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I particularly enjoyed the taro game. Especially that no rules were available, perhaps also because I so very rarely play card games, take that as you will. Some of the gmes were indeed fiendish.. I didn't much enjoy the High Priestess puzzle, in fact I hated it. All the jigsaws, word-games and such however, I enjoyed verily. Oh, and the "Three Ships" puzzle is stupid. I had to read a(nother) walkthrough to find out how to do it, and wasn't too pleased. Though, perhaps back then it would have been more apparent, somehow.

I should also mention (and would have initially but forgot until earliertoday) that there is also Basilisk II

Which is a still-developed and apparently rather excellent emulator for all manner of the earlier Macs. I did use it briefly in Windows to play the one Infocom that wasn't ever released for PC (some RPG hybrid of no real interest, I recall) and thought it did an excellent job. You do however require copies of MacOS and a Macintosh ROM to use it. No doubt such things can be found with a quick trawl on Google. It's open-source, so when I get around to installing it for Linux (I'm really hoping that my Executor emulator thing save-games will work for Fools Errand under BII) then I shall say more.
Levez - Wed 16 Jul, 22:17:48

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