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Any excuse to get my camera out.

Cerra - Mon Jun 9 13:00:13

Sounds like a good motivation to finally get some photos online. And moving to America half way through should make it more interesting.
Martin - Wed 11 Jun, 00:19:28

If you remind me when July starts, sure!
Adam - Wed 11 Jun, 12:08:36

Well, dahlink A, it usually starts right after the end of June...isn't a payday a good enough reminder?

Re. the pics - are we sticking to the given list or contriving our own?

I wish I'd known about the May Day project (10th May) as it would have been a fun thing for Jack to do on his birthday...

And finally - why am I talking to a comments page?
Chrissy - Wed 11 Jun, 14:12:27


You'll know it's July because I'll not have shut up about my birthday.

All of the Canadians you know will also be asking why you're in work when it's a holiday *grin*
Cerra - Sat 14 Jun, 12:28:54

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