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Excellent idea.
kharin - Tue 13 Apr, 09:21:21

Yes. That's perfect.

Because most bloggers are Pooterish, aren't they?
Jon - Tue 13 Apr, 13:22:59

Perhaps the blog post dates should be set 102 years back?
Zarba - Wed 14 Apr, 04:06:27

Mm, I thought about that, but it'd probably make RSS aggregators explode ("No new posts to this weblog for... 102 years!").
Kevan - Wed 14 Apr, 09:52:02

I wish I'd thought of that. Top man. I'm going to link to you and it won't hurt a bit...
Are you able to include Weedon's illustrations?
Boggins - Fri 16 Apr, 17:24:49

I am, and I've thought about it, but I'm not sure that they'd fit the premise of the site - if Pooter were alive in 2004 and maintaining his diary as a weblog, he wouldn't be illustrating it with line drawings.
Kevan - Mon 19 Apr, 10:09:25

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