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Sorry to hear it Kevan, but I'm sure you'll find something else. Having worked in the same job for 9 years I would be having seven shades of panic if that happened to me; luckily you are calmer than I am. Hope you find something interesting.

In other news, your CV is more pretty and stylish than my website. I really must get round to that redesign...
Alice - Wed Jun 4 09:08:04

I can give you a web-dusting job in Stafford if you like. This house is awfully spider-laced. I can't pay you, but if you'll accept half a Ginster's cheese pasty and a few dodgy old PC games then the job is yours.
Levez - Thu Jun 5 03:08:07

If you edit/obscure your address on your (beautiful-looking) CV, then how am I supposed to send you suprise 'happy unemployment' presents in the mail?

Most unfair.
joh - Thu Jun 5 09:06:34

blimmin companies! - my sympathies - i'm on the lookout for a new job too. my top tip - if they use paypal to pay your wages it might be worth considering something else...
david - Sat Jun 7 16:50:14

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