Mornington Crescent Table

An interactive object for The Sims
Friday the 6th of June 2003
A Mornington Crescent Table object for The Sims.
The Mornington Crescent table.

This is a game object for (the ancient original version of) The Sims which can be downloaded and made available for purchase within the game. It's derived from the chess board object, and works in exactly the same way - one or two Sims can sit down to play it, they stare at it and move tokens around on the board for a while, and the winner ("Mornington Crescent!") gains a Logic Skill Point.


"Manufactured by Oxford Street's Corner & Side, this carved-mahogany gaming table is the definitive Crescent experience - a polished white-marble board with lines and stations picked out in semi-precious stones, and full game-tracking dials set into a brass display panel.

Includes forty stained-wooden tokens, ten gold-edged podumes and four silver player pegs. Rulebook not included."


Download this file and do whatever it is you have to do to get objects into The Sims.