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I always wondered about a combinatory conspiracy game based on the rules Belbo puts forward early in the novel (any reference counts, the Templars are involved in everything, etc.).

I imagined a game where each round involves each player donating a fact, and the winner is the one who comes up with the most entertaining and thorough linking of the facts (via, of course, the Templars) to produce an outrageous conclusion.

Then I got scared at the thought of the sort of people who'd want to play it...
Jon - Tue 13 May, 13:51:42

Mm, the Illuminati card game is great for that sort of thing; spuriously rationalising how the Goths are controlled by the Spammers, who are in turn are controlled by Alien Abductors...
Kevan - Fri 16 May, 14:08:59

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