on Blognomic; at least for now.

[Use the Force] (Kevan 10/13/03) Lifeforce has arisen.

[I'm not mad! Just a little angry] (Damanor 10/13/03) Gives the Doctor the ability to modify Specimens.

[Let's Get Ready to Abacinate! ] (Aaron 10/14/03) Combat is introduced through means of challenges. Each challenge is moderated by the good Doctor.

[The Thing in the Basement, Take 2] (Damanor 10/14/03) Carol is introduced into the game.

[Attack and Defence ] (Kevan 10/17/03) Refines the rules of engagement with stats.

[867-5309] (Aaron 10/17/03) Introduces Glarsh; a means of random fun for all specimens.

[Despite All My Rage ...] (Aaron 10/17/03) Septic Tank is added to the Ruleset and quarantine is now available to malevolent specimens.

[We need more powurrr Cap'n] (Est 10/18/03) Regeneration giving a specimen the ability to heal over time.

[Neater Surgery] (Kevan 10/21/03) Simplifies modifications.

[Arrrrrrrr] (Aaron 10/21/03) Makes ascension possible through Surgical Challenge; going up against the Doctor to produce the most popular improvised surgery.

[Knight Threatens Rook] (Aaron 10/21/03) Utilizes lifeforce for a temporary boost in another attribute.

[More on Glarsh] (Bluebottle 10/23/03) Gives Specimens the ability to petition the Doctor for more Glarsh.

[Coalition of the Stupid] (Aaron 10/23/03) Gives the Doctor ability to banish smart Specimens from the lab.

[Are you looking at me?!] (Squirrel 10/24/03) Group battles become legalized.

[Give Blood, Play Nomic] (Damanor 10/26/03) A Specimen may give 20 lifeforce to another Specimen.

[Freedom of Movement] (Kevan 10/29/03) Gives the Doctor and other Admin the ability to transfer Dead, Idle or Misbehaving Specimens to relevant rooms of the building.

[Diet Glarsh] (Kevan 10/29/2003) Creates permanent chemicals that act like Glarsh only with varying affects.

[Temporally Enhanced] (Aaron 10/29/03) Gives the ability to gain 2 lifeforce from voting against a passing proposal.

[Blogs?] (Bluebottle 11/3/03) The removal of an obsolete appendix - specimens may no longer claim 5 lifeforce for posting on personal weblogs.

[Cowardice take two] (Bluebottle 11/6/03) Labels a Specimen a Coward due to failure of engaging in Combat.

[Fight Club] (Kevan 11/7/03) Simplifies combat; the Doctor is no longer required to be a mediator.

[Mensa] (Bluebottle 11/14/03) Makes it possible for a specimen with an Intelligence of 5 to engage the Doctor in a Surgical Challenge. (Previously it required 6.)

[Axis All Areas] (Kevan 11/17/03) Allows Specimens to fight at any time, in any locations, rather than having to specifically challenge one another in the Arena.

[To the Death!] (Bluebottle 11/17/03) Rewards specimens who choose to fight in the Arena.

[Final Curtain] (Bluebottle 11/17/03) Sets the stats for reanimated Specimens. </div>


A Surgical Challenge against Damanor had the final results of 10 votes for Kevanís [Go-Skin] against 13 for Damanorís [Tactical Primate], leaving Damanor victorious as the new Doctor.


History originally submitted by Keitalia; re-archived by Simon.

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