BlogNomic History (2003-2004)

Being an ancient history of some of the Dynasties of BlogNomic

This is a historical history of BlogNomic, for the period 2003-2004. A fuller archive was later made available at the BlogNomic wiki.

The requirement to record a history was initiated during the First Dynasty of Damanor, Speaker for the Interstellar Blognomic Council. The histories were compiled by various players of the game.

For those who are interested, the rule that led to the creation of this archive was this:-

16 - Our Glorious Past

There exist documents known has Dynasty Records. A Dynasty Record records events that took place during a Dynasty, noting the theme, the Speaker or equivilent, interesting rules, large arguments, the winning move, etc. A Dynasty record must accuarately reflect the Dynasty it refers to. If any Dynasty (including Round 1) other than the current one has no Dynasty Record, then any Representative may write one, and send it to the Speaker. It is the speaker's responsibility to ensure that Dynasty records can be accessed by a link in the sidebar. Any player who writes a Dynasty Record receives 20 Mega-Credits.