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The recreational drug of choice for many, both young & old, throughout virtually the entire East Rim Consortium. Its origins are hazy and apocryphal; however, there is at least a shard of truth in the oft-repeated rumour that its first users include [Sable Aliss]?. Indeed, her name seems to be more frequently linked to the drug, than that of any other.

If we are to accept that there is some degree of fact in the tales of her involvement, then we are meant to believe that the Alluria's origins are rooted in the experimental chemical re-engineering of Allelodrene. Story-tellers always take great pains to illustrate the irony of Allelodrene, an unsafe fertility drug, giving birth to Alluria. Even more ironically, it was through a mutation of its chemical structure.

Alluria's effects are rooted in conception and new life. It is this sensation of rebirth which is perhaps primarily responsible for its addictive qualities. Chemically there is nothing to create dependence in a user, there is no toxic hook to bring a so-called "Allurian" back for more. The psychological effect however, is prolific. The users psychological dependence presents as an insidious need within the user, who experiences an intensely invigorating and revitalizing thrill, often compared to being born again. The spiritual side to this "rebirth" is played up considerably by canny pushers as well as the many evangelical users of the drug.

For users of Alluria, the original euphoric sensation diminishes with each successive use. It is not uncommon to find an Allurian sitting in his or her spartan home, having sold all furnishings and posessions sold to feed their addiction. These Allurians can be seen whispering with tear-struck ecstasy, staring into the distance.

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