What just happened?

Someone sent you a link (possibly joking about what it contained) and you clicked on it, and as a result this incremented a number of "brains" they had "eaten". That's it.

I've forgotten the URL for eating brains, or counting them. What is it?

The URL to lure victims to is, with your name inserted appropriately. To count your brains, visit!count. If you've forgotten your name, you're obviously not eating enough fresh cortex.
Why isn't there a full list of the brains I've eaten?
Zombies lack the interest and organisational skills for such paperwork, and don't ask names. Kill, devour, move on.

But your friends will probably let you know when you've eaten their brains, and eating your friends' brains is the important thing. If you're not sure, ask them. Throw the question into polite conversation. Shout it at them on the street.

Why has my brain count been capped at a thousand?
Once any player has eaten a thousand brains, they've "won". (And the people who've got there by cheating can stop, rather than racking up endlessly high numbers.)
Is there a top ten of the most successful zombies?
No, it'd just encourage people to cheat - it would just list the big sites that had mentioned the game, and a few people who've already been bored enough to cheat their way to lots of brains.

You can compare your results to those of your friends by typing each other's names in, but remember that it's not important, that zombie society isn't meritocratic. You're all equally important to the cause.
Isn't this suspiciously similar to that vampire thing, that pimp thing, and the monster/popstar/gangster one, and some other trick-your-friends-to-increment-a-number sites?
Yes, and they all appeared a couple of months after this did - this is the original. RavenBlack's Vampires was the only one of them to use the idea with permission. (Graaaagh has been running since October 2002, and predates every similar game that I'm aware of.)
How can I support this site?
There's no need to any more. But back in June 2005 my massively-multiplayer web-based zombie game, Urban Dead, went live, and it probably wouldn't have existed without the support that this site had been getting. Thanks to everyone who had sent some loose change or bought me a zombie film.
Where's the zombie face from?
It's an altered version of an image from welovethedark's Flickr collection, used under the Attribution 2.0 creative commons licence.
Can I eat your brain if I email you a link to your own site?
I've still got plenty of shotgun shells, thankyou.
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