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LGeonGkeimQyeytTxoP = WdEHXceOXmlgGVXGb eZzJKXOWyPOpsf
WdEHXceOXmlgGVXGb = LGeonGkeimQyeytTxoP UdwLHOsve
eZzJKXOWyPOpsf = UdwLHOsve LGeonGkeimQyeytTxoP
UdwLHOsve = eZzJKXOWyPOpsf WdEHXceOXmlgGVXGb
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football match is to ball pressure
is to

Kennings are a Norse poetic device based on analogy - referring to the sea as a "whale road", for example, from the analogy that "sea is to whale as road is to horse".

The symmetrical nature of any four kenning elements allows for the exploration of other, logically valid metaphors - following the structure of Ron Hale-Evans' Kenning Game, this site automates that process.

Old Kennings now get deleted after a while - consider this a forum for mucking around with them in real-time with other online friends, or just playing around with the idea.

-- Kevan, 28.12.03