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Interestingly, the first rule of the real-life card game Mao is that YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT MAO.
BiggerJ - Tue 13 May, 05:09:00

Hmm, I thought it was just that you couldn't ask questions. I can't find any "don't talk about Mao" references online that predate Fight Club.

(And I really should write up the rules to Mini Mao, one of these days...)
Kevan - Tue 13 May, 14:39:38

Well, basically, the gimmick of Mao is that if you have learned the rules in any other way than playing and finding out the hard way, the fun is gone. Sure, you'd be able to be a dealer, but the challenge is gone. If you tell anyone else the rules, they can't play either. So, I guess what I said is kind of true.
BiggerJ - Thu 15 May, 01:31:35

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