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I know I was INTP <a href="">last time</a>, but I'm somehow lacking the motivation to do the test again to see if I have changed...

So, anyway, snap!
joh - Tue 13 May, 22:33:43

Sorry. I got confused and used HTML. Naughty Joh. Will remember next time. Promise.
joh - Tue 13 May, 22:34:57

Eh, my fault for not coding a proper comments system. "Refined competency requires too much effort and has little attraction."
Kevan - Wed 14 May, 08:37:27

I'm an INFJ, but I seem to identify with a lot of stuff from other types. Is this for real or just an horoscope clone?
Zarba - Wed 14 May, 13:11:19

Mm, it is a real and recognised categorisation system, so far as I know.
Kevan - Fri 16 May, 14:03:41

New comments have been disabled for years, now, as this blog is no longer updated. Sorry.