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I would love to write a self evolving spam header system. Unfortunately, I think I might annoy people with it. Bah.
Adam - Wed Jul 9 13:44:27

There may be more to the umbrella than meets the eye. There is a famous line in one of Nietzsche's notebooks which is often used to illustrate the vagaries of interpreting writers. It is (in German):

"I forgot my umbrella"

Maybe the machines are trying to establish contact with dead philosophers?
Jon - Thu 10 Jul, 10:44:40

Levez said:-

"Hmm. That's quite tragically beautiful. I wonder if it goes to show that the stereotypical v1agra-requiring male is prone to leaving umbrealls behind, then?"

But it got deleted when I erased everything with the word v1agra in it, during initial, enraged spam purges. Just noticed it when Googling for "comments v1agra" on my site, and thought I'd put it back.

Not that, you know, anyone will ever read this.
Kevan - Sat Nov 6 23:00:42

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