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You know it's almost impossible for me to put my finger on it. But make no mistake, I know of no other blog quite like yours. And I have a feeling you set out to be that way. (Okay, maybe subconsciously, but it's very deliberate.)
Chloe - Fri Jul 4 23:11:17

Hmm. Well, you've got a ruddy unusual name, for a start. You've a strange attachment to Bristol and its pier, but then you seem quite the parochial English seaside town kind of fellow, so that figures in well. The Smiths liking and fondness for newspapers and books somehow do also.

Uh. That's quite the opposite of unique, though. Hmm. I don't know. I don't know you. You seem to do things very thoroughly and actually DO things, mind. I'm forever starting before abandoning all sorts of grand plans, even the simplest ones. You seem to actually do stuff. A bit. On a small scale.
Levez - Sat Jul 5 02:14:45

That last bit Levez said, and linguistic amusingness (similar to mine, of course, but it's a unique identifier since I don't think of myself as a collection of attributes. Much.)

Also your moral rectitude dial is set to stun, but the uniqueness of that has been a bit lost because SpasmodicMonk has somewhat impinged on your territory there.
RavenBlack - Sat Jul 5 06:27:43

(Hm, my cookies disappeared after that post, it seems.)

Also, financial stability through not really being fussed. Not quite unique - there's me again, and also Holly on this one, but it's a rare enough trait that it's notable.
RavenBlack - Sat Jul 5 06:33:47

You know, you are the incarnation of Winston Smith to me. And an archetype of blogger, with a pleasant Cthulhian inflection.
Stavrogin - Sat Jul 5 12:25:16

You write in your weblog about giant squid and being a zombie in a zombie film and Biblical trading card games. I definitely don't know anybody else so diverse.

You are the sole reason I have ever been to Felixstowe.

You are the only person I know with your name, although a search of Amazon wishlists finds some rather disturbing other individuals who share it.

You like Half Man, Half Biscuit.

You introduced me to Magic and I introduced you to The Smiths. I still don't know who came off worse...
Alice - Sat Jul 5 20:44:08

You're interested in how things hang together. Or possibly in things that hang together. And every once in a while I come across things I perceive as Kevanish, though I don't always know why. Most likely I'm usually dead wrong about them, too.
Néa - Sun Jul 6 13:43:11

Your blog (on the rare occasions I've seen it) seems like it's a draft version. Like you'll stick it all together ‘properly’ one day. The layout I mean, I've barely read the content. I think it's probably the perforated edges around the posts. No one else has a 'draft version' blog.
Digi - Sun Jul 6 16:09:07

You're tall, clever, dry and have a goatee.

Hey, you wanted first impressions *grins*

Levez - did you mean Brighton, instead of Bristol? Or does Bristol have a pier I don't know about?
DjArcas - Mon Jul 7 12:23:30

I think this post is a thinly disguised form of asking for praise. :)

Anyhow, what is different in you - or your site, whatever - is that you put your ideas into paper, or at least into CGI for others to see. And the ideas are finished, not 'will be released eventually' demos.
Zarba - Mon Jul 7 12:50:50

It's what what-ifs look like.
Jon - Tue Jul 8 10:16:10

You are a space. A space with personality and charm, but a space nonetheless.

That would be an honest answer.

The straight answer is that your name is a signifier for you.
joh - Wed Jul 9 11:17:56

You're a vague-minded, meandering pedant, occupying a tangential universe (until prodded back into reality). You commit inexplicable Davisms. And you still haven't fixed the cat flap (see - "break into your own house"). My cat flap. My house. You're a criminal.
Chrissy - Thu 10 Jul, 10:44:43

You enjoy games in a way that seemingly focuses far more on moves and ideas than on winning-directed competitiveness. You have a flat to keep books in. You look like Mr Scary Forehead Bloke of the Russian roulette, except actually don't apart from that one photo, which is less funny and thus mildly disappointing but probably all for the best. As far as I can tell, you very rarely say things just because they pop into your head wanting to be said, but instead on an assessment of who's present and what they'd be interested in (agonising kidney pain? Not worth mentioning until someone's said "how are things?"). You're the only person I haven't met whose sudden loathing would do more than irk me for forty-five minutes. You have a proper enjoyment of arcane news stories and a particular sort of dubious idea (the absurdity of filing books at the edge of another world, "no lecking" signs) and, when around, provide me with arguably as many of both to be amused by as my own brain. Your self-descriptions are persistently vague. You have more bees-related links than me. You eat beetroot crisps. You write interactive fiction. You disapprove of umbrellas.
Holly - Sun 12 Sep, 16:09:15

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