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Are you going to see it?
Adam - Wed Feb 4 16:25:35

Not if I have to go to London for it, no.
Kevan - Thu Feb 5 12:00:20

Wonder how paying works. Can't you just back off if it's more than 24 dollars?
Zarba - Thu Feb 5 13:07:46

They probably force you to hand over the full 36 before you roll...
Kevan - Thu Feb 5 13:25:15

I might just go and buy that book now, have ya read it?
1-3 yes, 4-6 no...
Simon - Thu Feb 5 14:06:32

I have - click the link for the All Consuming review I wrote at the time.

You'd be welcome to have my copy, if you're any of the three Simons you might be, but I think I sold it on Amazon marketplaces in the end.
Kevan - Thu Feb 5 21:06:21

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