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Tuesday the 7th of June 2016

In 2016, Pixie Labs' typewriter at the Globe was typing out Shakespeare's complete works, waiting for each word to appear on Twitter before using it. It reminded me that I'd played around with a different version of the same idea five years previously (without the typewriter, and quoting each tweet in full to give some juxtaposition) and never did anything with it. Looking around I still have the output, and since it's different enough to be worth recording, here it is for Act I of Hamlet, missing a four month chunk towards the end when something failed. All Twitter handles have been replaced with "@ghost", all URLs with placeholders.

RT @ghost: The worst feeling is when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging, and you have to act like you don't care at all. (2011-11-03 20:57:25) @ghost I was busy WORKING *ahem* (2011-11-03 20:57:31) Sosnwiwisnzwoznwjkqos I love Nate and Elena so much. And that boat scene? Wowzers. #uncharted3 (2011-11-03 20:57:19) @ghost thankssss desiree! Omggggggg i miss youuuu i was just thinking about our work days the other day lol (2011-11-03 20:57:33) Work and then Elsinore too see my lovelys @ghost @ghost :) (2011-11-03 17:18:22) PQP a voz do Triple H é MUIIIITTOOOO grossa parece um monstro kkk (2011-11-03 20:57:35) I am all for this but we need to engage also kids! It's about using this platform so that we can excel in the... (2011-11-03 20:56:58) @ghost Remind me to get very very drunk before going home (2011-11-03 20:57:36) @ghost the caramel is amazingggg (2011-11-03 20:57:38) White Castle on deck (2011-11-03 20:57:15) Black in America Viewing Party at 275 Battery St # 2600, San Francisco, CA - Black Professionals on Plancast (2011-11-03 20:56:56) look at my website for videogames purchase used games cheap (2011-11-03 20:57:41) Actually there were like 12 sequels of SAW. In one of them a guy eats his own face I think. @ghost @ghost (2011-11-03 20:57:45) RT @ghost: #PERGUNTADEQUINTA: Qual é o seu maior desejo agora? (o post sai a noite) (2011-11-03 20:57:43) “@ghost: Mooo! New #Comp when we reach 2000 followers we will give away 3 personalised phone cases! Please RT and Follow to enter :-)” (2011-11-03 20:57:43) S/O to all my senior boys tonight. Go out there and kill it! #2012 (2011-11-03 20:57:47) RT @ghost: Liam's socks look like him...too much. (2011-11-03 20:57:48) ' Biel Bernardo diz: *I promissed of the finger small I go take a picture of you (2011-11-03 20:57:26) @ghost Eu não sei mais onde ta esse Bernardo, eu queria acha ele também :'( (2011-11-03 20:57:30) @ghost Ahahahahaha! Wih you luck with that!! Enzo's screaming random shit! He just screamed "COCO! WHO'S OBY?!" I'm not kidding. :) (2011-11-03 20:51:57) @ghost April what is there to do in SA I have forgotten everything about this silly town and now I am at home bored (2011-11-03 20:58:00) San Francisco couple wins multiple culinary awards for their #Baja, Mexico inspired cooking sauces... (2011-11-03 20:57:48) I am so glad the man, the hero, NAY, the LEGEND @ghost has been found safe and well. Thought he had been reindeernapped. Phewee. (2011-11-03 20:56:28) Ways to get me mad ?? Don't answer my questions and requests... Cos you're "Thinking.." How hard can it be?? (2011-11-03 20:58:04) @ghost ow viado branco , me segue ai vaai u_ú (2011-11-03 20:58:06) And the end of the day music video is dedicated to where I stand today! Out of the way Frons, you're blocking my light! (2011-11-03 20:58:04) its amazing how shit and piss is related to acorn and by proxy to obama (2011-11-03 20:58:11) Don’t listen to anyone, simply do your own thing, what you love doing. All will unfold as you follow this path. Obstacles will disappear, o… (2011-11-03 20:38:24) me & @ghost are totally not having a conversation about what it would be like to talk to yourself in sign language. (2011-11-03 20:58:11) “@ghost: Y si decapitamos al alcalde de #Valdiviacl Bernardo Berger por sospecha de idiotez?”// hay que cambiarlo (2011-11-03 20:57:41) @ghost As long as you've "liked" our fb page Jonathan, you're automatically entered to win an #iPad2. Next drawing on Nov. 30. Best of luck (2011-11-03 20:57:32) manda ela mandar um bjon pra mim (@ghost live on (2011-11-03 20:57:43) I swear am i the only who gets bad service while in class?? (2011-11-03 20:57:38) RT @ghost: #MLKMemoires Boardwalk fries, and the talent show when Novay surprised everyone with her voice, oh and King-Cha-Ching, and DreamTeam Cards (2011-11-03 20:57:34) Black in America Viewing Party at 275 Battery St # 2600, San Francisco, CA - Black Professionals on Plancast (2011-11-03 20:56:56) RT @ghost: @ghost preguntenle a bernardo que opina de Kiril Todorov y su caso de corrupcion en natacion! (2011-11-03 20:57:33) “@ghost: Y si decapitamos al alcalde de #Valdiviacl Bernardo Berger por sospecha de idiotez?”// hay que cambiarlo (2011-11-03 20:57:41) : ya digg?: hope he makes the basketball team (2011-11-03 20:58:00) *** 03/11/2011 14:29: CB Francisco Beltrão || Problema clínico -< Avenida Indepêndencia, 0000, São Cristóvão, Capanema (2011-11-03 20:57:59) How/what you tweet is a portrait of yourself. Don't get mad when mugs laugh and make fun of that image cause u painted it (2011-11-03 20:58:02) Come take a seat with me, @ghost! (2011-11-03 20:58:03) I hope that baby in #corrie looks like it's mother. Her and Chesney are the most mismatched couple since Curly and Raquel. (2011-11-03 20:58:00) RT @ghost: Choose ur friends carefully, ur enemy's will choose u. (2011-11-03 20:57:52) My last words to twitter...Be responsible for your actions and make desicions based upon what u (cont) (2011-11-03 20:57:45) Dear mtk, I'm tired enough to find your a, b, c, k, x etc -___- (2011-11-03 20:58:05) Just finished listening to Hannity interview #HermanCain for full hour on his radio program. I am more convinced than ever HE'S OUR MAN!!! (2011-11-03 20:57:58) A cargar la primera parte del mini TD organizado en Autódromo Bernardo O´Higgins #fb (2011-11-03 20:58:12) RT @ghost: @ghost nee tis op word getypt =$ / aahw nu ben ik nieuwschierig! haha (2011-11-03 20:58:16) RT @ghost Oh Good - I am up to 2 / 2.5 right now - more after my session you with food confidence guru! (2011-11-03 20:58:19) Time For @ghost Brainn#love struck face (2011-11-03 20:55:30) On a scale of 1-10 of sucking, your a twelve. #ThatsBitchy (2011-11-03 20:55:26) RT @ghost: LIFE WOULD BE BETTER. If Karl Pilkington was on twitter. #GetKarlPilkingtonOntwitter Get it trending you utter twats! (2011-11-03 20:58:20) RT @ghost: @ghost is basically thee truth. &a lot of ppl sleep on him.. his lyrics will grab yu &take yu in. Just listen! (2011-11-03 20:58:02) I'm coming to the city . (2011-11-03 20:58:22) Fuck that new girl that's been in your bed. And when you're in her, I know I'm in your head. #truth (2011-11-03 20:58:22) New Website Design at Makes Psychology Jobs Easier to Find - San Francisco Chronicle (press releas (2011-11-03 20:58:05) @ghost ese cargo no es facil..a Francisco lo respeto x su entereza moral y capacidad y pienso q aunq es hombre d retos no le es facil (2011-11-03 20:58:13) its ashame when you can get on twitter and see what BOB had for lunch, when BILLY broke his arm, and when JOE took a shower..crazy world (2011-11-03 20:58:28) maybe i should rethink this. you obviously left for a reason. maybe you just want nothing to do with me. (2011-11-03 20:58:29) Just had a crazy big relief out of nowhere.think I'm over it.what about that wall?stronger than I thought:) (2011-11-03 20:57:08) Is the end nigh for Kodak? We very much hope not. (2011-11-03 20:58:29) RT @ghost: @ghost THANKS FOR THE ADD MORE ASSPEN COMING SOON!!! (2011-11-03 20:58:29) RT @ghost: Tis toch ECHT niet om aan te zien die excuusneger op 4. Man man man. (2011-11-03 20:58:23) RT @ghost: If someone is happy let them be. Don't try to knock them, worry about your bitter self!! (2011-11-03 20:58:35) san diego, please decide whether you want to be hot or cold D: (2011-11-03 20:58:46) @ghost thanks Riss ! And you too!! Love you! (2011-11-03 20:58:52) Messi: "I wouldn't leave for money. I would go if the club don't want me anymore because my performances get worse, not for another reason." (2011-11-03 20:58:52) RT @ghost: please ignore this tweet, I am standing in public alone and I don't want to seem like a total loner, so I am making it look like I'm texting (2011-11-03 20:58:52) I'm actually out of my bed & not feeling sick nor weak (2011-11-03 20:58:53) Facebook Backgrounds and Facebook Layouts at via @ghost (2011-11-03 20:58:54) I whispered to her heart so her mind cudnt hear....they can change her mind but can nvr change her heart! (2011-11-03 20:58:58) Quien es #bernardo? (2011-11-03 20:58:38) I have a Purple Pink and Gray Crocheted Flower Pin by silkepowersknits & it's really fun to wear. #HolidayGiftIdea (2011-11-03 20:59:03) When you feel like your drifting away from someone #emotionaltrainwreck (2011-11-03 20:59:03) WOW...I Had No Clue That Rapper Theoplilus London Was Born In Trinidad @ghost did you? (2011-11-03 20:59:03) RT @ghost: That awkward moment when your stomach gurgles loudly during the most quiet situations. (2011-11-03 20:58:52) Def focuses on Alberto Alverez (sec guard) and the various offers made to AA. How did they increase in value? Contrasts AA statements. (2011-11-03 20:58:38) A Women’s Only Training Camp with LETICIA RIBEIRO in San Francisco! (2011-11-03 20:58:27) RT @ghost: "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things." - Albert Einstein (2011-11-03 20:59:06) It's just enough RT @ghost: a finger of fudge and a spooky friend are just enough 'til tea time - (2011-11-03 20:59:07) RT @ghost: I wonder when you have your picture taken with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, does the person inside the costume smile for the camera? (2011-11-03 20:58:34) Told my mama work her damn wrist stirring up da pudding (2011-11-03 20:50:39) @ghost esta pica' porque Bernardo no estaba ni ahí c ella!! (2011-11-03 20:58:46) @ghost Hey have you seen the video "Guy Asks Justin Bieber To Prom" on YouTube? well it is @ghost's video you should follow him (2011-11-03 20:59:16) @ghost lool if you pay for a pros and you don't bus, and she says time up. I screw her and say. 'Penaltys are inevitable' (2011-11-03 20:59:22) You like girls. Cool. Do I really look like the person that gives a fuck? (2011-11-03 20:59:23) Why do all these girl Like #JustinBieber? He ainnt een that cute ?! i seen WAY WAY WAY cuter white boys than his ass !! (2011-11-03 20:59:24) Off work. Bout to meet up wit my son and chill... (2011-11-03 20:59:21) Newsboy: Devoted to the study of Horatio Alger, Jr., his life, works, and influence on the culture of America. (2011-11-03 20:34:06) I'm real happy that I havnt been able to sit down for more than 30 minutes today to relax and I've been running around since 9am.. #ew (2011-11-03 20:59:30) @ghost What does Marcellus Wallace look like? (2011-11-03 20:30:19) My need for speed's got me gunnin' One touch she screams keep it comin' Are you ready for the best damn ride of your life (2011-11-03 20:59:31) Hmmm.....Paranormal Entity rivals Paranormal Activity hardcore (2011-11-03 20:57:28) Me tink is fake cause her ass ave a diff color frm the rest of her body #ThongThursday (2011-11-03 20:59:34) “@ghost: Well just took out my last dip... Forever #cyanever” ---yay! (2011-11-03 20:59:34) lmao RT @ghost Watch me and Tiffany be broke in like 2 weeks. Minorities can never hold onto large amounts of money. (2011-11-03 20:59:43) Go here to donate money to support @ghost and his bid to raise money for #LiveStrong. He needs less than $500 to reach his goal. (2011-11-03 20:59:02) when my parents say "do the leaves" they mean rake them, dodge the dog poop, bag the leaves, and take them to the recycling center#sweetguys (2011-11-03 20:59:44) RT @ghost: LADIES NOBODY WANT TO WIFE A SLUT SO MAKE SURE YOU KEEP DA MILES ON YA PUSSY LOW .. #word (2011-11-03 20:59:46) Haste la dificil es lo que me enamora (2011-11-03 20:55:41) Dooping in San Francisco, let's get it done @ghost !! (2011-11-03 20:59:18) @ghost molt be, mooolta feina i la resta molt be. I tu? (2011-11-03 20:59:55) RT @ghost: Imagine if the video is for a new song... think I'd just about die. *wishful thinking* (2011-11-03 20:59:55) my friend from fresh foods bought me and tobiah some now n laters!!!! told yall i would get some!!! (2011-11-03 20:59:51) Plays air guitar and slaps da bass everytime I hear a Rush song #ILoveYouManTweet @ghost @ghost (2011-11-03 21:00:00) RT @ghost: #GrandTheftAutoMemories Gettin hoes, then goin to a cut to get me some..Then shootin them and get my money back when Im done :) (2011-11-03 21:00:01) RT @ghost: A furry friend attends our project management stand up meeting today #webascender (2011-11-03 21:00:02) @ghost ahahahahha lol ps ho trovato delle applicazioni fighe e gratuite per mandare sms gratis *-* (2011-11-03 20:59:59) @ghost WHO'S YOUR FAVOURITE YOUTUBER? (2011-11-03 20:59:10) @ghost Is there anything I can do to help? (2011-11-03 21:00:17) Best Brand Channel has been added as a new category to One Show Entertainment! Enter yours today. (2011-11-03 21:00:13) 3 csi bir bolumde olunca horatio her zamankinden daha turuncu,tipsiz ve katlanilmaz geldi.gel gor ki her bolum bnim 3 senelik maasimi aliyor (2011-11-03 20:45:32) Hello guys and motherfuckers (2011-11-03 21:00:21) UPDATED: Proposed Marcellus Shale Legislation Gets Mixed Reviews (2011-11-03 20:44:04) Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio. (2011-11-03 20:54:19) RT @ghost: has the beeeeeest friends ever thanks @ghost @ghost @ghost and Erik :) #mademyday (2011-11-03 21:00:31) s/o to @ghost for letting a ninja borrow his Netflix ... this ish is making my day ^__^ ! (2011-11-03 21:00:29) "@ghost: This weekend will be my true test of NO ALCOHOL. Lol"....that ain't happening lmao (2011-11-03 21:00:42) RT @ghost: @ghost @ghost The plan is to draft 2M Americans to fight Iran. There has to be a Ground Invasion to do the job properly (2011-11-03 21:00:28) This week on @ghost: my story about #marcellus money and university research. #Penn State. A collaboration with @ghost . (2011-11-03 20:49:10) @ghost I can not believe everything people say and do not know what to say but do not worry we love you justin- (2011-11-03 21:00:59) #Word: Liegemen - Noun - Vassal; subject #english #vocabulary #grammar (2012-01-05 05:30:54) I've got to work on going to sleep earlier ! Dedication? #DeadMission (2012-01-05 05:31:40) Wendy dishes out all the info on every celeb....good and bad. (2012-01-05 05:31:40) ima tweet into dane get out the tub, so we can go to sleep. (2012-01-05 05:29:52) flights are booked, we're going to san francisco in february!!!!! (2012-01-05 05:31:12) #twitterlies “@ghost: RT @ghost: where TF is my charqer ??! i seen yo grandma give it to Tim” (2012-01-05 05:31:41) @ghost @ghost when you guys are ready. Last time I balled with @ghost he was getting worked by a 15 year old (2012-01-05 05:31:43) @ghost Good luck! (2012-01-05 05:31:44) @ghost LOL Ard I'll let u kno by Friday night if imma b able to go or not (2012-01-05 05:31:44) RT @ghost: Pembicara: dr. Marcellus Adi (aktivis konservasi badak,anggota WWF), Dedi Ratih (WALHI), Reporter National Geographic. (2012-01-05 05:11:58) RT @ghost: @ghost aaaaaa :(( sdofhus acho q tu tem q por tipo um codigo de uma operadora de telefonica mais o prefixo daqui, vamos supor 01451... (2012-01-05 05:31:45) @ghost I have tried every contest! Please pick me. I know every episode. Let me bid farewell in person (2012-01-05 05:28:36) Hey, if u Need honest relationship advise from an unbiased perspective? visit - It's FREE!!!! (2012-01-05 05:31:46) CNN Feed 'Drops' As A US Soldier Tells Of Why He Supports Ron ... (2012-01-05 05:31:50) She said who is "imdaddy" lol (2012-01-05 05:31:51) Waqt k hath Qalam krny hen, Roz ik shaam chura leta hy.....gul (2012-01-05 05:22:47) @ghost no problem. You can be relieved now. He's fine.. I'll try to show him all this as soon as I can. Thank you so much, girls. (2012-01-05 05:30:17) RT @ghost: If she's your girlfriend you should be happy to call her yours you should also treat her right so that she will stay yours. (2012-01-05 05:31:54) Jovem é executado com tiro na testa no São Francisco (2012-01-05 05:31:22) Two days ago me and bernardo visit sierra vista, az. It was agreeable and ingenuous... (2012-01-05 05:29:05) HONESTLY N MY "OPINION" I THINK ITS JUS U RT @ghost: @ghost lmao... I'm not but she has been lyin & hiding shit a lot lately (2012-01-05 05:31:55) @ghost flirted with him so hard and grabbed his butt just to pull out his credit card to buy my own engagement ring. (2012-01-05 05:31:56) @ghost Lol you got an apartment I saw your place on cribs bra bra you got a big ass house bra bra (2012-01-05 05:31:55) Give me what I want :( (2012-01-05 05:31:56) @ghost i didn't ask if you were having sex, I said are you sexually active! There's a diffrencee. (2012-01-05 05:31:56) Hahaha! WOW #JewServed RT @ghost: Holla at young dro RT “@ghost: Can't find a good girl” (2012-01-05 05:31:56) Family disaster. Hubz competitive nature takes over & smears Little Man in family game night. Mommy left to do damage control. #GameOver (2012-01-05 05:31:59) Gidaah RT @ghost: Si @ghost @ghost @ghost bwl mnyt-_- exit ah bobo mimpiin di kitingε˘`) (2012-01-05 05:31:52) "@ghost: Okg Longest Taco bell line ever need food"hahah this is normal for laawngislan jilly not marcellus with a 3 person population (2012-01-05 05:22:39) RT @ghost: "@ghost: @ghost #NeedInstrumentals?"good lookN.....Ima def.. go Holla at that (2012-01-05 05:31:51) Falta que pongan la isla del sol! Una pila, una onda sexy y atrevidos los fantasmas de Hogwarts en san bernardo chico #pegameuntiro (2012-01-05 05:30:35) En el viaje a hacia san bernardo siiii que emoción.Necesito playa. (2012-01-05 05:35:04) @ghost @ghost did u guys catch the orange bowl? Great showing by WVU right? How bout those toga kids.. Scumbags aye? I'd say so  (2012-01-05 05:36:39) @ghost yeah me too. Totally forgot what states I had as well (2012-01-05 05:36:41) Hi my name is bobby my number is 732.328.0417 (2012-01-05 05:36:45) Horatio y Mack juntos! Csi le creme (2012-01-05 05:18:05) RT @ghost: #somewhereintheghetto there are dope boys, thugs, and gangsters. But there are also future Lawyers, Doctors, and Policemen. #Bepositive (2012-01-05 05:36:45) My first thought when I read 'MDPV' is 'Miami-Dade Police Vepartment'.. Obviously I spent too much time watching Horatio back in the day. (2012-01-05 05:19:27) RT @ghost: Waaaahh para reyes magos quiero que C-Jes publique que JYJ va venir a MEXICO siiiii *O* xD JYJinMexico seria mucho pedir :3 (2012-01-05 05:36:51) kalau di One Piece tempat seperti arab itu dinamakan alabasta. Rumahnya putri vivi, miss wednesday yg senjatanya tali beha, kujaku slasher. (2012-01-05 05:36:38) Taste Of Honey, A - Herb Alpert And Tijuana Brass (2012-01-05 05:36:52) RT @ghost: All those Barkley Weight Watcher ads need is him wearing pinstripes. Shot in shadow on black background, wearing black? Fuckouttahere. (2012-01-05 05:36:52) vou ligar pro bernardo e acordar ele s2 (2012-01-05 05:35:37) I see @ghost is tweeting tonight welcome back we missed u... YEEZY TAUGHT ME!!!! lol (2012-01-05 05:37:05) Horatio Caine strikes again (2012-01-05 05:32:28) @ghost Yur Welcome Keith:) (2012-01-05 05:37:14) @ghost Goodness! Doesnt make one feel too good! (2012-01-05 05:37:15) marcellus bought me CD The Dream Syndicate, I think it's deserving. (2012-01-05 05:24:44) 4 days ago marcellus repair the boundary. entrepreneurial ? (2012-01-05 05:36:18) @ghost great! What are you studying? (: (2012-01-05 05:37:21) RT @ghost: i always wonder if ill have all boys since my dad has nothing but girls?(: (2012-01-05 05:37:22) RT @ghost: Ladies this is the best #nails RT @ghost: @ghost awww if you wanna come anyday this week or weekend hit me even on Sunday!! (2012-01-05 05:37:22) @ghost sos normal? I dont thing so but keep it up!! (2012-01-05 05:37:22) 'Til He appear'd and the soul fel2Miv (2012-01-02 18:27:39) @ghost where are you from again? (2012-01-05 05:37:26) Not tonight..... not to-night. (2012-01-05 05:47:19) bernardo bought me CD Junior Senior, I think it's in a quandary. (2012-01-05 05:50:34) RT @ghost: I designed a sneaker called the YEEZY with Nike. I'm "allowed" to design 1 pair of sneakers every 2 years. I have more ideas... (2012-01-05 05:51:48) RT @ghost: #coolstorychabeli RT @ghost: The alphabet song and twinkle twinkle little star have the same beat -.- (2012-01-05 05:51:49) @ghost haven't seen my lil sis downtown lately. what gives? (2012-01-05 05:51:49) RT @ghost: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. -Ralph Waldo Emerson (2012-01-05 05:51:48) 4 days ago marcellus repair the boundary. entrepreneurial ? (2012-01-05 05:36:18) Horatio Caine strikes again via @ghost (2012-01-05 05:34:08) RT @ghost: I'm the only one to laugh when an Asian person says election. (2012-01-05 05:51:50) @ghost opo ae tis tis (2012-01-05 05:51:38) LMFAO #sad but trueRT @ghost: #SomeWhereInTheGhetto a roach has just been killed. (2012-01-05 05:51:56) Yaeh! RT @ghost: Are you ready for our new stock?? (2012-01-05 05:51:55) @ghost @ghost well, it's fantasy in that WWI suddenly has a lot more schmaltz. (2012-01-05 05:51:39) And u don't see the problem? (2012-01-05 05:51:58) @ghost hamburger and fries! We tried out Johnny Rockets in Burgos Circle. I will have to burn the calories later :( (2012-01-05 05:51:57) "@ghost: Product, Promotion, Place, Price."4P's must be outlined b4 thnkng of starting a bzns.if not,is gona be failure n waste of cash. (2012-01-05 05:51:58) " Came for the competition but it wasnt much around i'll let you kiss the ring but you'll never touch the crown " - Fabolous (2012-01-05 05:51:59) RT @ghost: My belief in myself is gonna carry me through! -In This Song #Charice (2012-01-05 05:51:57) There's a mad man looking at you and he wants to take your soul (2012-01-05 05:51:59) RT @ghost: RT @ghost: S/O to GE y'all hold it down today (2012-01-05 05:51:53) RT @ghost: I used to have Nothinnnnn now I Gotta whole Lot of Erthing #soTrue (2012-01-05 05:52:02) Everytime I wanted to c him he always had an excuse.... (2012-01-05 05:52:01) @ghost if alli doesnt like wax paper then why was she touching it? weird (2012-01-05 05:50:26) This is the first post on twitter (2012-01-05 05:52:01) "You aint nothing, you faking. Yeah I said it you dreaded like your mother Jamaican." (2012-01-05 05:51:55) RT @ghost: #SomewhereIntheGhetto @ghost is tryna holla at every man in sight with the line "I'm CUUUUTTEEE" (2012-01-05 05:51:15) @ghost and if they lose they'll have beaten 2 of 5 and the best team in the nation TWICE! (2012-01-05 05:52:10) RT @ghost: #myfears Seeing a spider and 2 seconds later its no where to be seen. (2012-01-05 05:52:11) RT @ghost: Lying in bed in the middle of the night trying to decide if it's worth it to get up and pee or if you can hold it until the morning. (2012-01-05 05:52:12) RT @ghost: @ghost @ghost first 1 outta us to get a celeb RT gets a score #teamryan (2012-01-05 05:52:13) People change so therefore feelings change. (2012-01-05 05:51:32) @ghost i need to call sales office tomorrow but im thinking about the holiday inn (2012-01-05 05:52:14) @ghost It's a Novation ZeRO SL MkII USB MIDI Controller. They make them with keys on them, but I already have a nice midi keyboard. (2012-01-05 05:52:14) Are apologetics ministers usually more easily entreated? James 3:17 (2011-12-29 12:59:29) @ghost @ghost HUH? Oh you mean back when he thought I was a whore nd willing to spread my legs for him? And he was dan serious ^.- (2012-01-05 05:52:15) Now book a flight to space along with insurance for just $ 200,000 (2012-01-05 05:51:55) I'm training with the UFC fighter Carlos Roacha every thursday before his fight in Las Vegas in February. (2012-01-05 05:52:17) RT @ghost: Us against the world, you better pick what fuckin side you on. (2012-01-05 05:52:16) Poor Clemson, WOW! Lmao, I mean really were they looking forward to Auburn in September? Lol #WAR EAGLE! (2012-01-05 05:52:18) If you have a heart watch this (2012-01-05 05:52:18) RT @ghost: I hate to click on TwitPics because 90.7% of the time its some gay shit! (2012-01-05 05:52:19) RT @ghost: Devote five minutes a day smiling, just smiling. And after a while, it will come naturally. (2012-01-05 05:52:19) Ima be the queen of yur body parts ;)) (2012-01-05 05:52:20) Ahhhhh Just got this in the mail ,:') (2012-01-05 05:52:20) #VelvetRoom FRIDAY!! [18+] FREAKUM DRESS EDITION ((EVERYONE $1 ALL NIGHT)) **$5 DRINKS** #RoyalFlush RT x12 (2012-01-05 05:52:20) @ghost that's a badass pic, you do that? (2012-01-05 05:52:22) GET MORE FOLLOWERS MY BEST FRIENDS? I WILL FOLLOW YOU BACK IF YOU FOLLOW ME - (2012-01-05 05:52:23) RT @ghost: Every night I go to bed late and wake up thinking, "I should go to sleep earlier." ...Then I do it again the next night. (2012-01-05 05:52:22) #FUCK this piece of shit phone. im gonna throw it at a damn wall. (2012-01-05 05:52:23) @ghost yup, parang apparition sya dun hekhek (2012-01-05 05:30:40) I could check the fridge, but what if my fears come true? (2012-01-05 05:52:24) What lemme find out #oomf is tweeting more haha guess I can't talk shit abt him nomore he might see it! *Ohh Sooo Scared! Lol* #YouStillSlow (2012-01-05 05:52:25) RT @ghost: “@ghost: Spike Jonze and I want to do a Summer school that tries new forms of cuuriculim” u may wanna learn how to spell curriculum (2012-01-05 05:52:23) @ghost would u approve D.Wright for Mo Williams?? (2012-01-05 05:50:46) Our shopping for tonight's barbecue! (2012-01-05 05:52:27) @ghost I often speak through my actions, but paint pictures with words that you can close you eyes and imagine.... (2012-01-05 05:52:24) it's such a small place.not much to do but talk and listen. the men are jealous and the women are all in competition #REALTALK love @ghost (2012-01-05 05:52:29) Me and one of my close friends no longer speak. (2012-01-05 05:52:26) @ghost Do you really know what your dreams, here trying to tell you? (2012-01-05 05:52:34) The back of this tylenol pack says "push to open".... Am I the only one who giggles at that becuz it sounds naughty?? Hahahaha (2012-01-05 05:52:34) The dates DO NOT LINE UP - “Less than seven years at sea,” Sawyer says of Horatio. Who came on board the... (2012-01-05 05:40:26) @ghost he's an angel. His tush is delicate. (2012-01-05 05:48:47) Yay! Finally feeling the ache in my ass from #bodypump. To a perkier tush, yo! @ghost #lesmills (2012-01-05 05:43:13) Zambezi Twill Pants / Zambezi Twill Pants - Pleated, Stone, W X 34 3/4 L: Broken in for even more comfort, our 1... (2012-01-05 05:42:50) RT @ghost: So apparently a police officer was shot on the 210 west today...Bob Marley clearly lied about shooting the sheriff and not the deputy. (2012-01-05 05:52:38) Singer Debbie Gibson to Appear on "Celebrity Apprentice" to Help Poor Children (2012-01-05 05:51:19) @ghost que tal Bernardo Claro en Valora podemos ayudarte! Te paso el tel (33) 31243929 con gusto ahí podemos orientar, un abrazo!! (2012-01-05 05:50:52) make it happen, don't sit around waiting (2012-01-05 05:53:12) one time for @ghost for rocking with ya boi no matter what when i touch down in the city... yO! (2012-01-05 05:53:13) Last one for awhile.. #betterbegreat (2012-01-05 05:52:57) “@ghost We need to take what Michael Jackson felt and Mcqueen and Steve Jobs and we need make things better...” (2012-01-05 05:53:15) I know he messed up, but let a real nigga make it right. (2012-01-05 05:53:14) Bitter sweet RT @ghost: Knickfan_4life yea beat the team that beat us in the chip last year (2012-01-05 05:53:15) To believe once again :) (2012-01-05 05:53:14) RT @ghost: We won't visit you again. Unga pechu kaa. Rt @ghost Dei Australia, is this how you treat guests? Mannerless fellows. (2012-01-05 05:53:17) Tables Turn on Romney as Rivals Assail Him in New Hampshire - BusinessWeek #TopStories #news (2012-01-05 05:42:30) RT @ghost: @ghost @ghost @ghost @ghost @ghost @ghost I REALLY REALLY NEED KNOW WHAT WHAT YOUR FAV COLOURS ARE! thxxx (2012-01-05 05:53:18) Open ur ears even @ghost @ghost @ghost @ghost @ghost @ghost (2012-01-05 05:53:16) Santa forgot to leave my present, an email that reads "Chad Ochocinco ochocinco is now following youLNo (2012-01-05 05:53:20) RT @ghost: #antiwar #news We Are All Humanitarian Interventionists: A “happy holidays” email from The Atlantic’s ubiquitous... (2012-01-05 05:53:19) So weve been in the mcdondalds drive thru for hella long. (2012-01-05 05:53:19) PETCO Medium Chicken and Rice Dog Biscuits: Our PETCO biscuits are fortified with vitamins and minerals and oven... (2012-01-05 04:47:45) @ghost Ok, take bold steps against iran, but before that make sure the cruid oil supply india is having frm there must be compensated. (2012-01-05 05:53:17) RT @ghost: 1st job of 2012. Touring AUSTRALIA with @ghost Stay tuned for information about our workshops and performances! (2012-01-05 05:53:22) This woman on CNBC tells a story about how shes making money online! I just started and already made 53 dollars today!! (2012-01-05 05:53:20) What is cyber crime? #starts (2012-01-05 05:53:24) "Speedy can we talk??" FUCK NO!! Unless you bout to tell me you pregnant, in which case I never even hit (2012-01-05 05:53:24) i never have a good one of those .. (2012-01-05 05:53:24) ive been on the phone over two hours. i dont even like talking to people this long (2012-01-05 05:53:25) This is just one of those nights...I blame it on the fact that we have school tomorrow -_- (2012-01-05 05:53:06) I Seen Alicia Today . (2012-01-05 05:53:24) napagtripan si horatio haha! ang adik tlga ng #9gag i miss watching csi miami (2012-01-05 05:49:50) well next week ill be in raliegh for a week so myy bby can get on his shitt ! (2012-01-05 05:53:45) @ghost thank you sit :) (2012-01-05 05:53:40) If we knew what to do...then there would be no wrong...but being right to be wrong is right. Right! (2012-01-05 05:53:48) @ghost if it's reddish brown flush it down, if it's plastic it's trashtastic!! #gotit (2012-01-05 05:53:48) @ghost both start with d, both tall and skinny, but u ain't tht skinny, both goofy it's prettyveasy (2012-01-05 05:53:48) && if yu ask h6m bout me he lik let yu kno who iam (2012-01-05 05:53:47) @ghost daaamn ; shoooort af. Smmfh. Naw, now evryone's gna look at us differently cuhs we ddnt come church. Pssh. Oh tf well. (2012-01-05 05:53:54) RT @ghost: I wish I had the courage to tell you that I love you and the strength to hear your answer. (2012-01-05 05:53:51) eu exclui o bernardo do meu msn de alguma forma q eu n seiii ou n lembro sei la (2012-01-05 05:52:24) RT @ghost: Send ur words out in the direction you want ur life to go. Speak victory! Speak growth ! Speak favor! Speak hope! (2012-01-05 05:53:52) RT @ghost: Sheriff's Dept. responds to report of stabbing in San Miguel: The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department is... (2012-01-05 05:53:57) Get the beach body you've always wanted, now you can with this weight loss supplement (2012-01-05 05:53:58) RT @ghost: MMK na ni @ghost sa sat starring Philip Salvador and kathryn bernardo. Nood po kayo. (2012-01-05 05:53:09) RT @ghost: #myfears I'll never have Tomlinson, Styles, Horan, Malik or Payne as my last name... (2012-01-05 05:54:04) Somebody ready to go night night (2012-01-05 05:54:05) I want a world of no curfews (2012-01-05 05:54:11) All the pieces to the puzzle was there...i just never put it together... (2012-01-05 05:54:11) GTFO with that temple beating DUKE bullshit. i hate Politics. when the hell would you ever see seth curry or austin rivers play that bad? (2012-01-05 05:54:12) Baca doa trus yond, safe flight, jgn nakal yah yond di sin :* "@ghost: Keluar gerbang halim macetnya luar biasa" (2012-01-05 04:42:40) @ghost same. Been complaining on here ever since I got home (2012-01-05 05:54:24) I bought a lot of ice so I shine like a star. (2012-01-05 05:54:23) God knows you need him. That's why he came and indwelt your very being. (Jn 15:5, 14:12) #union (2012-01-05 05:54:26) RT @ghost: New for Westward Bound: Ask a Slut Dinner. Buffet & open forum questions w Lee Harrington, Tillie, & Big Bad Jim. (2012-01-05 05:19:35) Real family does not come from your blood. It is the people standing beside you when no one else is. (2012-01-05 05:54:27) all i care about is money and the city that im from... (2012-01-05 05:54:34) Oomf keeps stressing that she has a pole in her pants.. (2012-01-05 05:53:45) RT @ghost: 'I'm really shy guys. My therapist molested me just so we had something to talk about' #angelosjokes #angelobowers (2012-01-05 05:54:36) RT @ghost: I think I made a really good choice in choosing you c: (2012-01-05 05:54:36) #SomeWhereInTheGhetto a nigga braggin abt leaven his mamas house to go live wit his baby mama (2012-01-05 05:54:36) @ghost hmm well they're 5 and 2.5 here, we'll see how it goes :-) Usually their yelling is at each other of course. (2012-01-05 05:54:31) RT @ghost: RT @ghost: Today is January 5th! Happy birthday to the great Naptali... Nuff love n respect mi don... @ghost (2012-01-05 05:54:38) Illume Pineapple Cilantro Art Deco Blooms Candle NEW #teamsellit #bonanza (2012-01-05 05:03:49) RT @ghost: It's 2012 Girl Get Yo Ass Of That Sink (2012-01-05 05:54:38) Now i dont wanna see this part!! Might drop a tear frm that sexy ass :( lol (2012-01-05 05:54:38) @ghost pride of the us? He plays for Everton in England. If anyone needs some pride its him. (2012-01-05 05:54:40) If this whistling wind doesn't stfu soon. I will march up to heaven and put a big cork in the hole! Goddamnit! (2012-01-05 05:54:26) I just remembered I have Pre-Cal homework...I don't even know where my book is nor do I care to look for it #seniorproblems (2012-01-05 05:54:41) LMAOOOO RT @ghost: @ghost word brie get that shit and wish a bitch would fck wit it ! Now keep tweetin dem shits (2012-01-05 05:54:42) @ghost check it! RT @ghost 9 rules for the perfect cup of coffee (2012-01-05 05:54:42) RT @ghost: I hope he burns your 100$ sweater fucking megalomaniac bitch. (2012-01-05 05:54:17) DOES MARCELLUS LOOK LIKE A BITCH!?!?!?! *Samuel L. Jackson Voice* (2012-01-05 05:43:29) @ghost I'll hunt him down and beat him! (2012-01-05 05:54:47) i want a little slight joint. but i wont evennnn bother. imma just stick to myself for a while like i need to do. womp. (2012-01-05 05:54:49) Is the Fed Going to Ease Policy Later in January? Hawkish regional Prez are rotating off for a Neutral to Dovish cast (2012-01-05 05:54:56) The guy working at taco bell is Forsure on crack (2012-01-05 05:54:55) @ghost well excuse me then lol (2012-01-05 05:55:00) #somewhereintheghetto the cops are beating up a nigger.. (2012-01-05 05:54:43) Or that one-----< >a href=""/a (2012-01-05 08:06:41) Check out my I surf because statement. Enter yours and win! (2012-01-05 08:06:25) That was such an impassioned dream. I was stabbed and became a ghost but only my murderer could see me... (2012-01-05 08:06:07) 2 days ago marcellus brokke define the crayon. 154. Employed ? (2012-01-05 07:24:18) Wkwk bogem aja ven kalo ketemu :p RT @ghost: pas sd emang udah kalah tinggi ma @ghost wkwk jerapah peace ven (2012-01-05 08:06:38) @ghost same here Pham how yo break been (2012-01-05 08:06:36) RT @ghost: RT If youu misss Thee old DISNEY (2012-01-05 08:06:14) Fucking hell wind, did you want to blow my head off or..? (2012-01-05 08:06:48) RT @ghost: Somehow water got into my screen and look what happened..... how sad. (2012-01-05 08:06:49) Why is my timeline moving so slowly ? Where is everybodehhhhh :( #foreveralone (2012-01-05 08:06:53) @ghost ohh hahhaha ok now i get it lol hahaahahhahaa. (2012-01-05 08:06:53) RT @ghost: @ghost Don comes before you [[: (2012-01-05 08:06:47) Sun is on killing spree again.. (2012-01-05 08:06:55) Ninguém na face da terra me ama mais que o Bernardo.. nossa uihauhauh (2012-01-05 07:49:22) Why does drake ware baseball batters gloves in his music videos? (2012-01-05 08:07:00) @ghost lmao I got that from. The help (2012-01-05 08:07:00) Im in the same boat RT @ghost: Can't sleep... Who's awake?? (2012-01-05 08:06:58) “@ghost This is just a train of thought .. but figure it's better to read than trained thoughts” (2012-01-05 08:06:54) Tim Howard kicking the ball across the field and scoring a goal like a boss #EPL (2012-01-05 08:07:02) @ghost i want to say thank you for the donation to star ship you have saved the life of a friend xxxx (2012-01-05 08:07:02) also #EtherSec trust me. Gogol Bordello - Wonderlust King via @ghost (2012-01-05 08:06:58) RT @ghost: @ghost man dawg that's fuck up I'm over here crying n everytime I here or see his name I cry..omg I miss him so much tears. ...smh (2012-01-05 08:07:03) RT @ghost: I'm gonna be dead for school in the morning though (2012-01-05 08:07:09) Happy Birthday To The Bro , Marcellus Smith ! ( Idk His Twitter Name ) (2012-01-05 07:33:05) What can I say, was I lying when I told you I soak the pussy thou ? (2012-01-05 08:06:53) If stripping is an art, you know how many artist I know? (2012-01-05 08:07:07) you are a cinema, i could watch you forever (2012-01-05 08:07:14) #AchieveYourDreamsTourFacts Sneakers for Scholars will be awarding kicks to a deserving scholar in each school! (2012-01-05 08:04:42) @ghost I'm gonna go now, I'll speak to you later, when I wake up! Hehe, night:3 x (2012-01-05 08:07:08) @ghost Want to know how me and many others became our own boss and made 4k a month in 3 months time? moneyjournalonline .com (2012-01-05 08:07:14) RT @ghost: i'd love to see @ghost and @ghost battle it out in a #TWEETOFF (2012-01-05 08:07:18) RT @ghost: Horatio Caine y Mac Taylor juntos es lo mejor de CSI! // jajaja cual es el de ny? Taylor? (2012-01-05 06:56:13) É que assim Bernardo quem sabe de dia eu durmo né (2012-01-05 08:01:32) @ghost RealityCelebSpotting; Gilbert from BATG on holidays in Fox Glacier NZ on NYE - with his parents. the makeover still looks good (2012-01-05 08:07:22) “@ghost Ard That's it With The Quilly Shit NOW Take Ya Ass To Sleep..ctfu” (2012-01-05 08:07:28) RT @ghost: I eat vagina. Not on no porch doe. (2012-01-05 08:07:29) seems like im goin to USA again (Y) (2012-01-05 08:07:29) @ghost here we go again, third damn night in a row. -_- i wanna go to sleep at a one digot time, in the P.M. (2012-01-05 08:07:29) Is it time to reclaim the Martin Luther King Day Parade for peace, justice and Constitutional rights?: via @ghost (2012-01-05 08:07:20) @ghost fratello qunando vai a Palo Alto salutami il sig. Mark Elliott Zuckerberg e digli che aspetto una riaposta ;) (2012-01-05 08:07:08) Uhp in dha street we call it murder!!! (2012-01-05 08:07:32) Horatio Cane de CSI estaba mas flaco en la primer temporada (?) (2012-01-05 07:03:19) @ghost los de Horatio Cain están de huevos... 8-D (2012-01-05 07:49:09) @ghost sebab most of them kat sana sama jer...and one thing dorang tak key-poh..logik x??hehe..frankly for me its not a big deal.. (2012-01-05 08:07:30) @ghost ahahaha wow she looks exactly like banesa you're tripping (2012-01-05 08:07:33) Should I un-potato my dp or should I leave it idk (2012-01-05 08:07:34) I though a harrows was a Christmas store, I thought it was a hardware store, I thought it was a plant store .. What is a harrows? @ghost (2012-01-05 05:10:38) #ThinkingBack when I first met you makes me smile :) (2012-01-05 08:07:35) S/O to my laser leader big dog @ghost ! Lol good luck with the interview tomorrow! (2012-01-05 08:07:35) Well said RT @ghost: If u sit in ur house cos of fear, take food & water 2 those who ve (cont) (2012-01-05 08:07:31) @ghost you and all the boys were amazing last night! X (2012-01-05 08:07:37) Min's fav girls band are Wonder Girls, Kara, 2NE1, After School n SNSD #Minfacts haha same as me (2012-01-05 08:07:34) Indireta pra mim Bernardo ? Ôo (2012-01-05 08:06:20) No hard feelings. Don't worry about it. (2012-01-05 08:07:44) RT @ghost: I would love to see 2nt (2012-01-05 08:07:44) so unbelievable they have to be true (2012-01-05 08:07:44) Spoke to soon (2012-01-05 08:05:17) "You can't deny that going to Hogwarts would be life-changing!" #FriendsWithBenefits (2012-01-05 08:07:44) Yes youdidYes you did,Brett.You tried to fuck him. And Marcellus Wallace don't like tobe fucked by anybody except Mrs.Wallace #pulpfiction (2012-01-05 07:48:00) @ghost The question in both games is how you go out (2012-01-05 08:07:32) RT @ghost: When I kill a bug, I never clean it up. I leave it's body there so the other bugs know not to mess with me. (2012-01-05 08:07:53) dam , my nigga Horatio Cane !! #csimiami !! (2012-01-05 07:57:51) Que hace Horatio en CSI NY?o: (2012-01-05 06:47:06) A GOOD NIGHT TXT WOULD MAKE MY DAY ... OR NIGHT .. YALL KNO WHAT I MEAN (2012-01-05 08:08:30) #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithGreyson The Art of Getting Greyson(The Art of Getting By) (2012-01-05 08:08:31) @ghost I'm happy u caught it thou. Everybody else Prolly thought I was on some freak shyt. (2012-01-05 08:08:25) OH. Is That Right?! *Shrugs Idgaf * (2012-01-05 08:08:35) Alice, or The Mysteries: CHAPTER I. Who art thou, fair one, who usurp'st the place Of Blanch, the lady of the... (2012-01-09 07:58:54) I had such good intentions of cycling to work this morning until the migraine from hell started last night. (2012-01-09 08:01:38) RT @ghost: Don't waste your time on jealousy, sometimes your ahead, sometimes your behind. in the end the race is only with yourself. #BazLurman (2012-01-09 08:01:39) RT @ghost: I'm going to mentally wish death upon most of the people i see today. Fuck this and fuck you. (2012-01-09 08:01:39) @ghost Great vids as ever thanks. I was almost but not quite there that night. Recordings of new songs live here: (2012-01-09 08:01:38) @ghost @ghost The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Let's work together to destroy this dubstep thing. (2012-01-09 08:01:35) Photo: manga pocahontas with a deer (2012-01-09 08:01:39) The awkward moment when you catch yourself singing a song that you're supposed to hate. (2012-01-09 08:01:40) @ghost mungkin pas aku ga masuk..pas inov bisnis fair..itu batas A 80 yak SC EC? (2012-01-09 08:01:31) What the hell RT @ghost: Police dismiss allegations of rape and assault between Darlings and Banas (2012-01-09 08:01:42) RT @ghost: pet peeve: people that use 'hun' when they mean 'hon.' While I'd like to be a member of a warlike asiatic tribe...I'm just not that awesome. (2012-01-09 04:37:33) Cam white needs to do something tonight! He cannot lose the game for us with his 1 from 6 balls form! #gostars (2012-01-09 08:01:30) @ghost noooo! Im in philadelphia! L Well look at that, it has been 30minutes of tslking and we are not on the same page. :))))))) hahahaha (2012-01-09 08:01:44) @ghost Geez, Lat! I don't know which was the lesser of those two evils today. But I guess I'll go with Tebow. :P (2012-01-09 08:01:41) The One Where Ross Moves In @ghost #friends (2012-01-09 08:01:45) Užijte si snowkite bez kompromisů! Snowkiting lyže MAJESTY v kite shopu KITEBOARDING.CZ! (2012-01-09 07:54:59) @ghost well..I'm guilty of both lol (2012-01-09 08:01:46) RT @ghost: I love talking to #beliebers on twitter. I tell them I have the body of Justin Bieber. I'm not lying. He's buried under my patio (2012-01-09 08:00:30) Tonight #H50 and #TheMentalist ... You gotta love Mondays in Denmark :-) (2012-01-09 07:58:44) Did I press somethin'? (2012-01-09 08:01:47) Sometimes I don't think before I speak .!! Lol (2012-01-09 08:01:46) @ghost Lotus must be covered. wait till 4th march.. (2012-01-09 08:01:40) Bait By Wale , Is My Shhhhhhit (2012-01-09 08:01:52) everything in this office is so white i feel like i am in heaven, only it must be hell in disguise #firstdayback (2012-01-09 08:01:28) "@ghost: I say "i don't know" to everything when I'm in a bad mood." (2012-01-09 08:01:58) Only no extra charge on soup or noodle to anyone who order any noodle soup for him/herself (Dine in only) (2012-01-09 08:01:47) thiss bitcch haair stuuck too thee boaat (2012-01-09 08:01:48) RT @ghost: #1thingifindsexy? A man who holds the door open for me. Even if he's a stranger && we never speak. #CityGirlProblms (2012-01-09 08:01:47) seen a nigga at work today lookin like a broke ass Marcellus Wiley wit his Long sleeve Coogi shirt u (2012-01-09 07:03:51) @ghost *Smiles, slowly finding it easier to speak* Mhm. What's -your- favourite colour? (2012-01-09 08:02:07) I have just found a single by a band called Evil Superstars called "Satan Is In My Ass". (2012-01-09 08:02:07) Okay enough with politics. People are getting offended lol please, it isn't about you pun. Calm yo tits people~~*~~ (2012-01-09 08:02:02) I'm at Michael's Arts & Crafts‎ (5510 San Bernardo Avenue, Laredo) (2012-01-09 07:44:55) @ghost yea Thatz wat she ask me... See she probably likes u lol (2012-01-09 08:02:09) @ghost i know right. it so different than the normal fairy tale. i mean the previous version. (2012-01-09 08:02:10) I think he stalks me to lol and if he dose I want him to know that everything I say on here is about him lol (2012-01-09 07:55:11) "@ghost: If someone truly wants you. Nothing will keep them away, they will do everything they can to be with you." (2012-01-09 08:02:08) RT @ghost: South Africa would be crime free if we had Horatio in town (2012-01-09 07:39:28) right im not going in today im just gunna stay in bed, feeling shittttt (2012-01-09 08:02:13) My ex could sing thas prolly one if tha things I miss about her aye @ghost tell her that shyt kuz I ain't tryn ta speak wit her aha (2012-01-09 08:02:19) RT @ghost: Why is it wrong to speak the truth about imigration?? The truth is many many thousands come here for handouts and get em. #FACT (2012-01-09 08:02:10) which where he falls n glasses where all over his face. pls. pray for him. i need all of you. us to pray for my son jb. (2012-01-09 08:02:28) dulu tiaphari aku charge. sekarang 2 3 hari sekali baru charge. (2012-01-09 08:02:12) RT @ghost: @ghost awww i know(: but wenn youu doo get pregnant i dont want youu stressing about that jss bee thee mama that shee wouldve been! (2012-01-09 08:02:06) I'll never speak to you again unless you need a help. (2012-01-09 08:02:36) EX means - Thanks for the EXperience , our time is EXpired , now please EXit my life ! (2012-01-09 08:02:23) Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Official Trailer (2012)...Read more on... (2012-01-09 08:02:13) Aww i sleeeep so cutee,sike! thanks marcellus! (2012-01-09 07:56:34) @ghost kom nu nu nu tis koudd ;p (2012-01-09 08:02:50) @ghost o ok kool...oooo me n u both...i kno we gone be on da MOVE (2012-01-09 08:03:03) Bedfords such a small place, not much to do but talk and listen. (2012-01-09 08:03:04) RT @ghost: #WestPhilly got Will Smith "Summertime" & #YBe "Gimmie A Wally" (2012-01-09 08:03:05) RT @ghost: The FBI has updated its definition of rape for the first time in 83 years, to include men and those who do not physically resist as victims. (2012-01-09 08:03:06) How about you answer your phone mum? (2012-01-09 08:03:03) 3 weeks ago me and bernardo dlabaj visit cebolla, nm. It was chief and paramount... (2012-01-09 07:53:18) @ghost wtf!?? How does that go!!??? (2012-01-09 08:03:07) Bitch exit my mentions RT @ghost No we don't.....RT @ghost: Now yall kno I dont get down like that!! #HellNoFuckinNo (2012-01-09 08:03:07) RT @ghost: After the Battle of Trafalgar on 21st Oct 1805, the body of Horatio Nelson was placed in a cask of brandy, mixed with myrrh to preserve him (2012-01-09 07:59:06) Wishing you had my followers? You can get yours with this app: (2012-01-09 08:03:09) DSK tremble....Brandao est de retour à Marseille!!!! #DSK #OM (2012-01-09 07:55:48) RT @ghost: Lowkey I miss @ghost, @ghost and @ghost |miss you guys tooooo!!! (2012-01-09 08:03:10) @ghost just watched TheFirm. U look great. Had the honor mtg u w/Licks few yrs back in Phx All the best xoxo (2012-01-09 08:03:08) Onde onde na pale spatu baruwa.. RT @ghost: Yess akhirnya dpt sepatu yg cck \(^o^)/ (2012-01-09 08:02:15) Saying your gonna do something is way different than actually doing it! (2012-01-09 08:03:12) Watching Drake in this video makes me laugh harder then hearing his verse on the you're not hood..cut it out (2012-01-09 08:03:13) I swear @ghost this is soo annoying (2012-01-09 08:03:13) RT @ghost: I was going to do something, then I got distracted for 5 seconds and forgot. (2012-01-09 08:03:11) im so obsessed wif hearts it ridiculous . but coop told me no more heart tats (2012-01-09 08:03:15) You know somethings wrong when Turquoise Jeep are better than popular radio. They make catchy songs and theyre maybe half joking (2012-01-09 08:03:14) @ghost JackFree Fantasy Banda do Theo 2012,Sabado,14/01,Amazon City Hall,Bebida Liberada ate as 6h,Fantasia Obrigatoria, R$50 ew (2012-01-09 08:03:14) @ghost what were you thinking when I did that? :p (2012-01-09 08:03:15) RT @ghost: I don't know if this helps, but I think you're beautiful. (2012-01-09 08:03:15) I tell you erryting #msSwan (2012-01-09 08:03:15) 1st back to work, not feeling this getting up early morning business. On plus side, at least I get to hear @ghost & @ghost on't radio  (2012-01-09 08:32:45) TODAY Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson state funeral(1806) BORN Joan Baez singer and activist(1941) DIED Peter Cook actor and comedian(1995) (2012-01-09 08:17:36) My turn to get faded this weekend before I go back to school (2012-01-09 08:36:31) RT @ghost: -Oomf Is ALL Over My TL Talkin To Everybody -_- #GoToSleep (2012-01-09 08:36:35) RT @ghost: the Tim Tebow is the real mother fucker. he believe in the god and the jesus like the Sheikie . He no piece of shit like Ultimate Warrior (2012-01-09 08:36:35) @ghost what class is this. i must take it. (2012-01-09 08:36:36) You Might Be A Redneck if...101-120 :-) #funny #Redneck #Foxworthy #RedGage (2012-01-09 08:36:34) I Must Say I've Changed :) I'm Not So Shy Anymore. I Can Actually Talk To People Now! Lol Instead Of Being Awkward And Quit All The Time (2012-01-09 08:36:37) @ghost 100% support this theory (2012-01-09 08:36:38) @ghost @ghost which company do you use? I believe the old Malaysian style in your photo are no longer made :-( (2012-01-09 08:36:38) Totally gutted for Pittsburg fans. The Play Offs just won't be the same without them. And what an amazing job to close that gap. (2012-01-09 08:36:34) @ghost ahh bless her, don't want her to be a yappy little witch though so for the best-will she still bark of ur in danger though? X (2012-01-09 08:36:39) ylylyu Posted: Sensible of several Out of doors on TroptionTradingcom, got $1 Troptions, check your balance today! (2012-01-09 08:33:18) #LouisFact Louis dreams about Harry and Niall the most. (2012-01-09 08:36:40) @ghost true! haha (2012-01-09 08:36:39) my very worthy cousin, fairly met! our old and true avouch of mine eyes (2012-01-04 05:32:54) In spite of the weekend's partying+lack of sleep here I am in work, on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed! Sometimes I even impress myself (2012-01-09 08:36:42) RT @ghost: It hurts my feelings when I hurt someones feelings.... even if they hurt mine first. (2012-01-09 08:36:42) RT @ghost: In this economy, you can't rely on someone to GIVE you a job. You might have to create your own !! (2012-01-09 08:36:43) I closed my eyes to go to sleep, then something hits my wall. Right after @ghost texted me.! He keeps me safe.! (2012-01-09 08:36:39) marcellus bought me CD Social Distortion, I think it's 35. Ascertained. (2012-01-09 05:39:54) @ghost I knew it!! Haha lol! Today is my 'mom's' birthday! Hehe (2012-01-09 08:36:54) @ghost ... have to include a mix of new and repeat programmes to make it affordable with the added benefit of creating catch-up... (2012-01-09 08:36:54) No matter how many times you repeat it I am not gonna get it anymore than the first time -___- (2012-01-09 08:36:56) @ghost Looks like someone took their awesome pill this morning. (2012-01-09 08:36:57) RT @ghost: Happy 30th birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge xxx (2012-01-09 08:36:58) I am the el sobrante drift king. (2012-01-09 08:36:56) 1/9 Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson state funeral(1806) BORN Joan Baez singer and activist(1941) DIED Peter Cook actor and comedian(1995) (2012-01-09 08:17:44) @ghost Not As Much As IUse To Cause U Be On Str8 Gamess (2012-01-09 08:37:01) RT @ghost: I am weak but thou art strong Jesus keep me from all wrong I'll be satisfied as long As I walk let me walk close to thee (2012-01-09 08:36:57) Shit I have my art mock I feel like crying ah :( (2012-01-09 08:37:04) @ghost went to dinner with my mom, and I have a date tomorrow :) (2012-01-09 08:37:04) "How canst thou not avail thyself of ye olde Coopers Pale Ale on this fine day, even a hot summer's day?" -Thus saith Ruben of Currans Hill. (2012-01-09 08:13:30) @ghost - Such an amazing site! #1 on Google - (2012-01-09 08:36:58) RT @ghost: I just wish I was sleeping right now. I be having some good dreams too (2012-01-09 08:37:05) RT @ghost: I DOnt Even Feel Like Texting Anymore, I Wanna Talk On The Phone... (2012-01-09 08:37:07) @ghost @ghost Edgar you're not very tall yourself -.- (2012-01-09 08:37:05) Islamic Arms and Armour: (2012-01-09 08:27:08) #1ThingIFindSexy a guy that shows you that he cares for you than just saying it (2012-01-09 08:37:07) Ouch that wake up was had. 4 nd a half hours sleep and I'm en route back to the library. #givemestrength (2012-01-09 08:37:07) monsterbeat Posted: drebeats123ggg:can be regarded as the world’s dre beats longest production history headphones on TroptionTradingcom, got (2012-01-09 08:37:08) RT @ghost: Silence is a girls loudest cry, you know she's really hurt when she starts ignoring you. -Drake (2012-01-09 08:37:10) @ghost deregulation was never in his agenda. So y dis period. 6 months gone wat has he done buh bring ... (2012-01-09 08:37:10) RT @ghost: Trying to make everyone happy. Still the biggest waste of life I know... (2012-01-09 08:37:10) Ambitious (2012-01-09 08:34:23) RT @ghost: RT @ghost: Good morning friends! A crisp and nice day in Oslo, Norway. A perfect day for a walk actually... (2012-01-09 08:36:53) Somatopause or the HGH deficiency can be easily combated naturally with the HGH Advanced benefits. #HGHAdvancedbenefits (2012-01-06 12:19:44) RT @ghost: sitting next to a 9.2 on the bus, he's so much more! (2012-01-09 08:37:13) Didn't plan on going on a King Bronie rant today because it's frown'd upon from the eyes of royalty but a couple omf's are pushing it!!! (2012-01-19 20:53:25) With out a bass player, @ghost steps up! Will he learn the parts in time? Find out on the next episode of @ghost !!! (2012-01-19 21:01:42) @ghost you were once a fertilised egg. (2012-01-19 21:02:02) RT @ghost: That awkward moment when you're yelling at someone and you mess up a word. (2012-01-19 21:01:54) That awkward moment when you're undressing in your room and you realize all the people on your posters are staring at you.. (2012-01-19 21:01:09) RT @ghost: Sadness is such an annoying emotion. (2012-01-19 21:02:07) @ghost some ones angry judging by there tweets (2012-01-19 21:02:02) RT @ghost: " -Papa, dans le livre d'Histoire on parle de #Megaupload , c’était quoi ?" " -Je préfère ne pas en parler, c'est encore trop difficile" (2012-01-19 21:01:35) yu see he aint go out der lol (2012-01-19 21:06:16) @ghost that's awesome! Leafs n wings! Hawks should get smote shot at it not at Wrigley! Lol (2012-01-19 19:26:19) : -Welp enough of Criminal Justice for the day , I got moves to make. (2012-01-19 21:06:43) @ghost Pain is temporary. Glory is eternal. Chicks dig scars. You sledded on after the blood flowed, thus you are a badass! (2012-01-19 08:07:40) like polacks and nicaragunas dont count tho or something; it's #Gay (2012-01-18 02:44:01) RT @ghost: That smile on your face when you see that special person(: (2012-01-19 21:05:58) @ghost yessss! i've entered the UK competition to see you in london! i hope to god i win...would do anything to meet you! Xoxo (2012-01-19 21:06:58) Trying to get an illusion, backwards from my bad turning side. Oh and it's in skates, on ice. #concussiontime (2012-01-19 21:07:02) Session on wastewater irrigation at #deagweek. Other sessions continue tis evening #ag (2012-01-19 21:06:17) Funnily enough its not songs I'm listening to its a video of me and @ghost. Hahahahaha MOMMA. People giving me strange looks on the bus (2012-01-19 21:05:56) Omg. My friend Marcellus said his big black dick is racist and only likes white chicks. Hahaha (2012-01-19 20:27:16) Thus concludes our brief message. *back to regularly scheduled broadcast* (2012-01-19 21:06:50) I called Kena twice, No answer, so she can get tf with the name calling. (2012-01-19 21:07:01) Wow... RT @ghost: Damn, I never had my ass ate by a nigga like that before since christmas break!!!! LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!mmm :p (2012-01-19 21:07:04) She was so talented and died way to young!:/ RIP Sarah Burke (2012-01-19 21:06:32) If I ever become an accountant, I hope my office is not by a window, because if it is i'll probably jump. #boringshyt!! (2012-01-19 21:07:04) I'm at Sabará (Sabará) (2012-01-19 21:06:47) @ghost hows you this eve? (2012-01-19 21:06:43) “@ghost: Star skier Sarah Burke dead at 29” @ghost (2012-01-19 21:07:04) Half hour yeaaaaah buuuuuuddy! (2012-01-19 21:07:08) What the fuck did Emma Watson do with her hair? (2012-01-19 21:06:40) Thinkin bout getting back into Martial arts and boxing. (2012-01-19 21:03:33) If twitter shuts down, I won't be able to stalk my boyfriends anymore + I won't be able to keep in touch with our #1Dfamily. (2012-01-19 21:06:27) 1 John 4:16 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and... (2012-01-19 21:05:04) @ghost DUDE RIGHT?!? OMG I ASKED HIM SOMETHING YESTERDAY AND HE CALLED ME ATTRACTIVE. I ALMOST DIED. (2012-01-19 21:06:16) RT @ghost: -- Hoes gone be hoes so I didn't blame them hoes .... (2012-01-19 21:06:36) Swat Truck by Banksy (2012-01-19 21:07:13) RT @ghost: All our U.S. owned/operated data centers are ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified—a 1st for a major Internet services co. (2012-01-19 21:07:12) going to watch bridemaids for the 4th night in a row purely to see everybody shit themselves in wedding dresses again (2012-01-19 21:06:31) Watching CSI Miami Who dosent love Horatio;-) (2012-01-19 20:48:44) all i want to do is sleep but i might need to pick up my dad in a hour. why couldn't mom do her thing earlier...? (2012-01-19 21:06:58) @ghost what happen today ? (2012-01-19 21:06:37) 9pm - @ghost's Distrust That Particular Flavor & Chris Beckett's Dark Eden delivered to my door. #24/7 society (2012-01-19 21:06:49) @ghost ahahaha shut up, I just didn't realise, I genuinely thought Wakestock was a place (2012-01-19 21:07:21) I posted a new photo to Facebook (2012-01-19 21:07:11) @ghost Of course! How many ppl are coming in with you? Shoot me an email morgan (at) southernhospitalitybbq dot com & we'll work it out (2012-01-19 21:07:14) i love the effect (2012-01-19 21:07:11) @ghost How do you know about all this stuff??? (2012-01-19 21:07:23) If forced, yes i know. RT @ghost: Some people have no choice though RT @ghost: What a life to live... Not even worth it! #RossKemp_Gangs (2012-01-19 21:06:34) RT @ghost: Today i had an good day. It could of been better but i cant really complain. :) (2012-01-19 21:07:28) So this girl sittin behind me randomly blurts out "if i had a dick i would play with it" boy i wanted to punch her in the FACE !!!!!!! (2012-01-19 21:06:58) Follow the yummy @ghost & @ghost The #TEAMKANDEE is the BEST! And @ghost is the manager! I want to be member of the #TEAMKANDEE! (2012-01-19 21:07:29) oh gross......anyone hungry!!?? (2012-01-19 21:07:21) Both my dishwasher and washer are broken (2012-01-19 21:07:34) Home renovations and hiring a contractor tips. Steps include how to define the scope, create a budget and what t... (2012-01-19 21:05:37) Tim Hardaway Jr. is a tough matchup. He's a soph. but doesn't play like one. He does a lot of things and comes from good stock - Anderson (2012-01-19 21:07:20) im about to drive in the ocean ima... try and swim from something BIGGER than me kick... off my shoes and swim goooood (2012-01-19 21:07:25) @ghost @ghost he's a sorry excuse of a person in my opinion. Was he all "SUP DUDE BRAH POUND IT MANNNN" ??? (2012-01-19 21:07:22) I hope time dont go this slow when im in class.. (2012-01-19 21:06:43) @ghost this bodes real well for November~~ (2012-01-19 20:54:36) Come warm up with some Kentucky Bourbon Barrel ale for $3!!!:) (@ Market) (2012-01-19 21:07:39) When your strange, no one remembers your name. (2012-01-19 21:07:37) @ghost we all waited until he had cleared the blg...huge eruption of laughter...omg my sides hurt (2012-01-19 20:57:29) RT @ghost: If #SOPA passes say goodbye to Twitter, Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, and Facebook. #StopSOPA #StopPIPA by following and spreading the word. (2012-01-19 21:07:37) RT @ghost: #Bahrain jawad fairooz from alwefaq in his speech tonight : we are back to #LULU sequare in #14Feb & will protest till we achive our demand (2012-01-19 21:07:13) Complementary medicine - does it work?: My body became heavy; according to Kankanamge, this state of deep relaxa... (2012-01-19 21:07:45) @ghost DAMN Marcellus you're on one today son (2012-01-19 20:55:35) avi Halle Berry Creeper Cops to Stalking, Gets More Jail Time and 10-Year Berry Ban: May Halle Berry get a good ... (2012-01-19 21:07:47) Home now.time to play Kingdom Hearts ^__^ (2012-01-19 21:07:48) #BasicNiggas holla how dey qettin bread bt sit up on twitter or facebook 24/7 (2012-01-19 21:07:46) Feds shut down Megaupload: submitted by slycon to technology [link] [640 comments] (2012-01-19 21:07:48) RT @ghost: #Pisces are influenced by the environment around them and the people in it more so than any other sign of the zodiac. (2012-01-19 21:07:39) I will never understand why they tell us to read then read it in class. (2012-01-19 21:07:53) I love it when you give me heeeeaad, i hate it when you give me headaches (2012-01-19 21:07:54) @ghost didn't know he was home ooommggggggg! Don't know yet I'll ask ma pals :) xxxxxxxxxxx (2012-01-19 21:07:47) Sit your sexy ass on that couch and wipe that lip stick off of your mouth (2012-01-19 21:07:59) I think I managed to pull straight A's... Don't know how but #thankgod cause heaven knows track is NOT getting me into college #soslow (2012-01-19 21:08:01) @ghost why babe? Get plenty of sleep for tomorrow night :-) (2012-01-19 21:07:48) This swerving car and ish (2012-01-19 21:08:04) RT @ghost: Thanks to Uberfacts,I found out that pretending to do somfin has da same effect as doing it...*mentallyDoingSit-Ups* cc @ghost (2012-01-19 21:08:02) @ghost just got strict orders not to text until I'm there, it's all good;p (2012-01-19 21:04:54) RT @ghost: @ghost omg your so gorgeous! Just wanted to tell you justin quit that account .. He told me on skype. And he says he loves you:) (2012-01-19 21:08:10) The day i have the most energy and we aint do shit at work. Lol (2012-01-19 21:08:13) Observant from hear on out (2012-01-19 20:58:48) Gotta sit here and watch my dad (2012-01-19 21:08:00) the Lost Boys is so sad :c i wanna read the book tho! it inspired me :D TRUE HEROES RIGHT DER. (; (2012-01-19 21:08:07) Vivier Nightly Renewal Cream: Vivier Nightly Renewal Cream is a medical grade cream that is loaded with powerful... (2012-01-19 21:02:20) Assisti a "Pretty Little Liars: Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares" s2ep14 #orangotag (2012-01-19 16:10:02) RT @ghost: Don't think this day could get any better.... Got nominated for my first NAACP award @ghost. Thank u for the honor! (2012-01-19 21:08:16) RT @ghost: “Every IB diploma student wishes for: 6 minds. Each for a subject. Or Photographic memory and 10 hands” (2012-01-19 21:07:27) Matter of fact gimme 15 min and a bag of bud, I Bet I Bust (2012-01-19 21:08:25) Good offense should always start inside-out. Need early and crisp entry passes so the big can hit backcuts or kick it out if doubled. (2012-01-19 21:08:16) @ghost Tu vas sur Liberty Land c'est toujours ça.. (2012-01-19 21:08:17) literally come home and lay in bed for 2hrs.. everyday. #exhaustion (2012-01-19 21:08:30) RT @ghost: I'll b right back for the tour u guys! Promise!!! > RT @ghost: @ghost why won't you come to Ireland :-( (2012-01-19 21:07:48) @ghost just such a sad story. (2012-01-19 21:08:38) RT @ghost: You can do without your daily coffee & day to day luxuries for a few days & donate to #ISF who need it more! (2012-01-19 21:08:38) "@ghost: Pick one member of the Glee cast you are most inspired by.Or just your favourite." Definitely Santana ♥ (2012-01-19 21:08:28) RT @ghost: In honor of Valentine's Day I want to share this picture of @ghost on Valentine's Day back in high school (2012-01-19 21:11:43) Brazen Brazilian hackers opening cybercrime schools > ... openly brag online about their illegal activities #cybercrime (2012-01-19 20:04:41) RT @ghost: #YouKnowDamnWell That Nick Cannon Vs Romeo will be the Best ...(worst) Battle ever ....but it would give me a laugh (2012-01-19 21:11:17) @ghost Love your work and your site it seems to have a pretty good ranking, get extra back links by sending examples/links to my site (2012-01-19 21:11:42) RT @ghost: So, Obama's plan for America's prosperity is dependent on bankrupt greenie companies, unbuilt fast trains, and now, foreign vacationers? (2012-01-19 21:11:26) Looking forward to exhibiting at Smart Meetings' Smart Mart SF at the Fairmont San Francisco this evening. We'll... (2012-01-19 21:11:39) não vou nem pro asfalto hoje, se eu for desmaio de fome. (2012-01-19 21:11:09) Green Beacon Solutions Implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Boston Red Sox (2012-01-19 20:30:32) #NFL Super Bowl means glitz, conference title games mean football: The last day of pure football in the NFL seas... (2012-01-19 21:11:44) RT @ghost: #Virgo is the most caring and compassionate sign of the zodiac. They believe in love and not war. (2012-01-19 21:11:44) RT @ghost: Men are born between a woman's legs and spend the rest of there lives trying to get back in them. Why? Because there's no place like home. (2012-01-19 21:11:48) During halftime coach gave us such a great speech. (: (2012-01-19 21:11:46) To impress the people they don't like . (2012-01-19 21:10:54) RT @ghost: R-T if you're a directioner :) I wanna follow more of u. So if you are follow me and I'll do the same . X (2012-01-19 21:11:44) @ghost nice, Shipwrights doin' stuff again.....Great, nice one on Resonance FM. whoop (2012-01-18 18:24:28) RT @ghost: "I could never talk to a guy whose butt is bigger than mine. Wait that's almost every guy...." @ghost (2012-01-19 21:11:26) Walking with sore calves (2012-01-19 21:11:55) A2 We don't fear enough that the foundation of our models are not up to the task to build the future #futrchat (2012-01-19 21:12:06) Why does the ONE person I DONT like have to SIT next to me on the bus when there is TONS of other seats? (2012-01-19 21:12:10) Even though the item was quite old, the mirror itself was not the original, & at over £50 I felt it too expensive. We walked away. (2012-01-19 21:11:14) RT @ghost: This is exactly what Obama & his minions want, Divide, Destract & Conquer. #TheFive #TeaParty @ghost #tcot #gop☭ (2012-01-19 21:11:30) Thirsty Thursdays Drink of the Day: "Citrus Vodka & Soda" ... For full recipe, visit (2012-01-19 21:12:00) Mazda MX5 MK2 Stainless Steel Radiator Grille Brand New: £19.95 (0 Bids)End date: Sunday Jan-29-2012 20:35:18 GM... (2012-01-19 21:12:07) @ghost Aint shit koolN just aint heard from you on here on nowhere in forever (2012-01-19 21:11:32) RT @ghost: Voters ar dumb, or better yet, "rationally irrational", according to the Economist: (2012-01-19 21:11:59) Damn. Heartbreaking. RT @ghost Freestyle ski champ Sarah Burke dies week after injury. #sarahburke (2012-01-19 21:12:14) @ghost you can make your what do what? (2012-01-19 21:12:16) @ghost might of been yesterday actually :L (2012-01-19 21:12:15) @ghost Want to be your own boss? I became mine 2 months ago and now I make 6k a month working fro home mycashjournalonline .com (2012-01-19 21:11:24) Ive gone from brush stage - cant brush or comb - comb stage...heading toward afro comb stage (2012-01-19 21:11:43) @ghost that shit cray? (2012-01-19 21:12:18) @ghost can I re-tweet this?? (2012-01-19 21:11:23) @ghost #joemanganiello representing our hometown @ghost making me proud and sweaty...#hottiesinpittsburgh (2012-01-19 21:09:56) Have you any idea how much I hate you smug, "More haste, less speed" bastards?? *Mops pop up off kitchen floor* (2012-01-19 21:10:38) Allah doth command you to render back your Trusts to those to whom they are due; And when ye judge 4:58 #Quran (2012-01-19 21:08:26) #PeopleShouldStop spreading shit just to make people look bad. (2012-01-19 21:11:34) VA has the WORST drivers EVER (2012-01-19 21:12:21) @ghost awww :( you will i hope you'll have to ask your friend anyways night night let the conda bite! xx (2012-01-19 21:12:01) "This sweaty haste doth make the night joint-labourer with the day."-- William #Shakespeare #Hamlet (2012-02-14 22:28:40) Hey red robin, when i order a burger with nothing on it, OF COURSE i mean a burger with EVERY SINGLE TOPPING. thats totally what i meant. (2012-02-14 22:31:11) RT @ghost: The things people say to TRY and get some pussy < ctfu #GTFOMF (2012-02-14 22:31:42) It's just another day. I always give her the chocolate (2012-02-14 22:30:52) #WeAllGotThatOneFriend who gets away with everything (2012-02-14 22:30:51) but is't getting kind of late and I wonder if you'll stay now.... (2012-02-14 22:50:23) @ghost everythings fine, you hittin up that cypress hill smoke out in march? (2012-02-14 22:51:30) Lmao"Fwesh_Kidd_: Occasions n EVENTS) iyam_Tswaagg: *sips engine oil"@ghost:I can see that.. #SwaGaun RT@ghost: I evented Swag (2012-02-14 22:51:49) On this loving, mostly super commercialized holiday, we regret to inform you that Just Like Vinyl is backing out... (2012-02-14 22:50:53) @ghost is there anymore economics work that you havent sent me cos i plan to write it all in my book tomorrow (2012-02-14 22:51:52) @ghost Horatio-Caineはどうす゠‹ï¼Ÿå¨˜ã¨ã‚そこに居合わせた゠‰â€¦ã©ã“までやる? (2012-02-14 22:35:30) I got 642,642 points while escaping from demon monkeys in Temple Run. Beat that! (2012-02-14 22:51:30) Just wanna bust out this lab so that I can start my Valentines day drinking. (2012-02-14 22:52:00) I told myself I wasn't ganna spend any money on food this week n I already did.....n it's only Tuesday -_- (2012-02-14 22:51:23) I'm at Casa Del Dober (2012-02-14 22:51:56) @ghost bless I know what that is like been single to long now so fed up with it bet u got women flocking for u at least lol x (2012-02-14 22:52:03) TURN THE HEAT OFF. My legs are burning. (2012-02-14 22:51:47) @ghost & I don't even get to whisper sweet nothings in your headset (what r scoring chances Randy? Shots?) it all sounds kinda dirty! (2012-02-14 22:51:12) What goes around comes around! (2012-02-14 22:52:02) RT @ghost: Lana Del Rey is so hot! #girlcrush (2012-02-14 22:52:05) And I Knew Our Joy Would Fill The Earth !! (2012-02-14 22:52:05) RECKLESS=E Hamilton and North=Green Taurus, LP#:CJZ3421. Driving at a High rate of speed, Last seen heading EB on Hamilton #Flint (2012-02-14 22:52:04) So I been a block from king street for 15 minutes of course it was where there was no antenna for my wifi (2012-02-14 22:51:37) RT @ghost: #WeAllGotThatOneFriend whose laugh is always funnier than the joke (2012-02-14 22:52:08) No,it isn't Sonam Kapoor following me but a spam chick using her image; props for researching demographic first but no cigar lady/fella! :-) (2012-02-14 22:51:46) The illuminati doesn't even like black folks lol they might be using you though RT @ghost: I am apart of Illuminati (2012-02-14 22:52:04) RT @ghost: Trying hard to reach out but when I'd try to speak out felt like no one could hear me (2012-02-14 22:52:15) @ghost @ghost speaking of push. I can just see u geezers now with ur walkers..... (2012-02-14 22:52:15) Now it wasn't smelling all #Cummy on Thursday or Friday it just appear'd on early Saturday morning. Now to back track (2012-02-13 07:47:07) Some people really know how to ruin an effing day. (2012-02-14 22:52:12) How Far Can You Get From McDonald's? -- Heat map of the US colored by distance to a McDonalds (2012-02-14 22:52:01) @ghost I time of my life was those days. Haha laughed up hard everyday. (2012-02-14 22:52:29) @ghost quer dizer as mães né? KKK ou os pais que colocam o nome no filho. KKKKKK a miley é mais q isso, algo indescritivel >. (2012-02-14 22:52:38) Alcatel OT-915 with QWERTY keyboard, Gingerbread said to be launching at MWC: How do you improve on the phone ... (2012-02-14 22:52:26) @ghost I AM HERE FOR YOU WE WILL GET YOU THROUGH THIS ROUGH PATCH!!! Please try to listen to me I KNOW WHAT I SAY!!! (2012-02-14 22:52:39) I wanna live by myself (2012-02-14 22:52:39) @ghost Maybe Fortinbras, Prince of Norway from Hamlet (2012-02-14 12:05:56) Valentines day is the one day tht youre spose too recieve lots of love.. Havent recieved much today (2012-02-14 22:52:03) @ghost Meh.. JK Okay come to Norway then!! (2012-02-14 22:51:22) Christ and the Salvation: In Sermons Variously Related Thereto: Bushnell was a Yankee born in the village of Ba... (2012-02-14 14:36:21) @ghost Till Nature, as she prick'd thee, fell a-doting. (2012-02-14 16:40:10) #SeguirIndicados #STDV #ON sigam-> @ghost @ghost @ghost @ghost @ghost (2012-02-14 22:52:05) @ghost Good Riddance by Green Day!! (2012-02-14 22:52:41) Today has been a chill day :) (2012-02-14 22:52:34) @ghost @ghost >>> yall doing THE MOST right now ! (2012-02-14 22:52:23) @ghost @ghost It's the Predators' attempts to emulate Alabama. Claim championships you didn't win, and then you'll win more! #troll (2012-02-14 22:32:12) @ghost Pride... (2012-02-14 22:52:32) Style Showdown: Kim Kardashian vs. Jane Krakowski: Va-va-voom! Kim Kardashian and Jane Krakowski dared to bare ... (2012-02-14 22:51:21) RT @ghost: Retweet if you want us to follow you! Must be following us! (2012-02-14 22:52:36) The Impact with a 3-0 over league champ Galaxy who had Beckham in the lineup. Scorers Evans, Nyassi and Valentin. #imfc (2012-02-14 22:52:44) DEEP WATER: I've led eight lives from the depression days of 1930's to military combat service in two wars. Beco... (2012-02-14 22:51:33) @ghost And how did you get 61 followers in such a short amount of time? (2012-02-14 22:52:12) @ghost yeah which are hard as hell. (2012-02-14 22:52:56) -so we touch each other strongly after slight in quiry and play our trump card, and scarour selves for life we are so fine (é¡”) (2012-02-14 22:52:57) Valiant by Laurann Dohner via @ghost (2012-02-14 22:16:17) Should have named her Hamlet-- dog trotting endlessly thru house, trying new places to stash her bone. My pillow, last night. Or Goldilocks. (2012-02-16 16:05:49) Really want Pizza for tea. (2012-02-16 16:06:31) I'm so geeked about tomorrow. (2012-02-16 16:06:49) My hair doesn't look half bad this morning. (2012-02-16 16:06:30) WOMEN DONT: Call the guy 100 times on Vday if he dosent pick up after the 4th Ring YOUR THE SIDE CHIaSzHj (2012-02-16 16:06:52) @ghost @ghost @ghost you don't even know the half of it (2012-02-16 16:06:19) Bruce Springsteen - We Take Care of Our Own (2012-02-16 16:06:53) Living to know God, dying to make Him known.- @ghost (2012-02-16 16:06:38) RT @ghost: She still means the world to me, just so you know, so be careful when you hold my girl. -Heartland (2012-02-16 16:06:46) This grey Monday morning was brightened considerably by the arrival of Dr J's esteem'd Dictionary of Modern Life. (2012-02-13 10:37:09) RT @ghost: The tought guy disappears then the bitch come out, that's him-- Jay-Z voice (2012-02-16 20:46:47) Just did this public speaking speech! I was supa nervous but I smoked dat shit #fuckinrite (2012-02-16 20:46:49) PUMPED FOR BELIEVE!!!!! IT'S GONNA SLAY! @ghost 2 (2012-02-16 20:46:45) Are all Uruguayans like this?! (2012-02-16 20:46:07) Like, as in, a soundtrack for a screenplay. The United States is Denmark, and China is Fortinbras, etc. The environment is wasted, war, etc. (2012-02-15 01:24:10) I always like people who I'll never have a chance with, lol why (2012-02-16 20:46:41) Ice Scream by ChefBizzaro via @ghost (2012-02-16 20:45:56) “@ghost: RT @ghost: See, the way that my bank account is set up, I got a checking AND a savings...” (2012-02-16 20:46:14) Khuz whut I gt to say is seal'd wit a kiss nd the way feel (2012-02-19 04:45:57) CHEAP! Canon SELPHY CP800 White Compact Photo Printer (4595B001) (2012-02-19 04:50:30) Well its.nothing else better to do but shower and climb in my comfy sleigh bed. Nite Nite Tweeties (2012-02-19 04:52:14) @ghost Point taken however isn't a work a sort of social contract with the audience? Once the work is published, it's ratified by the... (2012-02-19 02:15:20) @ghost @ghost I remember that and still stand by it. (2012-02-19 04:52:16) : Family Law Lawyer San Antonio (2012-02-19 04:51:58) Bedtime for me and my babe :) work on the rest of the pictures tomorrow :) (2012-02-19 04:52:01) new old testaments are being written in these days, your bones your words are Heraldry of an unknowable future (2012-02-18 13:59:27) RT @ghost: WHEN YOUR MOM THINKS You have a attitude but all you did was answer her question. (2012-02-19 04:52:19) INDIA IS A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY THAT SHOULD NOT FORFEIT HER PRIDE BEFORE ANY OTHER NATION AS THEY HAVE IT. GIVEN 6 TO 13 CR . (2012-02-19 04:07:14) Niggas with no money act like money is in everything. (2012-02-19 04:51:40) @ghost Matt not answering his phone?! Preposterous! (2012-02-19 04:52:20) When life gives me boredom I put on a swim suit, a large hat, and start mixing shit :-) (2012-02-19 04:51:59) @ghost nope! wasn't that bad at all! (2012-02-19 04:51:57) RT @ghost: I think tonight will be one of those nights I go to sleep early. (2012-02-19 04:52:21) “@ghost For God so loved the world that he gave his one & only Son, that whoever (cont) (2012-02-19 04:52:22) Beth is playing a game where she lands planes (2012-02-19 04:51:30) "@ghost: “@ghost: RT @ghost Soooo Which Bitch Forgot To Put Deodorant On Before They Came To The Twitter Party??!”" (2012-02-19 04:52:22) I trust my bf but not these hoes. I hope he has fun tho. (2012-02-19 04:52:24) @ghost ahhhaha of course it was! at first i kinda just stood there as they made out and then told me how awkward i was...not my fault (2012-02-19 04:51:06) RT @ghost: 6tr dollars of fake US bonds seized via @ghost (2012-02-19 04:24:36) if i cant cop a size 12, will cop a size 15 and put on 12 pairs of socks. (2012-02-19 04:51:26) LLF i love to hack @ghost (2012-02-19 04:51:49) The way you walk, that's me. The way you talk, that's me. (2012-02-19 04:52:10) the conqueror worm et Guy(John grade school friend)Guillaume le conquerant. (2012-02-19 04:34:32) Wat you gone put up against the whip... (2012-02-19 04:52:24) Watching Get Him to the spanish. (2012-02-19 04:52:32) RT @ghost: Photo: Death is a mirror in which the entire meaning of life is reflected. Sogyal Rinpoche (2012-02-19 04:52:30) I got a world of chances for you ...chances that you're burning trought (88' (2012-02-19 04:52:18) New approach is promising & environmentally safe route for production of structured lipids with phenolic acid moiety. (2012-02-17 06:50:02) RT @ghost: #Virgo's are competent, intelligent, rational, and picky. (2012-02-19 04:47:22) Umm the movie was okay. I was expecting the best love story. (2012-02-19 04:52:35) Cakes creeping on me... I gaged. Lol. (2012-02-19 02:20:10) Water for Elephants: A Novel: Water for Elephants: A Novel As a young man, Jacob Jankowski was tossed by fate ... (2012-02-19 04:52:17) Woke up from our nap and this is what I saw, Biancy carrying Potchi! :) (2012-02-19 04:53:10) RT @ghost: Really? No Shawshank? - The Top 10 Stephen King Film Adaptations @ghost (2012-02-19 04:53:07) RT @ghost: "username or password incorrect" ... you couldn't tell me which one? (2012-02-19 04:53:11) @ghost come up with a story like how you had to fight off ninjas or something. (2012-02-19 04:53:12) say'n i know where u at im com'n with the police if it's not return'd in the next hour and left the a number (2012-02-19 01:18:54) RT @ghost: If yall fight like a married couple tlk like best friends Flirt like first love Protect each other like siblings then it's meant to be :) (2012-02-19 04:52:59) RT @ghost: CONGRATULATIOOOON (ʃƪ´▽`) (´▽`ʃƪ) proud of ya! ♥ RT @ghost: Thank God today I can be the runner up of the japanese speech contest (2012-02-19 04:52:56) Some advice needed on Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax? #stocksandshares (2012-02-19 04:39:09) RT @ghost: Perjuangan ini akhirnya berujung..(Lega) Good job team n all indonesian who been prayin for us. I am so proud of my team!! Indonesia bisa! (2012-02-19 04:52:28) If Coriolanus were in Hamlet, he'd finish off Claudius quickly but would join with Fortinbras to assault Denmark. #BardSwap (2012-02-17 18:27:04) I had on a crew neck sweater and sweats when I got here...I even had to take my hat of because it was so hot lol (2012-02-19 04:53:19) That shit funny told ha he post to be my son (2012-02-19 04:52:24) @ghost shut up I been tweetin! (2012-02-19 04:53:19) Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggle, Clear: This is the perfect goggle for the swimmer who needs a little help seei... (2012-02-19 00:49:01) Phila girls accent>>>>>>>>>>> word to tashira , even the damn butch lesbians out here fine as hell, (2012-02-19 04:53:21) Despite the ignorant stalker we had, but we took care of him by callin the police & he left! (2012-02-19 04:53:21) I don't understand what JB does at times if they release the 7s from the pack in GS szs why they don't release the 6s #ImaBeHonest (2012-02-19 04:53:14) RT @ghost: Tweeting to your beat friend while you're in the same room;D♥ (2012-02-19 04:53:12) @ghost Have you seen how the Arc of the Covenant relates to Alchemy inside Giza? (2012-02-19 04:34:12) RT @ghost they the same bitches RT @ghost: the weeknd's groupies are almost as irritating as wale's and j.cole's (2012-02-19 04:54:11) riding in a horse carriage w/ shaee ^__^ (2012-02-19 04:46:49) @ghost so either show real proof or drop a name of this so called trash talker, otherwise, you're missing with the wrong girl. (2012-02-19 04:53:33) Love The Way You Lie (2012-02-19 04:54:18) RT @ghost: Phenomenal article by @ghost breaking down how the media was complicit in the destruction of Rangers. (2012-02-19 04:54:31) Fresh To Death I Should Of Design'd Clothes! (2012-02-18 16:58:38) @ghost I suggest you follow >> @ghost. His tweets are so true and are the best, i love them, you will too. (2012-02-19 04:54:38) @ghost CUZ I SUCK TOO MUCH DICK. no SIKE. I fell down the stairs. (2012-02-19 04:54:30) RT @ghost: Anybody lie to ya face how you respect them???? (2012-02-19 04:54:09) problem with using no fear version of hamlet to analyse act 2 and write down quotes = i keep writing down the ones in norm english...:( (2012-02-19 04:46:39) Guess Im going to bed now. (2012-02-19 04:54:39) Ugly girls b in da club praying a drunk nigga gon stumble along nd bag em so he can blame it on da alcohol in da morning !! No sir not me!!! (2012-02-19 04:54:29) @ghost // Don't worry, 21 isn't old! I'm just young x) (2012-02-19 04:54:15) If Coriolanus were in Hamlet, he'd finish off Claudius quickly but would join with Fortinbras to assault Denmark. #BardSwap (2012-02-17 18:27:04) @ghost So, pray in front of the WH & you will be arrested. #OWS can stay for months with no charges. (2012-02-19 04:56:27) I dnt nid sense 2 laugh @ dis!RT @ghost: Plz get small sense RT @ghost: Unimproved!!!! Lmao!RT ... (2012-02-18 20:02:45) Barako Bull tests Douthit-led Air21's mettle (2012-02-19 03:07:22) @ghost yeahhh cuz @ghost has a pool. And in the winter you can have a hot tub party. #lol (2012-02-19 04:55:53) RT @ghost: Hahhaa even if you try to boost and say 10th grade, you still a youngin (2012-02-19 04:56:32) Eyes full of tears. . Hate tryna explain me to people. . . (2012-02-19 04:56:26) @ghost 1 Corinthians 12:28 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily (cont) (2012-02-19 04:54:45) im tired of people gettin in my case about literally EVERYTHING. its fuckin annoying. (2012-02-19 04:56:28) Someone needs to punch that screaming lady in the crowd! Lawd! #boxingheads (2012-02-19 04:56:44) Fuck The Short Skirts, 5 Inch Heels. Here's The New Club Swag ! #BOSS. @ghost (2012-02-19 04:54:12) RT @ghost: This Fustration makes me Wana talk to @ghost -.- Shes has this Magical way of Changin my Mood #TrueTweet (2012-02-19 04:56:27) Norway (2012-02-19 04:50:26) “@ghost: @ghost just got the phone with you're agent , we need to talk contract here. Tons of cap room with the #bhawks" #agentkip (2012-02-19 04:56:58) @ghost You have no idea on what lvl i'm not mad at you actually. She is on the phone with me now and she would stop me if i was mad. (2012-02-19 04:57:03) “@ghost: there is noone like Nicky accardo ” Fuck accardo (2012-02-19 04:57:20) Ki nom a DJ-a ki ka mixé kompa et gwoka.... SHARK'D !! (2012-02-19 00:30:53) This Nick cannon stand up comedy show is one big joke in itself. Smh #yousuck (2012-02-19 04:57:07) @ghost That's a good idea! I even have some slippers on though, they should NOT be cold... haha. (2012-02-19 04:56:42) Santa must of come early this year cuz ur the first on my wish list. (2012-02-19 04:57:26) - I Can Honestly Say Ion Care Like I Used To ; Blame It On Lack of Communication . (2012-02-19 04:57:26) The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless Frontier (Hardcover): The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless ... (2012-02-19 04:44:26) Resolutes G018 Fifteen Piece Cookset Camping Backpacking: The Resolutes Fifteen Piece cookset is perfect for lar... (2012-02-18 03:42:13) I take it, you do not care for her? lol RT @ghost Lindsay Lohan hosting SNL on March 3. Don't set your DVRs. #boo (2012-02-19 04:57:56) RT @ghost: They got the best movies, best food, they make everything now Jeremy Lin in bball. (2012-02-18 17:43:35) @ghost yay! You keep it real and keep me laughin. Your baby is too cute, a doll! (2012-02-19 04:57:38) @ghost can u give us an example of your daily diet say 4 weeks out from a fight? (2012-02-19 04:57:59) @ghost already ima have to get one too (2012-02-19 04:57:31) Damn I need some love :/ (2012-02-19 04:58:02) Because girls in lingerie and heels accompanied by 2 midgets in mafioso suits just screams, "Legitimate business enterprise!" (2012-02-19 04:52:57) Mixed Martial Arts: The Basics of Jujitsu and MMA: Did you know that karate is not the only way to defend yourse... (2012-02-19 04:57:51) P#2 Shop Pr Jate Hy To Ye Do Lafz Sun Kr Preshan ho jate hyn. or Uljhan main jo b hath lagta hy le ate hyn. Aj Ham Apko batate Hy k nXt (2012-02-19 04:55:04) me and “@ghost goin on a trip .. cool ? @ghost first” (2012-02-19 04:57:44) nobody wanna be my friend tonight cuz of my stomach bug... that's cool they'll love me tomo. (2012-02-19 04:58:11) Jonah Hill in't as humorous now that he's skinny. (2012-02-19 04:57:00) RT @ghost: Money can't buy happiness, but it can pay for beer and strippers, which is pretty close. (2012-02-19 04:58:17) Honestly all the things happening right now is so wonderful I cannot wait for NY. So blessed (2012-02-19 04:58:11) So why doesn't forensic files show the sex scenes again... I mean its hella late so no children are even up. #ShowMeTheGoods (2012-02-19 04:57:53) @ghost NY is a place like no other---have family all over NY--- (2012-02-19 06:51:39) Stupid is as stupid does (2012-02-19 06:51:41) RT @ghost: makkke it harder - shy glizzy (2012-02-19 06:51:18) No matter where life takes me find me doth a smile :) (2012-02-19 05:49:40) @ghost got 10 wins in 1v1! Well done! (2012-02-19 06:51:43) if steph start tweeting, i can keep seeing the apple with heart shape appear... (2012-02-19 06:50:23) RT @ghost: @ghost lumayan,kr unto wi opo dan yg lain sg glm,,, (2012-02-19 06:49:49) Am glad the noise aroud Whitney has subsided and we can carry on with our lives. Suddenly she was an angel...mxm (2012-02-19 06:51:42) 3. Savannah State------(18-10, 11-2)-(2)---87----4---(Beat Bethune-Cookman,(66-44), vs-N. C. A&T State, vs-N. C. Central) (2012-02-21 16:47:00) See my post "America's Welfare Society" - ITS NOT PRETTY, BUT HOW CAN WE SOLVE THE PROBLEM IF WE CAN'T LOOK AT IT? . (2012-02-21 16:47:06) does it really take 45 minutes to take a geometry quiz? #commonpeople (2012-02-21 16:46:45) @ghost im feeling better.. Pain is still there after all d pills i Take.. Oh wells.. Need to Recover so i can go Amore besok :-( (2012-02-21 16:45:51) Tuesday as a Monday means less days of commuting. It's the little things. #AdultProblems (2012-02-21 16:46:57) BUY QUALITY TARGETED TWITTER FOLLOWERS, LET US DO THE GRUNT WORK (2012-02-21 16:47:13) RT @ghost: Why SkyDrive in Windows 8 matters by @ghost on @ghost (2012-02-21 16:46:59) Add some extra Oomph to your ab workout with this one: Paddle boarding builds strong core: (2012-02-21 16:47:11) RT @ghost: Beautiful Hand Crafted Unqiue Jewelry - Starting Bids From $0.99! (2012-02-21 16:47:07) Happily married, her husband is at work and doesn't know his wife is out fucking other people (2012-02-21 16:47:12) RT @ghost: #LiesPeopleAlwaysTell I have read the terms and conditions (2012-02-21 16:47:04) Tuffindia On Texas Real Estate: A license is compulsatory for real estate agents to start working and earning in... (2012-02-24 14:04:58) Remember had over those GT and PSN :-) (2012-02-24 14:06:38) RT @ghost: If a girl has a lot heauxs... And actually utilizes them then she herself is a foresaid heaux. (2012-02-21 17:26:19) Chinese iPad trademark fight lands in U.S.: Proview Electronics Co., a unit of the Taiwan-based company that cla... (2012-02-24 14:03:40) @ghost @ghost lol I'm gone slap her like Chris Brown so she learn (2012-02-24 14:06:18) SALE Texas Legend Marble Etching Montage by by UBlinkItsGone (2012-02-24 14:06:45) @ghost lol his lil old ass (2012-02-24 14:06:50) planado na sana ang gala2x tonight with friends . kaso andun father ko sa cityhall , inaabangan ako :( UWI YAKYAK! UWI ! (2012-02-24 14:06:28) @ghost text me I've lost ya number !! Xxx (2012-02-24 14:06:04) RT @ghost: People born in 1994-1999 have lived in 3 decades, 2 centuries, and 2 milleniums and they are not even 18 yet. :O (2012-02-24 14:06:53) I couldn't manage to get myself up this morning, I NEED to start getting to school before 9 (2012-02-24 14:06:51) @ghost I have a final from 1-3, but I'll be done by 2. I'll just drive straight to you. (2012-02-24 14:06:40) RT @ghost: @ghost @ghost hey my pal can u rt this to ask @ghost to take a philly boy with cancer to his prom (2012-02-24 14:06:33) So I figured it out... (2012-02-24 14:06:40) RT @ghost: The worst thing in the world is seeing your mother cry. RT if you agree. (2012-02-24 14:05:59) RT @ghost: At the age of 16, 80% of people have already met the person they are going to marry. (2012-02-24 14:06:42) @ghost it's snack but I consider it as main dish =)) (2012-02-24 14:06:58) The LORD’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive. (2012-02-24 14:06:27) I wish I had some sort of plans for tonight that I could dress up.... (2012-02-24 14:06:49) @ghost what happened to our text (2012-02-24 14:06:54) ok preparations all ready, disturbances out of way. let's go (2012-02-24 14:05:25) @ghost pump some iron...we need you tearing it up down the wings.#lufc (2012-02-24 14:06:42) RT @ghost: Today I Decree that God is my Source! #gogetit #fb (2012-02-24 14:06:41) A couple of nice project given the "go ahead". Both are passions of mine so can't really call it work! (2012-02-24 14:06:49) 05x30 Custom Picture Frame / Poster Frame 1.25" Wide Complete Blue Colori Smooth Frame (26025): This frame is ma... (2012-02-24 14:07:23) RT @ghost: Y'all NIGGERS could be lining up to protest the conditions of our public schools. But no. Sneakers are more important. (2012-02-24 14:06:55) Watch live Celtic vs Motherwell February 25, 2012 (2012-02-24 14:07:45) @ghost I know poor me :( come over today and take care of me ;;) (2012-02-24 14:07:37) @ghost well it's not so much AFTER I get out of bed, it's the getting out of the bed that's the problem lol (2012-02-24 14:07:42) Gloade named chief of Millbrook First Nation (2012-02-24 14:07:38) I hit my head off the mirror getting on the bus omfg. (2012-02-24 14:07:46) I just ousted @ghost as the mayor of Servicentro Copec San Martín, Temuco on @ghost! (2012-02-24 14:07:51) Its clear u cant fathom the amount of fuck I do not give at this very moment..#realshit (2012-02-24 14:07:23) @ghost Which is why I was asking. Come on @ghost sort it out - and do that Trust subscription post-haste. (2012-02-24 09:40:46) I like how we talk all the time and never get bored of eachother ;) (2012-02-24 14:08:06) RT @ghost: @ghost lol be quiet Romage! (2012-02-21 05:14:00) I hate when my mom shouts my name outloud in the streets #stfu (2012-02-24 14:08:07) The two crabs dont realize if you help one to the top, the one at the top can lift you up! (2012-02-24 14:08:00) ik wil nu op vakantie naar een heel warm land!!:) (2012-02-24 14:07:29) I'm at Brasileira Express (R. Américo Brasiliense, 432, São Bernardo do Campo) (2012-02-24 14:06:33) @ghost shyt I ain't even tryna pay the price for two. What u got on gas and tolls (2012-02-24 14:07:33) @ghost True, didn't really think about that (2012-02-24 14:08:08) My ex wanna "work it out" . Bitch try yoga. (2012-02-24 14:07:55) RT @ghost: I hate it when you have to be nice to someone you really want to throw a brick at. (2012-02-24 14:07:53) Odeio os anúncios no youtube. Só atrasa ¬¬ (2012-02-24 14:07:26) Oil at $108 and the DOW at 13k doesn't belong in the same sentence. One or the other will have to move lower. (2012-02-24 14:08:09) RT @ghost: Oooh-- Flash on your iPad. But am I willing to run Windows on my beloved Apple device? (via @ghost) (2012-02-24 14:08:10) Mbak e'en kenapaaa? RT @ghost: I don't hate u. I just don't like you for now Щ(̾˘̶̀̾̾Д˘̶́̾ ̾̾̾щ'̾̾)̾ u're freak! (2012-02-24 14:25:32) I wanna go get another tattoo already, I have so many ideas! (2012-02-24 14:26:06) @ghost well I need a job lol I can take your shift lol (2012-02-24 14:26:53) RT @ghost: Whatever we may do, you are here for me and I'll be there for you. –Jasmine (The Return of Jafar) (2012-02-24 14:26:54) RT @ghost: Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections. (2012-02-24 14:26:55) Sexy girls: Movie with some sort of Marine tonight?, How did this happen?, give food me dick!, Looking 4 today r... (2012-02-24 14:26:38) Business/Brand Promotion for $50 a month that's less than $2 a day if u cant pay that you dont have a business or aspirations quit dreaming (2012-02-24 14:26:39) @ghost wow! he's lucky, I too would like make you happy more possible! that's why I opened this page!! :) (2012-02-24 14:27:10) harry chalfant is portentous. He elope the package. (2012-02-24 13:09:41) They stupid as fuck. They are trying to figure out if area code 678 is miami on atlanta. Come on. That's area code 101. Lls (2012-02-24 14:26:48) My mommy comes home tomorrow , I cant wait (: (2012-02-24 14:27:08) @ghost @ghost The behaviour of many of the armed factions in Afghanistan desecrates the *ideas* in the Koran everyday, no? (2012-02-24 14:26:23) RT @ghost: 5 Life Lessons You Only Learn Through Quitting Smoking: (2012-02-24 14:27:12) Hallerin conducting straw poll for our building president now on Newstalk 98.7 (2012-02-24 14:27:10) Going to watch Stranger Than Paradise, lyle r u ready? (2012-02-24 14:26:37) Chloe is so funny. (2012-02-24 14:27:05) RT @ghost RETWEET to win a £25 Amazon voucher this Friday! follow us and like us on facebook: (2012-02-24 14:26:46) @ghost I'm being bullied for the loss last night. Today would have been a good day to wear my leafs shirt and Mexican wrestling mask! (2012-02-24 14:26:52) Undisputed KING of Bollywood ...... Do you love him in this look ? (2012-02-24 14:26:40) The God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Romans 15:13 (2012-02-24 14:26:39) @ghost @ghost y'all was bad toya mad when it's ur bday and you mad when it's hers lmao bad ass fuckas (2012-02-24 14:27:10) RT @ghost: "Perhaps after all our worries and questions, we’ll discover that all along God had the right thing at the right... (2012-02-24 14:27:18) All i can smell is coffee and needed sleep. #8:30Classes (2012-02-24 14:27:22) RT @ghost: #ATUALIZADO The Voice UK – Jessie J : “O Reino Unido precisa de algo real” (2012-02-24 14:27:23) RT @ghost: Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer (2012-02-24 14:27:24) A Must Read: One of the best balanced articles in the #Flash vs #HTML5 struggle yet: (2012-02-24 14:27:17) All These White PORN STARS Following Me (2012-02-24 14:27:14) I liked an @ghost video Guild Wars Hearts of the North (2012-02-24 14:27:12) horatio nelson spiker hair (2012-02-24 14:10:11) E A DONA DEMETRIA DEU RT NOS FÃNS E EU NÃO ESTAVA AQUI ): (2012-02-24 14:27:31) RT @ghost: Capturar un Corphish, ponerle de mote Tenacitas y meterte con él en las aguas termales de Pueblo Lavacalda #EnKantoSomosAsí (2012-02-24 14:23:40) @ghost ok ok stop rubbing it in! (2012-02-24 14:27:21) This morning is the worst but thanking HIM that he woke me up... (2012-02-24 14:27:22) to morrendo de sono, magina né (2012-02-24 14:26:51) Am I the only person a) having trouble with Hotmail b) still using Hotmail...? (2012-02-24 14:27:37) @ghost thanks! You've been ducked offfffff (like the song) (2012-02-24 14:27:36) Arthur Lee and LOVE-7 & 7 Is - Live!: via @ghost my mind's a blink (2012-02-24 14:16:32) Phada Eye Fnq U!.*sigh of relief*. (2012-02-24 14:27:37) Photo App Hits 500,000 Downloads in One Week #digital #asia (2012-02-24 14:27:01) looking forward to the Reading game tomorrow hopefully the #Mogonaught will keep on rolling and 3 points will be in the bag #UTB (2012-02-24 14:27:45) RT @ghost: Respect from their lover is what a #Scorpio wants most. (2012-02-24 14:27:16) Music!!!! U Can Ride!!!! to Get High!!!! to Fall thru #26Ten #26ten #26TEN TO @ghost #MikeVick #the7 rt (2012-02-24 14:27:45) @ghost @ghost have fun beautiful and pleaes follow me ud m8k me so happy bee lv u beautiful xxx (2012-02-24 14:27:45) Yo @ghost !!!...I hope say palmy dey 4 that way oo...wv alomo n others...make una nor dull me ooo!!! (2012-02-24 14:16:19) Kingston HyperX 240GB Upgrade Kit SATA III 2.5-Inch 6.0 Gb/s Solid State Drive with SandForce Tec Kingston (2012-02-24 14:26:54) RT @ghost: "& i'm tired of all your friends knocking at your door.." (2012-02-24 14:27:17) "@ghost: RT “@ghost: HOLY SHIT U MAD?! RT @ghost: Societies in Ancient Rome, Germany and China used urine as mouthwash.”"0.0 (2012-02-24 14:27:46) @ghost considering hive! what's on zee agenda? LOL what zee fcuk, for flooers? Ill pick some at the links for a tenner for you? (2012-02-24 14:28:31) RT @ghost: Twinkle, Twinkle little whore, your at school not jersey shore. (2012-02-24 14:28:06) RT @ghost: El Sepla sostiene que Iberia está preparando un ERE al amparo de la nueva reforma laboral - (2012-02-24 14:27:46) Day 2 of #SEIFC12-- @ghost opening up the day with "Getting GREAT in the Door" #LegacyofExcellence (2012-02-24 14:28:34) God wants you to get a better grasp of English. RT @ghost: @ghost God says you all mightiest well shut the hell up! (2012-02-24 07:43:33) @ghost Check out her timeline re: the Orange Julius spill. Hilarious! (2012-02-24 14:25:18) A husband, Put 'MYPENIS' and the wife fell on the ground laughing cause on screen was error, Error (2012-02-24 14:28:32) RT @ghost: #BillsMafia Blog -- The NFL Combine: Why Should I Care? by @ghost (2012-02-24 14:28:39) RT @ghost: Kenneth: Please get better sir. I've dug too many graves. (2012-02-24 14:26:44) RT @ghost: obama: "While i did throw Israel under the bus, I only did so in actuality, and only because I stood to gain w/ the Muslim Brotherhood" (2012-02-24 14:26:51) RT @ghost: Zhende ma? Another Soho project in Beijing? Aren't their enough tenantless towers where neighbourhoods used to be? (2012-02-27 04:04:54) man me and deonna used to be on loo RT @ghost: RT @ghost: omgg i need a roll dog fuck lol (2012-02-27 04:06:41) "It's impossible." said ego. "It's risky." said experience. "It's pointless." said reason. "Give it a try." whispered the heart. (2012-02-27 04:06:39) Single sheeted toilet roll #fail (2012-02-27 00:20:42) are these the dead people? #Oscars (2012-02-27 04:06:04) Havent seen @ghost back it up like dat in a looong time lol I did have fun wit her we are fam afta all :-) mite hvta do it again 1 day (2012-02-27 04:05:53) @ghost just don't squeak away! (2012-02-27 03:53:29) RT @ghost: We used to be so close, and now we pass each other in the halls like we barely know each other. (2012-02-27 04:06:41) It's so awkward when actors suck at acting when it comes to the gibber jabber they do before presenting (2012-02-27 02:55:35) @ghost Livin in the lands of america, where we don't have bagged milk, nd wrestling trying to travel this earth (2012-02-27 04:07:09) RT @ghost: Guys, if you like a girl don't make her start the conversation, cause then she worries she's being annoying. (2012-02-27 04:06:59) Chaney 75164 Open Roman Clock Chaney Instruments (2012-02-27 04:06:43) “@ghost: Streets on fire is too real of a song. LUPE >” (2012-02-27 04:06:37) @ghost u funny as hell g (2012-02-27 04:07:22) "But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars." #MartinLutherKingJr (2012-02-27 04:07:18) With what money Sean? Lol RT @ghost: @ghost We Kan Go (2012-02-27 04:06:59) RT @ghost: Buses will continue to replace trains between Dandenong and Pakenham tonight due to a fatality. Emergency services are in attendance. (2012-02-27 04:05:05) there so much life. outside of savannah. outside of Atlanta. outside of Georgia. and i just wanna see it all (2012-02-27 04:06:47) I Hate When Antha Bitch Child Be On Fire In The Ass! (Super FAST!) But They Be Trynna Tell Me What To Do Like TF Bitch I'm Alil Warm ! (2012-02-27 04:07:22) RT @ghost: Hahaha! Naitawid and opening! Hingal factor! hahaha (2012-02-27 04:07:15) @ghost'd so cringe if you know how much I used to drink ... how many Mtn Dews I would have! #veggielovechat (2012-02-27 03:40:12) 95% of my advice comes from past experiences. Just think, I've been through more than a lot of people can withstand. Don't underestimate me. (2012-02-27 04:07:49) You're in my blood, you're my holy wine. You taste so bitter and so sweet. Oh, I could drink a case of you, darling. #stillbeonmyfeet (2012-02-27 04:06:54) natural disasters spawn comedy gold #oscars #gilbertgottfried (2012-02-27 03:46:18) RT @ghost: Once you've been in love you can never look at relationships the same way again (2012-02-27 04:07:42) RT @ghost: Had fun at the circus with @ghost and everyone else (2012-02-27 04:07:49) RT @ghost: “@ghost: @ghost i wouldn't consider you a red bone you brown” I'm RED ..... In the sun lol (2012-02-27 04:06:58) @ghost Lol she Geekd Movin And Shit (2012-02-27 04:07:15) If you're used to getting hurt, you're wasting time on the wrong guys. (2012-02-27 04:07:49) If a females isnt into you mentally & physically the poon aint gnna get moist ..... Thts wht Dave said lol (2012-02-27 04:05:33) RT @ghost: Congrats 2 @ghost who's film #Undefeated received the Academy Award 4 best Doc. Black Star Power all over the #Oscars! (2012-02-27 04:06:52) @ghost ... may Allah's blessing, peace and mercy be upon you... wish u have a wonderful & blessed day my love :) (2012-02-27 04:07:44) Am I the only one whose happy the west won! (2012-02-27 04:07:05) RT @ghost: Dont let the negative opinions of others influence how you live your life; in the end your the one who has to deal with the outcome #TRUTH (2012-02-27 04:07:26) New Activision Neptune's Secret 65 Beautiful Levels Of Exploring 25 Stunningly Colorful Scenes: Dive deep beneat... (2012-02-26 19:40:29) Girl give me a second I, I need to get my story straight. My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State. (2012-02-27 04:07:42) @ghost am i supossed to know what GB stands for? x (2012-02-27 04:08:01) @ghost *Once Finn was nice and hard in his hand, his knees slowly started to sink as his tongue ran across his wet body. Lowering (2012-02-27 04:08:00) @ghost You're the one that left >;o Got sick of me or what? (2012-02-27 04:08:09) @ghost girl im on paragraph 3. lol almost done, soooo happy cus im sleepy! (2012-02-27 04:08:10) RT @ghost: I Don't Want Anyone Else To Have #Oomf Heart, Kiss #Oomf Lips, Be In #Oomf Arms, Be The One #Oomf Love, I Don't Want Anyone To Take My Place (2012-02-27 04:07:45) RT @ghost: Wyoming Considers ‘Alternative Currency’ In the Event Of Economic Doomsday: The state of Wyoming has passed a bi... (2012-02-27 04:05:38) Damnn gone on with this golf shit . (2012-02-27 04:08:00) I prefer brunettes. Edward Cullen, Eclipse. #TwilightMexico (2012-02-27 04:07:24) Hearin ya mama and dad fukin #illl mane (2012-02-27 04:08:08) Who Wanna Be My Twife ? I'll Even Give Y'all A Spot In My Bio So You Know Its REAL , Ctfu . (2012-02-27 04:08:12) I wish i was talented and was worth something like these people theyre showing on the oscars (2012-02-27 04:08:10) @ghost Heavy D, it looks like. (2012-02-27 04:07:50) @ghost @ghost yeah but its just not the same as the cartoon....its probably a precurse to animae (2012-02-22 22:34:13) Liz Taylor takes the last piece of death cake on the Oscars! (2012-02-27 04:07:51) “@ghost: I saved my baby's life~via Fierce Mama Stories #parenting #babywearing” AMAZING!! I'm crying :) (2012-02-27 04:07:16) @ghost heres a list of places that do ticketek, but im not sure if they sell for auckland events .. ? (2012-02-27 04:08:12) RT @ghost: Wando está sendo homenageado por todas as atrizes que não estão usando calcinha na cerimônia. (2012-02-27 04:07:45) Ash staves were used to ward off adders, which were said to be harbingers of death (2012-02-26 22:20:27) RT @ghost: Chris Rock's 30 seconds were better than Billy Crystal's preceding hour (2012-02-27 02:50:25) @ghost =) what do u wana get!? I get paid Thursday tho -_- but id still go with you!!!! (2012-02-27 04:08:25) After coming out with so many hits over the last few months and jumping on features like crazy it is no surprise (2012-02-27 04:08:26) My friend, the fates are cruel there are no dreams, no honor remains the arrow has left the bow of the goddess (2012-02-27 02:40:35) And i need to ask Aunty Faustina why she preaches like that, so damn extra like talk properly chew (2012-02-27 04:11:42) prologue 14 février: Nous poursuivons la publication quotidienne, en russe, du Prologue sous forme de prédications... (2012-02-27 03:58:03) @ghost If you tweet nonsense I will pick on you. SOOOOO get use to it! :-) (2012-02-27 04:11:40) Tonight is too funnayy!!!! I'm happy the West won... What a good game!!!! (2012-02-27 04:11:37) @ghost that a good omen. (2012-02-27 04:11:42) "@ghost: Ok, This Weekend Coming Up Im Tryn Eva Go To The Movies Or Bowling."killll (2012-02-27 04:11:45) vamos al bulevart a hacerte masajes! (@ghost live on (2012-02-27 04:11:49) Omg! Have y'all seen the new Samsung smart tv!!? That shit is so crazy! Technology man smh!! Amazing! (2012-02-27 04:11:09) @ghost it's like heaven to black and white people!! #nojoke (2012-02-27 04:11:06) 2n1 Nylon Hard Shell (Green) Case and DMW-BCF10 AC DC Charger for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX580 Digital Camera Silve... (2012-02-27 04:11:53) What on earth did you think I meant? I WANT TO SEE THOSE GOLDEN AWARDS UP SOME SKINNY WRITER BUTTS. (2012-02-27 04:11:56) RT @ghost: if you sit and gossip about everyone when we hang out... I'll assume you gossip about me when we're not together. (2012-02-27 04:11:59) RT @ghost: ALP admits hatred with in it's party, demonstrated it's split and instability and is now in #QT is Lying that it happened #HATE #QT #auspol (2012-02-27 03:51:33) @ghost @ghost But I Say unto you*That whosoever LOOKETH on a Woman to LUST after her (2012-02-27 04:09:56) “@ghost: "The strong do what they will; the weak do what they must."” Our job is to get our athletes to buy in. (2012-02-27 04:12:03)

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@ghost @ghost ben net met nieuwe anime begonnen, bleach, dat afkijken dan Fairy Tail (2012-06-07 16:11:41) So my professor takes a 15 minute break each day. (2012-06-07 16:11:56) Huh I don't have to work today nor tomorrow. Huh. (2012-06-07 16:11:51) @ghost I want to marry a witch :D (2012-06-07 16:10:43) But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. - Job 23/10 (2012-06-07 16:09:03) ...arrangement was not getting sufficient power to the batteries, and she had tossed the rest of them overboard long before. (2012-06-07 16:12:04) I'm not a doctor, I just want to know you better. (2012-06-07 16:12:06) Necklace With Bumble Bee Charm Focal by By5Jewelry via @ghost (2012-06-07 16:11:39) Hope I didn't ramble much"@ghost: @ghost Just listened back to the interview! SO good!! Can't wait to air it next week!!!" (2012-06-07 16:11:43) So hallow'd, and so gracious is the time. (2012-06-06 15:01:54) RT @ghost: .@ghost at noon starts now with @ghost and @ghost discussing the #devils win last night (2012-06-07 16:12:08) @ghost I think so yeah, so long the weather holds up! :P (2012-06-07 16:12:43) In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful. Yaa Allah! With your name I die and I live, aaamiiin ... (2012-06-07 16:09:30) #thongthursday is there something better than a super long #twitterafterdark, i dun think so #y1339085525270 (2012-06-07 16:12:05) Star Trek and some hardcore Gorn - The gorn will be a primary antagonists in the upcoming co-op-centric Star Trek ga... (2012-06-07 16:12:43) #FLOW935OVO @ghost #FLOW935OVO @ghost I know you get impatient as the time pass.. (2012-06-07 16:12:34) WILL THE OWNER OF HORATIO FORBE$ TAKE HIM OUT OF MY MENTION$ PLEA$E & THANK$ ! (2012-06-07 15:47:11) Really so sick right now wtf (2012-06-07 16:12:43) RT @ghost: To prep for tonight's Game 6, NBA officials have already given Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett 4 personal fouls each. (2012-06-07 16:12:35) I am two✌steps ahead of you boo!! ✌#Ijs (2012-06-07 16:12:39) "@ghost: #NF @ghost thanx for da follow"truuu.,ain't seen or heard from ya in a min (2012-06-07 16:12:45) RT @ghost: ... 23rd June | HMV Apollo | 7pm | Tickets: £15/£20/£25 |Guest Artists include Guvna B and Victizzle! ( (2012-06-07 16:12:25) I seriously need to get my brakes fixed on my car, but I don't have time to be without my car for an entire day or the extra $$ to do it (2012-06-07 16:12:43) Spent a few hrs in the ER when the Dr could of told Me this crap (2012-06-07 16:12:32) Part of me wanted to. (2012-06-07 16:12:05) RT @ghost: Can't believe it's been two years since I graduated # seniors10 (2012-06-07 16:12:36) @ghost they are bollocks, aren't they? Nice to know it isn't only blowing a gale where I am though. (2012-06-07 16:12:31) @ghost @ghost ya but then you would have to poop in them and u won't be drunk enough to do that #sober (2012-06-07 16:12:47) @ghost look at my background (2012-06-07 16:12:27) I hate the lamestream media! They should all be arrested for false statements... (2012-06-07 16:12:47) Wore the F out! Almost didn't make it to wrk this morn! These jobs are KILLING ME! Anyone wanna take care of me?? Lol (2012-06-07 16:11:41) @ghost looooooool they think they can rely on their modeling or music career …they are in for a rude awakening. Life is no easy walk. (2012-06-07 16:12:32) Crescent Regular Surface Matboard, Reds and Pinks - Russet, 32 x 40: Crescent Regular Surface Matboard offers ex... (2012-06-07 14:58:26) My kids are so ridiculous. Alex and Ida are fighting for mantle space. They dont even realize they aren't my (2012-06-07 16:11:23) When your the only brown person in your class and the professor say something bout it n then the entire clad is staring at you (2012-06-07 16:06:34) Attempted purge by FL’s #FraudGov apparently halted by #electionsupervisors. Evident outdated data walks and quacks like #partisanposturing. (2012-06-07 16:12:49) Or maybe: "And for him who sat by the chimney lug, / Dozing and grumbling o'er pipe and mug" (so, don't put poetry in business emails) (2012-06-07 15:12:28) it's gotten to the point where I'm too lazy to text so I send videos. (2012-06-07 16:13:00) Yall know what ChurchSong I couldnt stand,"Like The Dew In The Morning" Idk why but that song would (2012-06-07 16:12:34) RT @ghost: Worry is the darkroom where the negatives of life r developed! #Matthew 6:25 (2012-06-07 16:12:29) @ghost whaaa kakainggit naman yoN!!! grabe! xD ang tangkaad nya !!! (2012-06-07 16:12:28) Nothing left to do but high tail and run take a deep breath 2,3 and jump jump (2012-06-07 16:12:31) Ere the seamer bore him Eastward, Sleary was engaged to marry. (2012-06-07 11:04:26) Beacon Hill Teacher Meets Goal of a Helmet for Every Child (2012-06-07 16:13:01) "Só temos uma vida para viver ,e não temos tempo para esperar..." Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break . (2012-06-07 16:13:18) Small world We in (2012-06-07 16:12:28) @ghost hai kita jual fashion terupdate harga terjangkau dan kualitas di jamin ok punya for more info cek our bio♥ (2012-06-07 16:13:13) Watch this... Mario Gotze Ray Bradbury (2012-06-07 16:16:15) RT @ghost: HANDS ON YA HEAD WHILE YA WORKIN ON DA FLOW, FYE UP DA CUSH AS I WALK THU DA DOE , COOGIE HED TA TOE #SCCUUURRR nope i was wit u till coogie (2012-06-07 16:16:09) Watching the game from last night and I just saw Durant BUST HIS ASS!!! Hahahahahaha (2012-06-07 16:16:40) I see it like this....if you don't like me, by now I don't like you either. #ijs Theres no sleep lost over here. (2012-06-07 16:16:43) I just clean my whole room (2012-06-07 16:16:43) @ghost and you ask me for advice and help on things, so yes thats kind of askin me to give a shit, and you know i dont like (2012-06-07 16:16:50) @ghost Charming. Let me get my tweezers out and we can begin. (2012-06-07 16:16:25) Still kinda bitter @ghost never gave us a live performance of World Wide Woman. (2012-06-07 16:16:34) @ghost body is too light, ABV too low, not carbonated enough, belgian abbey yeast didn't impart flavor... (2012-06-07 16:06:30) What makes your favorite golf course your favorite? Is it distance from home? Playability? Uniqueness? let us know! (2012-06-07 16:16:50) Cuz we could change ppls definition of luuuv ! (2012-06-07 16:16:34) @ghost "Daisy Duck, have you ate Minnie's Muffin?" ...Suddenly, I don't think Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse is appropriate for kids. (2012-06-07 16:16:58) I don't think P.E.T.A has ever seen a feral cat. #Satan'sSpawn. (2012-06-07 16:16:53) RT @ghost: Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold:The Poetry Foundation 'The sea is calm to-night. / The tide is full, the moon lies fair' (2012-06-07 16:22:10) @ghost jajajajaja a pss ya qe t unto eso tene Fe y seras sana.. Asi dicen q es el efecto (2012-06-07 16:25:05) @ghost Play Young Homie & Trouble by @ghost pls! Love Love the songs! (2012-06-07 16:26:01) @ghost rich. No women in hamlet. (2012-06-07 16:25:10) RT @ghost: Prank = Follow a random family around Disney world for a day, and just be in the background of all of their photos. (2012-06-07 16:26:47) Quiz: Match tattoo to the Euro 2012 star: Euro 2012 is almost upon us and Europe's finest footballers will be ma... (2012-06-07 16:26:56) I just got skylights put in my place. The people who live above me are furious. (2012-06-07 16:27:00) I'm at Life Express (2012-06-07 16:26:16) RT @ghost: I hate it how this guy who used to pretend he was Justin is telling me that God regrets me and muslims. Im done. (2012-06-07 16:26:46) @ghost @ghost #smgirlfriends #PianoChat = Mother Daughter stuff, personal growth, healing, Connection with spirit, FUN & Funny (2012-06-07 16:26:48) dumb ass bomb bitches! (2012-06-07 16:27:04) My dog had puppies the other night, and one isn't doing well. Heading home to take care of him, but if you need... (2012-06-07 16:27:04) @ghost Let us know what you think!! Follow us if you like it. We got you too. Celebr8 wit us.. (2012-06-07 16:26:15) @ghost but I'm sure since he's a stupid celebrity he'll get off easy like the rest of them. Or his rich girlfriend will bail him out. -.- (2012-06-07 16:26:46) .@ghost Mika looks afraid of you, back off - maybe have someone in between so she can speak without fear. (2012-06-07 16:27:10) @ghost LA is a town of frontrunners and transplants. Always has been & will be. It's got good sports fans, but there are other things to do (2012-06-07 16:27:04) @ghost who do you think will replace him? (2012-06-07 16:27:12) @ghost New blood is hard. I would offer to do it, but I'm a total unknown. (2012-06-07 16:26:46) Don't blame me for you being a shitty person. I helped you. You turned back to it. #NOTMYFAULT (2012-06-07 16:27:13) @ghost some marriages survive on this theory. It's cheating with consent but no details. Ask some of your long married friends. (2012-06-07 16:24:30) How does it sound if we spend the night out (2012-06-07 16:26:57) @ghost what shall I do? hehe xoxo (2012-06-07 16:27:15) THE LONDON VOCABULARY, ENGLISH AND LATIN: Put Into a New Method, Proper to Acquaint the Learner with Things as W... (2012-06-07 14:37:38) You have to give him credit for doing that. (2012-06-07 16:27:12) @ghost leftovers sound good. Ranch summer sausage with hash browns, brocoli & corn (2012-06-07 16:26:57) @ghost get it mate it's amazing with little kids!! (2012-06-07 16:27:25) @ghost as a indi pro trained by Killer K, I say u are the BEST heel play by play man in many many years! Great ring work too! Ka fab ! (2012-06-07 16:27:32) Friends, to taste the needful refreshments of food and sleep. (2012-06-07 15:53:39) the things my mom puts in my lunch... (2012-06-07 16:26:43) Our abnormal foot fetish talk @ghost (2012-06-07 16:26:52) RT @ghost: Men: If you have a girl that loves you and who will always be there for you, please don't lose her cause girls like her are rare. (2012-06-07 16:27:37) Fitting out MONTIKI's deck (2012-06-07 16:27:39) @ghost Haha yeah, she's learnt off our mistakes :P (2012-06-07 16:26:52) That Call of Duty and im not talkin bout the game! So Fall thru & get on it she seen what I got out of u know what we bout to get into (2012-06-07 16:27:20) Pitt study highlights Marcellus Shale supply chain opportunities. #supplychain #manufacturing (2012-06-07 16:22:40) Just got out the shower let's see what today brings me... (2012-06-07 16:27:17) @ghost I do't knooow. But it's not like a party party. Haha, this sounds stupid, but I hope you understand what I mean ;) x (2012-06-07 16:16:48) RT @ghost: #MyFavoriteGagaQuotes I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, baby. I was Born This Way. (2012-06-07 16:27:51) RT @ghost: Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart. (2012-06-07 16:27:50) RT @ghost: I study for minutes and I take breaks for hours. (2012-06-07 16:27:52) I slept right through that storm last night (: (2012-06-07 16:27:51) I never realized joining a sorority required this much work #eyeopener (2012-06-07 16:27:52) Sent quita some pictures this morning lol (2012-06-07 16:27:28) We gotta strut down these streets like they're runways and let Barcelona know, the cheetah girls have arrived (2012-06-07 16:28:01) RT @ghost: Teacher said where you go .. I said the yeezys droppin this more important than school yoo lmao (2012-06-07 16:27:47) This convo that we having doe (2012-06-07 16:27:57) [queen - you shall be it if you wish...] Pink Floyd - Remember A Day via @ghost (2012-06-07 16:28:03) RT @ghost: Fellas> Marriage is the most natural state of man, the state in which you will find solid happiness. -Ben Franklin #true (2012-06-07 16:28:05) SonnyHoffa should become a coach!!!! I didn't see him play a game last summer!! Lls (2012-06-07 16:27:12) You literally are thee most boring person to txt. I'd rather txt myself than txt you back. (2012-06-07 16:27:29) Vista Mce Remote: Conveniently access your Windows Vista Media Center PC via remote control, Control TV, movies,... (2012-06-07 16:14:18) Exeunt trap door (2012-06-07 04:51:30)