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I hate the "Damn, it's not hot and sunny. Well, maybe soon, eh?" approach of the newcasters. I want it to be cold and raining! Then my habitual perma-scowl will blend in so much better... the populance won't evne notice my evil intentions...

I mean, eh, why the big joy over sunny days? "Good news if you're planning to go to the sea side and sun bathe this weekend. The sun will be scorching you continually, greatly increasing your chances of cancer, while insects buzz all around you, encouraged by the sun. You'll be sore, bitten, stung and irradiated; you love it, you whores."
Levez - Thu May 8 22:27:58

Mm, "Opinionated weather forecasters telling me it's going to be a miserable day - I quite like a bit of drizzle, so *stick to the facts*.", as a band you dislike would have it.
Kevan - Fri May 9 08:34:41

Which would that be? My Life Story? David Devant? Most other bands I know you like, I have not heard. Besides The Smiths, natch.
Levez - Wed 14 May, 01:22:05

Half Man Half Biscuit. Who you really ought to reappraise on the basis of their last few albums, you know.
Kevan - Wed 14 May, 08:46:11

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