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Two questions on Technopoly -
1) It wasn't specified when an Object is a Machine and when it's a Fuel. I presume it can be either when it's invented? Can a Machine be used as Fuel for something else?

2) On the final lines, a player is described improving upon another player's creation. Is this just fooling around or there's a rule for it?
Zarba - Wed 18 Jun, 23:56:08

1) It's in the Game World section - "Objects are either Machines or Fuel - those with attributes which include an "Activate:" trigger are regarded as Machines, the rest are Fuel."

The Machines-as-Fuel thing is a bit vague, though. You have to specifically pick a *Fuel* when someone plays a Fuel card on your invention, but you can give a Machine the "Synthetic" attribute, for that Fuel, later on.

2) Improving on? Players are allowed to play cards onto their opponents' inventions, on a one-for-one basis (the more good stuff you add to your Object, the more bad stuff other people can balance it with). It's covered in the Robot Tasks section. Colin is responding to the useful "Synthetic" with the drawback "Fragile".
Kevan - Thu 19 Jun, 08:58:21

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