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A Mini Disc player with a decent microphone seems to work well for a couple of people I know.

Mini Disc players are also going down in price, by a fair bit.

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Cerra - Mon Jun 9 12:58:12

Minidiscs are great quality - but a NOMAD or iPod also has recording capabilities, and a harddrive built in.
Adam - Tue 10 Jun, 13:59:31


They're basically CD player cases with laptop harddrives in them aren't they?
Cerra - Tue 10 Jun, 15:56:05

No, they won't. Ever. Become as widespread and desired as digital cameras, I mean. Highly sensitive portable microphone things, that is.


We judge things by our eyes too much. We're a very visual species, and we're a very visual breed, seemingly more so with each generation. Personally I try to use my ears as much as possible. They're great for pointing out approaching high-speed cars (y'know..the ones the adverts so proudly boast are soundless and thus even better for knocking down people with). My hearing isn't as eerily good as it used to be, alas, but still it is a very interesting thing to try and do. Relying on your ears more than your eyes, I mean.
Levez - Tue 10 Jun, 18:50:01

Reminds me of Jake's comment about dialling his own answerphone, and singing lyrics into it, whilst out on his bike. I guess it works, just enough.
Chrissy - Wed 11 Jun, 14:01:43

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