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The Third Dynasty of Kevan
6th January - 12th January 2004

Ascension Address

Welcome to Outpost 37! We hope the helicopter ride wasn't too rough.

As newly-assigned members of the Acheron Antarctic Research Group, you're here to replace the team that was lost during the heavy winter storms. The base was badly damaged by the weather, and a large part of the main complex was gutted by fire, but we've rebuilt the worst of it and got the generator up and running again - you can start going through fresh core samples in the morning, after you've all had a good night's sleep.


Upon learning that he was [The Thing], Cayvie immediately committed suicide and radio'd for helicopters, declaring the base to be clear. (There was no restriction on dead players using the radio.) Because Cayvie was the player who had called for help, he won.

Moral: Beware of early victory conditions.


This Dynasty's full History has not yet been written; it has been re-archived by Simon, however.

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