A game about describing a thing in terms of another thing.
3+ players, 30 to 60 minutes.
Monday the 16th of November 2020
A Keyword card
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Keyword is a game where a player has to communicate a word to the rest of their team, describing it in terms of a secret "keyword" which only that team knows. A second team eavesdrops on the conversation, trying to work out what they're talking about.


With four or more players, divide the players into two teams. (For three players, see the Variations section at the end.)

To generate the random words you'll need one of the following:-


Pick a team to start. Teams then take turns with the following seven steps:-

Restrictions on clues


The game of Keyword is © Kevan Davis 2020. This is v1.0 of the game rules, last updated 16 November 2020.
Thanks to Bais, Josh, Pokes, P. Scholasticus, TyGuy6, Viv and Zara for playtesting.
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