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Amusing, but it's worth noting that most atheistic arguments are similarly mockable.

"I haven't seen god. Therefore, god doesn't exist."

"I don't believe in god. I'm never ever wrong. Therefore, god doesn't exist."

And so on. Granted, few atheists actually use these or similar arguments, but how many people do you see really trying to convince you that god exists by most of the absurder examples in that list, then?
Ben - Thu 24 Jul, 02:14:04

So now we need Three Hundred Proofs of God's Non-Existence!
Zarba - Thu 24 Jul, 13:12:10

Personally, only the Agnostics arguments make sense:

1) God may or may not exist.
2) We have no sensible way of knowing one way or the other.
3) Therefore God may or may not exist.
joh - Thu 24 Jul, 14:35:18

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