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Mmmm, I quite enjoyed that paragraph as well, as was tempted to post it on my website with some mutterings about an interesting character idea for an RPG. Ah well.
Ben - 15 Apr

Tsk, there's no reason why you still can't. Unless we're playing an underground spinoff of BlogNomic that I've forgotten about.
Kevan - 15 Apr

Well, citicing and commenting the exact same paragraph would raise an eyebrow to any of my parallel-universe doubles who read both sites. Even if the commenting on usefullness had a different perspective, from roleplaying gamer rather than interactive fictionist. Hmmm.
Ben - 15 Apr

Er, no. I did give it a go but I wasn't wearing enough clothes and a seagull was very unfriendly. Then I got distracted. Uh.

There's some good stuff also at

by the way, to do with settings, NPCs etc. Stuff that's for hte most part quite apparent but there are one or two clever ideas in there that hadn't happened to have occurred to me.

To be honest, much of the page you linked to, while all very relevant and good, is stuff I've been bearing in mind for years, with games. I remember in Amiga Power they for a time had a feature called Kangaroo Court, yelling about such things as carefully crafting an exquisitely atmospheric tale of Victorian-era murder and intrigue then fowling it all up by having you collect tiny joystick icons for bonus points and flashing "LOADING...PLEASE WAIT!" every now and then.
Levez - 15 Apr

And, er, also having un-fair deaths and stuff, too. Ahem.
Levez - 15 Apr

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