suhel's Johari Window

The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.

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All Percentages

able (15%) accepting (10%) adaptable (11%) bold (9%) brave (8%) calm (11%) caring (16%) cheerful (12%) clever (9%) complex (5%) confident (26%) dependable (10%) dignified (4%) energetic (12%) extroverted (6%) friendly (28%) giving (7%) happy (14%) helpful (18%) idealistic (6%) independent (12%) ingenious (3%) intelligent (27%) introverted (6%) kind (8%) knowledgeable (20%) logical (18%) loving (19%) mature (9%) modest (3%) nervous (8%) observant (10%) organised (10%) patient (8%) powerful (5%) proud (4%) quiet (7%) reflective (4%) relaxed (5%) religious (6%) responsive (6%) searching (5%) self-assertive (3%) self-conscious (8%) sensible (6%) sentimental (10%) shy (10%) silly (7%) spontaneous (5%) sympathetic (4%) tense (5%) trustworthy (14%) warm (3%) wise (6%) witty (7%)

Description Breakdown (608 people)

Sohna thinks: cheerful, extroverted, intelligent, logical, friendly, energetic.
ashish thinks: witty, confident, energetic, proud, independent, spontaneous.
tumar dostache thinks: knowledgeable, loving, intelligent, cheerful, self-conscious, extroverted.
saikat thinks: cheerful, extroverted, intelligent, sentimental, witty, confident.
Smriti thinks: , observant, ingenious, calm, confident.
sreejita thinks: extroverted, reflective, energetic, intelligent, cheerful, idealistic.
he he guess thinks: friendly, witty, spontaneous, silly, knowledgeable, intelligent.
ARK thinks: sentimental, cheerful, intelligent, silly, self-conscious, friendly.
Manjusha thinks: confident, helpful, knowledgeable, spontaneous, sentimental, adaptable.
arya thinks: knowledgeable, self-assertive, witty, clever, extroverted, spontaneous.
sumiti thinks: bold, intelligent, confident, knowledgeable, sensible, extroverted.
saurish thinks: cheerful, confident, energetic, extroverted, silly, organised.
boudhayan thinks: able, friendly, cheerful, witty, sentimental.
vikas thinks: spontaneous, intelligent, cheerful, ingenious, knowledgeable, observant.
Suhel is Suhel!! thinks: friendly, knowledgeable, witty, cheerful, intelligent, giving.
shounak chakravarty thinks: confident, cheerful, energetic, extroverted, friendly.
maxdavinci thinks: intelligent, friendly, dependable, trustworthy, witty, extroverted.
deka thinks: friendly, ingenious, self-assertive, spontaneous, intelligent, witty.
Gaurav Chatterjee thinks: confident, dignified, cheerful, knowledgeable, independent, friendly.
looch thinks: intelligent, adaptable, energetic, self-conscious, witty, searching.
Mandar thinks: clever, friendly, organised, silly, logical.
Nishant thinks: spontaneous, confident, knowledgeable, friendly, extroverted, trustworthy.
dipankar thinks: confident, friendly, intelligent, modest, cheerful.
Ramya thinks: friendly, knowledgeable, warm, modest, cheerful.
Shyam Prasad thinks: cheerful, knowledgeable, friendly, intelligent, helpful.
Vivek Agarwal thinks: knowledgeable, sensible, organised, confident, dignified, logical.
Abhishek thinks: confident, friendly, intelligent, knowledgeable, spontaneous, warm.
:P thinks: independent, knowledgeable, observant, intelligent, organised, silly.
friend thinks: intelligent, friendly, knowledgeable, calm, adaptable.
Vivek thinks: confident, patient, dignified, knowledgeable, friendly, self-conscious.
Prateek Vijayavargia thinks: friendly, knowledgeable, cheerful, caring, modest, happy.
Dedipya thinks: clever, extroverted, intelligent, observant, self-assertive, witty.
debanjan som thinks: sensible, modest, trustworthy, proud, spontaneous.
asansol thinks: knowledgeable, organised, confident, independent, witty.
Rohini thinks: cheerful, energetic, spontaneous, self-conscious, extroverted, witty.
rudrajyoti thinks: confident, friendly, intelligent, mature, wise, brave.
rudrajyoti thinks: confident, friendly, intelligent, mature, brave, clever.
Suman Nag thinks: knowledgeable, confident, logical, wise, energetic, intelligent.
Suman thinks: silly, shy, quiet, religious, nervous.
sudeshna thinks: observant, responsive, intelligent, clever, sensible, witty.
rikhiya thinks: adaptable, confident, knowledgeable, proud, sentimental, relaxed.
What I think(Tanushree) thinks: silly, intelligent, logical, dependable, confident.
sri thinks: knowledgeable, , energetic, happy, adaptable, able.
TEELA thinks: confident, clever, complex, extroverted, intelligent, witty.
jo thinks: intelligent, warm, knowledgeable, witty, confident, patient.
Pooja thinks: cheerful, witty, warm, intelligent, energetic, caring.
anonymous thinks: clever, sensible, witty, knowledgeable, intelligent, mature.
Mandar thinks: confident, clever, observant, relaxed, happy.
Mahima thinks: trustworthy, organised, knowledgeable, friendly, logical, sensible.
Debraj thinks: calm, clever, mature, intelligent, organised, witty.
anonymous thinks: extroverted, friendly, logical, organised, relaxed, helpful.
Prithwis thinks: confident, friendly, observant, dignified, knowledgeable.
abir thinks: knowledgeable, friendly, observant, helpful, self-conscious.
Saurish thinks: cheerful, friendly, intelligent, knowledgeable, witty, energetic.
me thinks: confident, witty, organised, logical, extroverted.
Rikhiya thinks: able, intelligent, energetic, confident, witty, sentimental.
ABC thinks: confident, dependable, patient, knowledgeable, organised.
Veni thinks: caring, knowledgeable, confident, organised, patient.
Subhadip thinks: calm, confident, logical, organised, witty, proud.
nicklow14 thinks: accepting, caring, dependable, introverted, mature.
Krish_hr thinks: able, dependable, organised, energetic, sensible, responsive.
kiessin thinks: sentimental, shy, relaxed, clever, bold, sympathetic.
nelson thinks: caring, dependable, independent, patient, self-conscious.
mohammad hiszam thinks: loving, helpful, self-conscious, kind, modest, sympathetic.
Aly thinks: energetic, adaptable, accepting, self-conscious, knowledgeable.
123mcs thinks: calm, friendly, dependable, loving, mature.
anonymous thinks: searching, witty, powerful, self-conscious, caring, logical.
nakul thinks: powerful, logical, caring, confident, energetic, mature.
PROCAST thinks: trustworthy, silly, warm, sympathetic, bold, kind.
magenta thinks: trustworthy, observant, powerful, religious, reflective, energetic.
bhupinder thinks: complex, religious, knowledgeable, brave, bold.
k thinks: shy, silly, spontaneous, organised, patient.
bails thinks: able, confident, knowledgeable, happy, sympathetic, trustworthy.
chand thinks: able, independent, powerful, happy, kind.
Krishnan thinks: able, adaptable, bold, calm, caring, complex.
Tom thinks: calm, confident, friendly, independent, intelligent, responsive.
swamy thinks: logical, clever, witty, powerful, intelligent.
swamy thinks: relaxed, religious, quiet, shy, silly.
Priyanka thinks: calm, helpful, logical, intelligent, shy, trustworthy.
K K JAIN thinks: able, confident, independent, intelligent, wise, witty.
Anonymous thinks: observant, knowledgeable, extroverted, helpful, searching, spontaneous.
Anonymous thinks: knowledgeable, logical, organised, extroverted, sensible, clever.
Sudarshan thinks: calm, trustworthy, organised, introverted, witty.
heena thinks: idealistic, intelligent, knowledgeable, logical, witty, trustworthy.
HARSHAL thinks: caring, friendly, happy, helpful, kind, loving.
ruchi thinks: caring, trustworthy, intelligent, helpful, sensible.
amit thinks: friendly, quiet, intelligent, helpful, religious.
vishnu thinks: cheerful, intelligent, organised, friendly, observant.
anonymous17 thinks: caring, mature, loving, proud, introverted, tense.
indu.r thinks: energetic, extroverted, happy, friendly, loving.
charu thinks: shy, nervous, helpful, kind, wise, calm.
Nupur thinks: accepting, dignified, intelligent, logical, quiet, relaxed.
meenu thinks: observant, logical, independent, happy, energetic.
Anirban thinks: brave, cheerful, extroverted, mature, spontaneous.
savita thinks: happy, loving, caring, able, responsive.
Vj thinks: adaptable, intelligent, loving, organised, religious, trustworthy.
anna thinks: friendly, loving, independent, cheerful, extroverted, dependable.
anu thinks: friendly, helpful, kind, sympathetic, trustworthy, loving.
veeran thinks: cheerful, ingenious, relaxed, wise, sensible.
mohan thinks: energetic, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, observant, searching.
anil thinks: calm, shy, giving, friendly, helpful.
tutul thinks: confident, logical, knowledgeable, patient, dignified, adaptable.
rr thinks: independent, adaptable, responsive, spontaneous, logical.
Sunil thinks: dependable, friendly, logical, knowledgeable, witty, trustworthy.
anie thinks: adaptable, confident, knowledgeable, searching, intelligent, observant.
genius thinks: independent, mature, calm, clever, shy, sympathetic.
akashdeep thinks: trustworthy, tense, nervous, knowledgeable, friendly, sentimental.
vishu thinks: relaxed, calm, friendly, independent, bold, sensible.
Prakash Tiwari thinks: able, confident, independent, knowledgeable, responsive, sentimental.
harryy thinks: confident, clever, bold, brave, adaptable.
Chrisha thinks: independent, helpful, dependable, trustworthy, intelligent, adaptable.
anony thinks: calm, introverted, witty, intelligent, independent, idealistic.
rushatdeep thinks: responsive, independent, trustworthy, intelligent, loving, caring.
praveen malik thinks: trustworthy, tense, confident, idealistic, self-conscious, shy.
anonymous thinks: confident, clever, idealistic, observant, witty.
rakhi thinks: calm, knowledgeable, intelligent, adaptable, giving, confident.
vinod thinks: adaptable, confident, giving, idealistic, relaxed, logical.
Meera thinks: confident, responsive, trustworthy, energetic, helpful, sensible.
stupid thinks: reflective, silly, sensible, knowledgeable, sentimental.
vidya thinks: able, caring, happy, helpful, loving, confident.
abdikarem thinks: accepting, caring, confident, giving, knowledgeable, wise.
VAJ thinks: friendly, confident, loving, independent, intelligent, happy.
aarthy thinks: intelligent, introverted, mature, dignified, accepting.
roanne thinks: calm, loving, cheerful, mature, able.
indu verma thinks: responsive, trustworthy, organised, self-conscious, quiet, helpful.
rahi thinks: adaptable, cheerful, intelligent, knowledgeable, shy, logical.
mmm thinks: friendly, tense, dependable, warm, complex, responsive.
J L Agrawal thinks: able, bold, proud, happy, shy, wise.
abha thinks: caring, bold, confident, knowledgeable, energetic, religious.
Sridhar thinks: shy, quiet, loving, knowledgeable, giving, helpful.
Sridhar thinks: shy, loving, giving, energetic, nervous, quiet.
DM Tara thinks: accepting, confident, trustworthy, energetic, sensible.
neetu thinks: loving, sentimental, observant, sensible, mature, friendly.
juhi thinks: intelligent, shy, sentimental, kind, self-conscious, nervous.
juhi thinks: friendly, nervous, sentimental, self-conscious, accepting, helpful.
juhi thinks: friendly, tense, self-conscious, shy, accepting.
caring thinks: caring, cheerful, happy, giving, loving.
anonymous thinks: able, clever, helpful, logical, intelligent.
iamkyosan thinks: accepting, intelligent, cheerful, energetic, complex.
akash thinks: accepting, nervous, loving, helpful, giving.
Mahabir thinks: able, brave, intelligent, reflective, searching.
monika thinks: accepting, able, helpful, loving, independent, kind.
naveen joshi thinks: bold, helpful, independent, knowledgeable, proud, religious.
anonymous thinks: idealistic, introverted, self-conscious, shy, quiet.
firoj thinks: adaptable, caring, energetic, independent, logical, searching.
anonymous thinks: friendly, introverted, kind, self-assertive, tense, independent.
vbgt thinks: tense, sentimental, responsive, proud, nervous.
mohy thinks: brave, complex, extroverted, idealistic, kind.
mohy thinks: happy, ingenious, patient, religious, responsive.
arun thinks: quiet, shy, friendly, helpful, relaxed.
pragati thinks: able, intelligent, silly, knowledgeable, sensible, wise.
dhiraj thinks: calm, confident, knowledgeable, logical, mature.
shivani thinks: clever, confident, knowledgeable, logical, wise.
irasha thinks: loving, proud, helpful, friendly, accepting.
anonymous thinks: able, calm, confident, friendly, independent.
manju thinks: cheerful, confident, friendly, independent, loving, logical.
raj thinks: accepting, knowledgeable, independent, friendly, powerful, proud.
jim thinks: accepting, calm, caring, cheerful, friendly, shy.
szfff thinks: friendly, knowledgeable, mature, modest, intelligent, organised.
Janani thinks: confident, caring, bold, energetic, loving.
amit thinks: caring, intelligent, sensible, warm, adaptable.
lalit thinks: able, confident, friendly, independent, knowledgeable.
aishwarya thinks: caring, adaptable, self-conscious, loving, confident, friendly.
Seu thinks: independent, intelligent, dignified, sensible, mature.
saiyid thinks: able, dignified, loving, knowledgeable, warm.
Puneet thinks: sentimental, trustworthy, warm, organised, nervous, helpful.
Sasi thinks: clever, happy, intelligent, loving, relaxed, friendly.
Sasi thinks: happy, loving, intelligent, friendly, clever, relaxed.
shripriya thinks: caring, dependable, independent, logical, religious, shy.
akshay thinks: clever, kind, modest, friendly, confident, intelligent.
sadhna thinks: able, dependable, intelligent, logical, energetic, sensible.
Manu Kulkarni thinks: able, caring, cheerful, energetic, loving, observant.
clever thinks: bold, clever, happy, loving, proud.
M D Singh thinks: intelligent, accepting, mature, self-conscious, observant.
stepherwepher thinks: adaptable, energetic, helpful, happy, spontaneous, friendly.
pinky thinks: confident, able, friendly, loving, wise, relaxed.
pinky thinks: nervous, shy, helpful, dependable, sensible.
ABCDE thinks: calm, independent, responsive, dependable, quiet.
anneore thinks: able, cheerful, intelligent, organised, searching, spontaneous.
amar kumar thinks: idealistic, calm, independent, logical, searching, relaxed.
poornima shrivastava thinks: able, caring, dependable, intelligent, loving, nervous.
anonymous thinks: helpful, loving, friendly, accepting, caring.
ppg thinks: able, accepting, powerful, patient, loving.
Soumen thinks: confident, accepting, helpful, observant, patient.
jiiuio thinks: caring, dependable, happy, reflective, sympathetic.
444 thinks: caring, giving, intelligent, organised, shy.
123 thinks: patient, calm, introverted, intelligent, warm.
SHRUTI KUMAR thinks: dependable, friendly, sentimental, trustworthy, adaptable, shy.
rajesh thinks: brave, able, adaptable, sentimental, silly.
sonam thinks: mature, logical, trustworthy, self-conscious, friendly, confident.
Kate thinks: logical, loving, powerful, organised, clever, dependable.
yash thinks: able, clever, helpful, confident, intelligent, knowledgeable.
ria thinks: caring, knowledgeable, friendly, loving, mature, patient.
ravi thinks: bold, extroverted, independent, mature, reflective, self-conscious.
deepak thinks: caring, sentimental, shy, nervous, loving, kind.
avijit thinks: friendly, sentimental, intelligent, modest, silly, giving.
man thinks: cheerful, loving, shy, friendly, adaptable, patient.
man thinks: shy, patient, loving, happy, friendly, caring.
sadique faraz thinks: mature, caring, clever, happy, intelligent.
anonymous thinks: accepting, able, cheerful, warm, brave, kind.
abhay thinks: confident, friendly, kind, wise, energetic.
Debajyoti Das thinks: calm, dependable, introverted, nervous, shy, tense.
shabnam thinks: searching, shy, silly, trustworthy, tense, nervous.
OSHIN thinks: able, bold, sympathetic, sentimental, religious, nervous.
anonymous thinks: bold, energetic, helpful, intelligent, loving.
o thinks: happy, logical, relaxed, shy, wise.
anonymous thinks: observant, mature, confident, calm, witty.
Anonymous thinks: able, dependable, intelligent, mature, patient, extroverted.
anju thinks: able, loving, wise, patient, happy, helpful.
preshitha thinks: giving, knowledgeable, patient, wise, searching, able.
SAMIT thinks: bold, dependable, helpful, kind, religious, sentimental.
Aastha thinks: friendly, happy, helpful, energetic, caring.
vicky thinks: clever, cheerful, confident, friendly, happy, helpful.
anonymous thinks: confident, trustworthy, loving, giving, friendly.
rashmi thinks: confident, able, intelligent, trustworthy, helpful, observant.
Pulkit thinks: friendly, helpful, logical, sentimental, cheerful.
saket thinks: modest, idealistic, introverted, observant, trustworthy, accepting.
Seetha thinks: self-assertive, quiet, logical, friendly, sentimental.
Venkatesh thinks: responsive, accepting, trustworthy, tense, friendly.
navneet thinks: adaptable, energetic, trustworthy, confident, knowledgeable, caring.
atadvf thinks: able, accepting, adaptable, dignified, happy.
alisha thinks: caring, intelligent, mature, sensible, energetic.
bansi thinks: shy, organised, kind, nervous, religious.
tarun thinks: complex, able, friendly, nervous, dependable.
gauri thinks: sensible, patient, logical, kind, cheerful, confident.
anony thinks: intelligent, cheerful, accepting, adaptable, idealistic.
anonymous thinks: caring, dependable, intelligent, loving, trustworthy, sentimental.
Rupali thinks: intelligent, trustworthy, loving, friendly, spontaneous.
deepak thinks: giving, happy, helpful, introverted, intelligent, ingenious.
anonymous thinks: able, clever, intelligent, dependable, proud, bold.
ishwarya thinks: friendly, happy, helpful, loving, caring.
Amit kumar jaiswal thinks: brave, caring, helpful, logical, patient, proud.
Anamika thinks: confident, happy, responsive, trustworthy, caring, intelligent.
Anon thinks: independent, knowledgeable, mature, responsive, energetic, organised.
anushka thinks: accepting, confident, friendly, self-conscious, relaxed.
rocky thinks: caring, dignified, happy, intelligent, loving, organised.
Raj thinks: bold, cheerful, helpful, friendly, intelligent, loving.
VINU thinks: able, confident, independent, accepting, bold, responsive.
anonymoo thinks: idealistic, introverted, reflective, silly, wise.
SUDHA thinks: friendly, nervous, adaptable, patient, religious, sympathetic.
manish thinks: happy, able, intelligent, patient, powerful.
manish thinks: bold, brave, happy, intelligent, loving.
s thinks: bold, friendly, independent, self-conscious, knowledgeable.
tony thinks: loving, introverted, kind, complex, accepting.
KMD68803 thinks: kind, ingenious, cheerful, self-assertive, proud.
vadiraj thinks: intelligent, caring, adaptable, self-conscious, trustworthy, responsive.
Jay Turner thinks: proud, witty, clever, relaxed, observant, spontaneous.
Anonymous thinks: happy, confident, knowledgeable, logical, intelligent.
vibha thinks: caring, cheerful, brave, intelligent, confident, mature.
jason thinks: friendly, trustworthy, caring, loving, helpful, kind.
ananya thinks: brave, clever, introverted, spontaneous, witty, relaxed.
martha thinks: caring, dependable, intelligent, self-conscious, extroverted.
safgdfhdh thinks: warm, happy, dignified, confident, knowledgeable.
Anita thinks: caring, able, bold, clever, happy.
m1r thinks: bold, complex, sentimental, trustworthy, logical, organised.
nitin thinks: able, intelligent, powerful, idealistic, knowledgeable, relaxed.
1QA thinks: accepting, caring, dependable, giving, logical.
1QA thinks: introverted, observant, logical, trustworthy, brave.
rosalia tienda thinks: adaptable, independent, spontaneous, friendly, intelligent, responsive.
RAHUL RATNAKAR KULKARNI thinks: brave, bold, intelligent, knowledgeable, loving, powerful.
niyanthritha thinks: caring, complex, helpful, kind, sentimental, able.
Arif thinks: calm, intelligent, modest, searching, self-conscious, wise.
Yogesh thinks: confident, helpful, powerful, independent, happy, intelligent.
7 thinks: able, dependable, happy, loving, self-assertive, shy.
7 thinks: friendly, happy, helpful, idealistic, able, calm.
7 thinks: caring, self-assertive, reflective, organised, loving, intelligent.
Steve thinks: able, accepting, adaptable, bold, brave.
v.s.ravuri thinks: confident, clever, energetic, powerful, organised, religious.
chaitanya thinks: able, calm, shy, dignified, sentimental.
R.Pavithra thinks: trustworthy, confident, intelligent, clever, brave.
ruth thinks: clever, happy, intelligent, loving, quiet.
Hahah thinks: quiet, proud, nervous, observant, logical.
Raga thinks: complex, introverted, logical, silly, sentimental.
praveen thinks: able, clever, friendly, intelligent, quiet.
anonymous thinks: able, dependable, confident, organised, mature, sensible.
kannan thinks: warm, accepting, cheerful, loving, intelligent.
Sridhar thinks: energetic, helpful, organised, tense, sentimental, confident.
Beccajay thinks: calm, logical, happy, spontaneous, kind, confident.
KhaleahEvelyn thinks: able, calm, confident, friendly, independent.
any thinks: able, confident, independent, knowledgeable, observant.
veena jayan thinks: nervous, relaxed, confident, dependable, happy, mature.
veena jayan thinks: independent, friendly, relaxed, confident, tense, shy.
anonymous0002 thinks: dependable, observant, self-assertive, trustworthy, idealistic.
Partha Das thinks: proud, nervous, religious, brave, idealistic.
Nimisha bangal thinks: knowledgeable, intelligent, wise, clever, powerful.
RAGS thinks: giving, mature, brave, responsive, adaptable, observant.
dhun thinks: able, confident, proud, sentimental, dignified.
chinna thinks: accepting, intelligent, nervous, religious, tense, confident.
Neha thinks: organised, idealistic, logical, observant, confident, intelligent.
vinita thinks: adaptable, friendly, kind, nervous, trustworthy, religious.
Ernold thinks: able, searching, observant, ingenious, complex, mature.
pbrao thinks: friendly, religious, sentimental, shy, patient.
Mustafa thinks: calm, happy, independent, energetic, giving.
Vaishali thinks: calm, shy, wise, sensible, introverted, accepting.
ssingh thinks: complex, friendly, nervous, patient, religious, sentimental.
mohd.sahab jaan thinks: confident, sentimental, intelligent, energetic, powerful, dependable.
mohd.faiz thinks: cheerful, helpful, powerful, sympathetic, knowledgeable, sentimental.
madhu thinks: caring, happy, helpful, intelligent, responsive.
charmy thinks: knowledgeable, independent, introverted, powerful, brave.
Akash Jaiswal thinks: able, brave, kind, sensible, intelligent, knowledgeable.
soorya thinks: wise, idealistic, intelligent, knowledgeable, reflective, helpful.
gentlin thinks: cheerful, caring, giving, happy, friendly, quiet.
Amandeep thinks: trustworthy, observant, loving, happy, introverted, religious.
Zoya Sharma thinks: able, confident, idealistic, wise, ingenious, self-conscious.
jaya thinks: friendly, giving, adaptable, helpful, idealistic.
B2 thinks: calm, logical, adaptable, self-conscious, modest.
vikas thinks: friendly, adaptable, knowledgeable, quiet, shy, sympathetic.
sundaram thinks: confident, intelligent, sensible, witty, proud.
Guru thinks: shy, self-conscious, kind, loving, nervous, friendly.
anonymous thinks: knowledgeable, independent, cheerful, kind, happy.
joe joe joe thinks: giving, ingenious, logical, observant, quiet, searching.
pankaj thinks: calm, accepting, dependable, shy, giving.
ppppp thinks: tense, sentimental, introverted, reflective, spontaneous.
kavita thinks: adaptable, bold, energetic, confident, able, calm.
gffffffffffh thinks: shy, self-assertive, reflective, quiet, searching, loving.
anonymous thinks: confident, dependable, happy, introverted, kind.
koririr thinks: ingenious, loving, organised, relaxed, patient, mature.
JItender thinks: responsive, friendly, nervous, shy, loving, knowledgeable.
Rahul Chaudhary thinks: giving, warm, knowledgeable, energetic, able, cheerful.
bubba18 thinks: clever, confident, independent, self-assertive, powerful, adaptable.
goober thinks: calm, adaptable, happy, patient, reflective, loving.
asdfg thinks: confident, giving, organised, self-assertive, trustworthy.
Chulbula_pals thinks: loving, happy, spontaneous, shy, trustworthy.
janet thinks: accepting, ingenious, organised, sensible, helpful.
Mar thinks: adaptable, caring, organised, sensible, giving.
sambai thinks: energetic, confident, dependable, caring, adaptable.
hariharan mani thinks: knowledgeable, confident, powerful, intelligent, bold, brave.
shruti thinks: complex, logical, organised, searching, silly, witty.
sangita thinks: able, loving, friendly, brave, clever.
kjh thinks: calm, giving, happy, energetic, complex.
9761 thinks: dependable, intelligent, patient, energetic, observant.
guna thinks: knowledgeable, logical, trustworthy, adaptable, introverted, self-conscious.
Rohit Chhawchharia thinks: caring, quiet, loving, helpful, sentimental, cheerful.
Sathyanarayanan thinks: brave, caring, confident, idealistic, logical, trustworthy.
happy thinks: happy, logical, patient, shy, sentimental.
rays thinks: knowledgeable, logical, observant, energetic, dignified, dependable.
hg thinks: accepting, trustworthy, calm, caring, wise, mature.
santosh thinks: adaptable, accepting, caring, calm, dignified, helpful.
akash thinks: nervous, intelligent, loving, logical, sentimental.
Dipesh joshi thinks: friendly, knowledgeable, sentimental, observant, trustworthy, spontaneous.
Anil thinks: brave, caring, energetic, friendly, loving, clever.
Anil0891 thinks: wise, powerful, kind, brave, clever, friendly.
Anil08911 thinks: brave, independent, intelligent, friendly, sympathetic, trustworthy.
Anil08918 thinks: calm, friendly, patient, brave, clever, kind.
Anil089 thinks: warm, silly, organised, loving, happy, cheerful.
nithya thinks: confident, bold, helpful, responsive, loving.
anonymous thinks: confident, knowledgeable, logical, mature, trustworthy, witty.
dhanasree thinks: bold, happy, wise, kind, relaxed, spontaneous.
sudha thinks: calm, caring, happy, loving, quiet, friendly.
anshita agarwal thinks: complex, helpful, modest, silly, tense.
Anushka thinks: complex, introverted, nervous, quiet, sentimental.
firoz thinks: accepting, knowledgeable, logical, tense, observant, helpful.
Cattitude thinks: confident, independent, witty, bold, intelligent, proud.
herndon thinks: silly, calm, giving, happy, witty.
Anonymous thinks: dependable, mature, sensible, trustworthy, knowledgeable.
debaleena thinks: intelligent, kind, spontaneous, independent, organised.
Jackie thinks: independent, friendly, trustworthy, helpful, sympathetic.
datta thinks: accepting, able, bold, brave, adaptable, helpful.
prachi thinks: happy, powerful, self-conscious, independent, proud.
pranita thinks: caring, clever, intelligent, independent, tense, shy.
Anagha thinks: able, caring, intelligent, observant, wise.
Anjali thinks: friendly, able, confident, knowledgeable, logical.
jeet thinks: self-conscious, patient, energetic, caring, independent.
arijit das thinks: able, caring, loving, sensible, friendly.
Justice thinks: able, cheerful, intelligent, knowledgeable, idealistic, organised.
sharanya thinks: calm, friendly, cheerful, sensible, searching.
kirey thinks: adaptable, calm, patient, friendly, trustworthy, religious.
anonymous thinks: trustworthy, wise, loving, caring, religious.
Shanaz Parveen thinks: able, bold, caring, sentimental, logical.
Chintan Agrawal thinks: accepting, modest, introverted, nervous, trustworthy.
heart thinks: giving, nervous, shy, quiet, sentimental.
Stephen thinks: loving, reflective, logical, self-conscious, confident.
Neel thinks: idealistic, logical, silly, tense, complex, searching.
amitabh srivastav thinks: silly, sentimental, nervous, shy, searching.
Ali thinks: able, caring, dependable, friendly, knowledgeable, logical.
Rekha Ojha thinks: accepting, sentimental, friendly, helpful, kind.
mayuresh thinks: calm, intelligent, loving, independent, powerful, brave.
dddaaaaaa thinks: confident, complex, idealistic, ingenious, loving.
harish thinks: happy, kind, brave, searching, religious, patient.
ash thinks: confident, responsive, knowledgeable, logical, dignified, trustworthy.
rl thinks: intelligent, complex, reflective, logical, independent, dependable.
Murugesh thinks: bold, brave, intelligent, powerful, energetic.
rad thinks: happy, friendly, cheerful, clever, kind.
nikz thinks: shy, warm, self-conscious, loving, self-assertive, observant.
sachith nawalage thinks: intelligent, patient, cheerful, accepting, energetic, friendly.
surbhi thinks: calm, confident, friendly, independent, knowledgeable.
saxcv thinks: happy, giving, loving, logical, adaptable, brave.
durai raj thinks: caring, calm, confident, sentimental, silly, helpful.
jovy thinks: friendly, loving, religious, happy, caring, responsive.
ANONYMOUS thinks: caring, kind, logical, sentimental, sympathetic, trustworthy.
TAPATI CHAKRABORTY thinks: brave, cheerful, intelligent, trustworthy, patient, friendly.
nidhi thinks: bold, clever, energetic, reflective, religious, sympathetic.
sourabh thinks: accepting, helpful, shy, quiet, wise, friendly.
silly thinks: mature, loving, logical, observant, organised.
Nidhi thinks: trustworthy, patient, giving, caring, accepting.
satyendra thinks: confident, friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, logical, idealistic.
Rajan thinks: helpful, confident, knowledgeable, organised, cheerful.
Hilda thinks: calm, ingenious, happy, searching, patient.
Nishant thinks: intelligent, friendly, self-assertive, nervous, quiet, silly.
abarajitha thinks: bold, caring, clever, helpful, knowledgeable, self-conscious.
shailendra thinks: clever, confident, extroverted, independent, intelligent, observant.
amit thinks: silly, spontaneous, sympathetic, warm, wise.
Rohit thinks: logical, adaptable, responsive, energetic, confident.
raju thinks: adaptable, dependable, friendly, observant, sentimental, trustworthy.
a thinks: extroverted, complex, religious, energetic, bold, self-assertive.
truus thinks: religious, modest, quiet, friendly, adaptable.
sam thinks: able, adaptable, cheerful, trustworthy, spontaneous.
sam thinks: confident, knowledgeable, friendly, logical, caring.
sam thinks: friendly, knowledgeable, cheerful, confident, logical, witty.
mass thinks: confident, friendly, logical, loving, knowledgeable, witty.
damn thinks: confident, friendly, knowledgeable, logical, cheerful, able.
Apoorva Chourey thinks: adaptable, calm, dependable, helpful, introverted, modest.
avijit thinks: intelligent, adaptable, cheerful, confident, brave, witty.
jodhy thinks: organised, extroverted, friendly, giving, loving.
Abul. thinks: calm, caring, kind, loving, patient, friendly.
andyeswa thinks: able, calm, ingenious, reflective, logical, giving.
Lisa thinks: trustworthy, adaptable, cheerful, confident, independent, caring.
anu thinks: complex, dependable, loving, nervous, sentimental, trustworthy.
manasseh thinks: wise, silly, loving, helpful, patient.
sha123 thinks: friendly, cheerful, confident, kind, caring, sympathetic.
vivek thinks: brave, wise, cheerful, adaptable, accepting, friendly.
Kamwan thinks: confident, responsive, giving, dignified, helpful, modest.
john thinks: dependable, helpful, loving, self-assertive, wise.
santosh sirigiri thinks: caring, friendly, proud, extroverted, logical.
hk thinks: trustworthy, patient, dignified, responsive, nervous, helpful.
deep aditya reddy thinks: able, mature, helpful, clever, bold, happy.
mohhan thinks: knowledgeable, logical, intelligent, energetic, complex.
Monique thinks: spontaneous, sympathetic, sensible, relaxed, logical, knowledgeable.
nitin thinks: brave, clever, energetic, confident, intelligent, powerful.
sushma thinks: friendly, energetic, mature, self-conscious, sympathetic.
samriddha thinks: accepting, bold, sentimental, idealistic, helpful, caring.
neha thinks: brave, confident, clever, spontaneous, independent, helpful.
ngoc thinks: introverted, kind, quiet, confident, sensible, independent.
sanjeev thinks: calm, logical, organised, wise, sensible.
saket thinks: organised, caring, giving, quiet, extroverted.
santhosh thinks: quiet, proud, mature, loving, cheerful.
gowri thinks: caring, loving, patient, religious, sentimental, trustworthy.
gryffindor thinks: loving, intelligent, warm, kind, knowledgeable, sentimental.
gryffindor thinks: ingenious, self-assertive, silly, shy, brave, dignified.
tuaa thinks: intelligent, logical, silly, shy, nervous, organised.
jajan thinks: friendly, responsive, logical, accepting, loving, self-conscious.
Vinitha thinks: knowledgeable, clever, observant, witty, confident, calm.
manu thinks: bold, brave, confident, powerful, friendly, nervous.
arch thinks: happy, energetic, extroverted, trustworthy, logical, adaptable.
Shiv Bose thinks: confident, intelligent, introverted, extroverted, brave, logical.
sharma thinks: helpful, extroverted, knowledgeable, wise, friendly.
vg thinks: calm, caring, cheerful, logical, trustworthy, mature.
priya thinks: calm, quiet, responsive, sentimental, relaxed, happy.
Joshua thinks: energetic, dependable, intelligent, powerful, patient, knowledgeable.
Krithika thinks: confident, intelligent, extroverted, bold, mature.
sabha thinks: calm, knowledgeable, mature, patient, trustworthy, warm.
Genoash thinks: observant, introverted, independent, reflective, complex.
VISHAL thinks: able, calm, dependable, knowledgeable, mature.
alka srivastava thinks: confident, calm, adaptable, independent, knowledgeable, modest.
Bhavna thinks: able, cheerful, helpful, mature, observant.
indhu thinks: idealistic, confident, organised, logical, sensible.
piyali thinks: energetic, friendly, loving, nervous, sentimental, tense.
kishor thinks: able, energetic, silly, sentimental, adaptable.
qwerty thinks: adaptable, caring, mature, nervous, trustworthy, logical.
mmm thinks: confident, energetic, caring, intelligent, mature, patient.
someshwar thinks: organised, patient, powerful, observant, logical, mature.
Souvik thinks: warm, friendly, complex, responsive, sympathetic, cheerful.
Akshay Mahadev Dalvi thinks: searching, intelligent, religious, idealistic, calm.
Akanksha jain thinks: cheerful, bold, friendly, intelligent, confident.
AMRITA thinks: accepting, self-assertive, self-conscious, introverted, tense.
unique thinks: introverted, self-conscious, loving, cheerful, warm.
scda thinks: bold, responsive, helpful, wise, friendly, loving.
prachi thinks: introverted, intelligent, knowledgeable, organised, self-assertive, self-conscious.
vish thinks: accepting, adaptable, able, ingenious, organised, relaxed.
ann thinks: independent, accepting, energetic, patient, loving.
priyanka thinks: helpful, loving, mature, friendly, religious.
shailendra thinks: shy, introverted, logical, spontaneous, powerful.
pooja thinks: happy, ingenious, intelligent, loving, mature.
dwikmika kumar thinks: cheerful, friendly, happy, loving, helpful.
Raguvaran thinks: accepting, clever, confident, intelligent, loving, trustworthy.
spontaneous,relaxed,idealistic thinks: clever, ingenious, logical, relaxed, searching.
deepak thinks: knowledgeable, dignified, reflective, self-conscious, wise, independent.
anonymous thinks: knowledgeable, dependable, confident, self-assertive, trustworthy.
Arifa Z thinks: bold, confident, friendly, intelligent, cheerful.
anonymous thinks: able, accepting, bold, clever, helpful.
rashmi thinks: friendly, helpful, intelligent, loving, mature, organised.
sixteen thinks: able, friendly, nervous, sentimental, logical, happy.
seventeen thinks: friendly, independent, happy, mature, nervous, trustworthy.
seventeen thinks: giving, happy, helpful, mature, patient.
anu debnath thinks: dependable, sensible, sympathetic, complex, idealistic, nervous.
ANONYMOUS thinks: patient, organised, observant, caring, able.
mlyhttte thinks: cheerful, caring, energetic, extroverted, loving, reflective.
vijay thinks: bold, confident, intelligent, quiet, shy, mature.
suhel thinks: bold, brave, confident, loving, intelligent.
Brinda thinks: friendly, loving, logical, observant, trustworthy, warm.
vinay thinks: knowledgeable, proud, reflective, dignified, energetic, modest.
Cheng CY thinks: able, bold, idealistic, reflective, spontaneous.
anonymous thinks: friendly, loving, happy, adaptable, trustworthy, kind.
anonymous thinks: complex, dependable, giving, nervous, tense.
nirjhor thinks: trustworthy, logical, witty, silly, happy, observant.
prasad D thinks: shy, accepting, clever, energetic, friendly.
SRIJA DAS GUPTA thinks: intelligent, trustworthy, introverted, caring, independent, wise.
a thinks: able, intelligent, responsive, observant, bold.
sailee thinks: helpful, shy, caring, happy, kind.
manvi thinks: friendly, helpful, nervous, self-assertive, accepting.
megha pandey thinks: sentimental, dependable, intelligent, mature, brave.
anon thinks: able, silly, clever, giving, friendly.
anonymous thinks: complex, introverted, nervous, self-conscious, silly, tense.
anu thinks: calm, accepting, knowledgeable, intelligent, confident.
Piyush thinks: brave, caring, confident, intelligent, religious, shy.
anonymous" thinks: searching, observant, ingenious, dependable, mature.
Snehal thinks: giving, sentimental, shy, caring, idealistic.
haman thinks: silly, bold, friendly, logical, confident, complex.
nataraj thinks: accepting, caring, helpful, religious, giving, searching.
anusha thinks: observant, friendly, kind, dignified, shy, giving.
friendly thinks: loving, friendly, nervous, helpful, silly.
joy thinks: sentimental, silly, dependable, energetic, nervous, friendly.
Shaan thinks: energetic, giving, happy, helpful, idealistic, searching.
asif thinks: caring, observant, shy, loving, intelligent, helpful.
anonymous thinks: able, calm, happy, loving, searching.
harmander thinks: able, adaptable, bold, idealistic, kind.
natasha thinks: cheerful, dignified, self-conscious, responsive, trustworthy, kind.
Jai thinks: friendly, caring, knowledgeable, modest, happy, observant.
koushik thinks: organised, tense, independent, logical, quiet, sensible.
dane thinks: reflective, helpful, proud, giving, loving.
Preethi thinks: friendly, helpful, dependable, happy, adaptable.
dasdas thinks: shy, knowledgeable, nervous, intelligent, complex, silly.
ayush thinks: tense, shy, self-assertive, relaxed, powerful.
radhika thinks: giving, introverted, loving, organised, religious, sympathetic.
logamani.s thinks: able, brave, bold, helpful, proud, logical.
gaurav thinks: calm, confident, friendly, knowledgeable, complex.
av thinks: caring, dependable, nervous, patient, sympathetic, tense.
Anjali thinks: knowledgeable, intelligent, confident, friendly, happy.
abcd thinks: caring, logical, quiet, shy, silly.
Vishal Singh thinks: loving, intelligent, bold, shy, self-conscious, helpful.
arunareddy thinks: able, intelligent, self-assertive, wise, logical, clever.
Ashish thinks: confident, independent, knowledgeable, giving, patient, energetic.
neha thinks: calm, independent, knowledgeable, helpful, relaxed, happy.
priya thinks: wise, trustworthy, helpful, kind, intelligent.
sahil thinks: quiet, friendly, independent, happy, nervous, modest.
namsam thinks: warm, sentimental, sympathetic, trustworthy, quiet.
Allen thinks: confident, independent, logical, trustworthy, helpful, kind.
pinky thinks: brave, caring, confident, intelligent, patient, witty.
knowledgeable thinks: knowledgeable, organised, witty, silly, tense.
saurabh thinks: helpful, intelligent, logical, organised, relaxed.
karthik thinks: able, calm, confident, friendly, independent, knowledgeable.
Lenka thinks: organised, loving, friendly, intelligent, silly, helpful.
bhagvt thinks: able, friendly, spontaneous, tense, loving, quiet.
aa thinks: dependable, introverted, tense, shy, complex.
Gautam thinks: trustworthy, helpful, reflective, confident, energetic, mature.
m f khan thinks: helpful, confident, energetic, knowledgeable, sensible.
mimimi thinks: helpful, friendly, relaxed, warm, quiet, logical.
kk thinks: able, caring, dependable, happy, intelligent.
chris thinks: adaptable, trustworthy, self-conscious, logical, loving.
joshua thinks: happy, calm, independent, quiet, bold.
Himanshu Swarnkar thinks: able, confident, friendly, happy, intelligent, clever.
Bianca82 thinks: independent, intelligent, introverted, adaptable, organised, trustworthy.
Aboli Kulkarni thinks: reflective, loving, kind, energetic, caring.
priya thinks: intelligent, knowledgeable, searching, dependable, complex.
ashwin thinks: shy, tense, trustworthy, responsive, quiet.
Himanshu Solanki thinks: happy, extroverted, knowledgeable, spontaneous, searching.
Sanjiv thinks: accepting, adaptable, cheerful, happy, helpful, confident.
yguyg thinks: bold, confident, idealistic, intelligent, logical.
kowshika thinks: accepting, caring, friendly, nervous, independent, kind.
yguyg thinks: bold, confident, intelligent, idealistic, logical.
Anuj Babbar thinks: adaptable, sentimental, confident, energetic, bold, clever.
archana thinks: confident, friendly, extroverted, adaptable, self-conscious, observant.
gdhjh thinks: loving, sensible, spontaneous, relaxed, logical.
sasi thinks: cheerful, quiet, helpful, happy, confident, able.
archana thinks: able, trustworthy, silly, helpful, witty.
i am ca thinks: able, logical, energetic, brave, intelligent.
Sahil thinks: able, friendly, wise, loving, observant.
Poonam thinks: dependable, intelligent, introverted, proud, silly, complex.
xz thinks: calm, giving, independent, loving, mature, searching.
sukrut thinks: confident, organised, knowledgeable, energetic, intelligent.
shrabani thinks: patient, kind, sympathetic, quiet, trustworthy.
anonymous thinks: caring, confident, helpful, modest, religious.
anthony thinks: confident, intelligent, responsive, sentimental, observant.
Anonymous thinks: observant, searching, witty, reflective, self-assertive, sentimental.
srikanth thinks: silly, shy, quiet, reflective, organised.
Anoop thinks: friendly, trustworthy, organised, helpful, extroverted.
ssg thinks: able, confident, self-conscious, helpful, trustworthy.
aisha thinks: caring, happy, clever, bold, logical, quiet.
Baby thinks: bold, friendly, sentimental, caring, loving, helpful.
priya thinks: calm, loving, confident, energetic, patient, happy.
priya thinks: dependable, helpful, friendly, kind, nervous, tense.
aditi thinks: organised, knowledgeable, independent, observant, clever, idealistic.
sid thinks: accepting, intelligent, helpful, friendly, self-conscious, logical.
Jerry thinks: independent, sentimental, dependable, trustworthy, adaptable.
Winnie chiu thinks: friendly, trustworthy, helpful, kind, patient, caring.
Winnie chiu thinks: friendly, caring, helpful, trustworthy, kind, patient.
thinks: accepting, dependable, witty, searching, complex, tense.
xxx thinks: calm, dependable, happy, intelligent, organised, relaxed.
reva thinks: logical, idealistic, quiet, searching, extroverted.
sirisha thinks: adaptable, intelligent, confident, idealistic, friendly.
anonymous thinks: observant, dignified, self-conscious, helpful, introverted, wise.
anonymous thinks: bold, dependable, energetic, extroverted, friendly, sentimental.
asdfasdf thinks: logical, ingenious, giving, energetic, idealistic, kind.
Srikanth thinks: giving, brave, logical, loving, mature, confident.
anakha thinks: proud, independent, brave, intelligent, confident, observant.
udhaya thinks: accepting, confident, calm, independent, logical.
Anna thinks: observant, cheerful, energetic, idealistic, happy, friendly.
neha thinks: searching, accepting, brave, cheerful, friendly, powerful.
kavys thinks: independent, knowledgeable, powerful, mature, idealistic, brave.
suresh thinks: brave, logical, knowledgeable, giving, responsive.
yazhini thinks: self-conscious, calm, religious, kind, mature, extroverted.
mani thinks: responsive, relaxed, adaptable, calm, observant.
anonymous thinks: proud, quiet, reflective, relaxed, religious.
Neha lohar thinks: able, confident, logical, sensible, responsive, observant.
Knmgrant thinks: independent, complex, clever, idealistic, introverted.
kjb thinks: able, accepting, introverted, logical, nervous, trustworthy.
Anusua thinks: logical, ingenious, mature, reflective, powerful.
Miss Florence Jackson thinks: confident, knowledgeable, logical, energetic, brave.

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