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Hmph. And I had so much trouble hiding that bottle of deodorant behind the vases.
Zarba - Wed Oct 8 04:34:03

Not one single door frame in the bunch. Hrm.
Actually, the change turned into sunflower seeds. heh.
Actually, there WAS change in the photo - it's under the book. No kidding, there was a LOT of change actually there, and then I moved the book to cover some of the sunflower seeds - because moving the book was easier than actually cleaning my desk. God forbid. haha.
Potted plants turned into a post card of the WWII destroyer escort, the USS James E. Craig. There has GOT to be some kind of American joke in there... Hrm.
Chloe - Wed Oct 8 04:40:55

Oh that is excellent. Again, again!

I noticed the way only Quin didn't have access to a mobile phone, but how Joh turned it back into one.

Oh, was that a plastic bag on the left? *shuffles feet*
Adam - Wed Oct 8 10:44:37

I didn't have access to a mobile phone because I was taking the photograph with it.

I might also be responsible for the spontaneous generation of paper -- I changed one of the plants into a white flower (no other houseplants were available.) It obviously looked crinkly enough to Joh to be paper :)
Quin - Wed Oct 8 15:07:16

About 2.8 megs. Not as good as I'd hoped (you can't morph things that go out of frame), but it's pretty good. You can spot the people who spent extra time to get it just right (I am not amongst this number) - but the chaotic final morph shows how much it really changed.

When's the next one?
Adam - Wed Oct 8 19:04:05

I can't download that .wmv - why is that? It comes up as text in my browser.

And wait, what's this about chaotic final morph??? It looks like the one before it! It does! It does! ;)
Chloe - Wed Oct 8 20:28:13

Use Getright or similar to download it.
Zarba - Thu Oct 9 04:49:15

Try pasting it into a new browser address bar.

I more meant the morph from the final frame to the first frame. I have to say that Zarba's was perhaps the closest, the morph between those look good. Whilst doing my morph, I was mortified to see I'd spun the pen 100 degrees. Disgraceful.

(by the by, if anyone is particularly interested, I have a much better quality morph, tho it's about 30 megs)
Adam - Thu Oct 9 10:22:04

Got it... had to use IE - yuck, it monkies up my system. There must be something with that file type that needs to be set in my Mozilla & Mozilla Firebird. (I have to use Mozilla because IE monkies things up on me. :( )

At any rate, that morph was great. I got a little bit of motion sickness though. heh.
How long did it take you to do that?
Chloe - Thu Oct 9 10:55:21

Oh not long, maybe 45 mins off and on during the day.

You should use Opera, regardless. *disapproving look*
Adam - Thu Oct 9 16:57:44

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