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Alexander Ducant

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Alexander Ducant is a famous figure for two main reasons. The first was his role in the [Qirel Encounter]?. The other is that very little else is known for certain about him. This is not because there is little information available on him, but rather, because there is a great deal of information, but almost all sources contradict each other. Accounts of the time and location of his birth, and especially his death, vary greatly. Most works detail him as being a doctor, professor, or scientist of some kind, but disagree as to what his exact specialties were, as well as where he studied. Additionally, several works published under his name profess a variety of mutually incompatible philosophies and opinions.

Predictably, most scholars blame this on the work of the Dysgnostics. However, for it to be entirely their fault would require crediting them with much more influence than most currently accepted theories hold they had, and would render several sources that have previously been verified as reputable to no longer be so. So many have sought a different explanation.

One that has gained some following is a theory that there were actually several individuals who all assumed the identity of Alexander Ducant. Some go so far as to suggest this group even underwent complex, although not impossible, surgical procedures to adopt the same physical appearance as well. However, aside from neatly explaining the discrepancies regarding him, there is no other evidence for this theory, and this hypothetical group's motivation for their odd deception remains unexplained.

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