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One of the more minor embryotic defects induced in infants conceived by use of Allelodrene, giving the skin a mottled, scraped appearance that changes gradually over time. The condition is incurable, but treatable--the effects are entirely cosmetic, and afflicted individuals regain a normal skin tone with regular vitamin therapy. Most of these will understandably want to do so, given the lingering historical associations of the abrasiatic appearance.

Thanks to a hasty, ill-prepared study released in the furor of publicity that surrounded the Kelvod agitation theory, it rapidly became fixed in the popular imagination that abrasia and the abilities of the Kelvodian dymetricists were genetically tied. In fact, later research would disprove any genetic correspondence between dymetricists and abrasiatics; though the occurrence of abrasia was higher than average among Kelvodists, it is most likely that both ability and condition were separately engendered by the mutagenic affects of Allelodrene, or that the two were coincident in a few ancestors of what was, after all, a tiny population.

The connection was already made, however, and the celebrity of abrasiatic Kelvodist [Puri of Tandin]? helped to cement it. It took on a much darker meaning when it sped the rise of the infamous [Mikhail Un]?, whose abrasia and immense personal charisma helped him fake both the Kelvodist title and dymetric abilities--neither of which he possessed. The latter association, to the misfortune of born abrasiatics, is by far the stronger one today.

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