Fantasy Shipping Forecast

How it works

Using the daily 0048 Shipping Forecast from the Met Office, we take the average of each gale force mentioned for an area to determine that area's score. Pick a dream team of five sea areas, and your team's score will be the average of the scores of those regions, both daily and weekly.

If you want to organise a tournament, just ask your friends for their team names and use the box below to generate a leaderboard table whenever you like.

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If you're already playing and want to check on your team, enter its name below. (If you're playing a tournament against friends, you can enter a comma-separated list of team names instead, to get a leaderboard.)

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Built in March 2012 by Kevan Davis (@kevan)
See also: Radio 4b
"I've heard of Fantasy Football but Fantasy Shipping Forecast?"
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