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I'm in for the natural and the pasteurized, but not the genetically enhanced. (ie: #1 and #2) Thanks for allowing double-dipping.
Chloe - Mon 13 Oct, 11:18:19

Hm, any of the above. Or all if they're not awkwardly simultaneous (and if whichever is first hasn't made me go 'eh, bored now' about the others, I suppose).
Holly - Mon 13 Oct, 12:25:31

Sign me up for any and all.
Zarba - Mon 13 Oct, 13:50:34

I'm in for #1.
Martin - Mon 13 Oct, 20:40:17

Sorry, put a typo in my email address.
Martin - Mon 13 Oct, 20:41:15

I'd like to, but I'm not sure whether I'll have a camera at the right time - let me know when you're about to start and I will sign up or drop out accordingly.

In other news, I will email you soon. Honest.
Alice - Mon 13 Oct, 21:56:22

Oo, oo, oo, me, me! \o
ADam - Tue 14 Oct, 10:36:48

For all of them, that is. And look, I typed my own name correctly this time...
Adam - Tue 14 Oct, 10:37:27

I'm not worried about simultaneous. Because I figure, even if both start at the same time, and I'm in the exact same position on each list for each game, the chances of me getting my turn even in the same week are pretty slim. Judging by how erratic turn taking was in the first game.
Chloe - Tue 14 Oct, 14:41:39

Please count me in for #1 and/or #2. I hope I'm not intruding in your private game as I am a stranger to you all. <:-)

Chris - Wed 15 Oct, 01:16:43

haha! They're all strangers to me! ;) :)
Chloe - Wed 15 Oct, 15:05:10

Who are you calling strange!?
Adam - Wed 15 Oct, 22:16:15

Yes, I'm calling you strange...

But there's nothing personal. Sit down.
Chloe - Thu 16 Oct, 10:14:36

As ever, I'm happy to play, however you decide to do the next one.
joh - Fri 17 Oct, 18:38:54

I'm up for any/all three
beth - Sat 18 Oct, 02:05:20

Please add me for variation 1 or 2. Thanks for getting me over here, Chloe.
Pete - Sat 18 Oct, 16:11:15

I'd love to join variation 1 or 2, or preferably both.
Andy M. - Mon 20 Oct, 05:48:46

Me too, please, versions 1 or 2. Wheee!
flerdle - Tue 21 Oct, 00:44:02

What a neat idea... so glad I found my way here. Please sign me up for 1 and 2.
Lee Ann - Tue 21 Oct, 12:21:55

#1 or #2, definetely! Don't forget me!:D
Laura Prado - Thu 23 Oct, 01:11:59

Count Me In! I would like to join up for 1+2+3, all because i have read the rules now!!
Pixelstar - Thu 23 Oct, 23:15:54

Sign me up for either of #1 or #2, please, ta.

Simes - Sun 26 Oct, 23:53:32

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