Hours of Inform

The fourth 24 Hours of Inform contest ran from the 9th to the 30th of September 2009.

The required constraints for the entries, provided by James Wallis, were that:-

  • The game must begin in a setting (world, society, organisation, etc.) which has completely ceased to exist by the end.
  • Your descriptive text may not use any numbers other than zero and one. For any quantity higher than one, you can only describe it as 'some'. Creative get-arounds (e.g. "The fridge is full of kidneys") are okay.
  • You must include a bit with a dog.

Two entries were submitted:-

The Stone Cage
by Kevan Davis
Download it [stonecage.z5]
Play it online
Semi Intelligent Design
by Andrew Dean
Download it [SemID.z8]
Play it online

In an Hours of Inform contest, each contestant attempts to write a complete text adventure using the IF-language Inform (any version you like).

The only time restriction is that the contestant must spend no more than twenty-four (non-consecutive) hours on the actual writing and programming. Standing around in bus queues percolating game ideas doesn't count towards the limit, nor does background research, brushing up on Inform, or sleeping.

All entries must conform to the given constraints. This is ostensibly to stop people starting early or submitting old projects, but also gives some coherence and comparison to each contest.

The First Hours (2002, 1 entry)
The Second Hours (2003, 3 entries)
The Third Hours (2004, 2 entries)

Useful reference:
Learn Inform 7
Inform 7 Introductory Screencast

24 Hours of Inform drew its inspiration from Hours of Verge, an
arcade/RPG programming contest using the Verge RPG system. It's moderated by Kevan Davis.

Frotz Java interpreter by Matt Russotto.