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As the first and only alien race so far discovered, the Amorphians were the subject of much curiosity to pre-Conflict biologists, most notably the original Alexander Ducant. However, Amorphians and the planet they live on have been under Union quarantine since the start of the Kelvodian Exile, and most information about them has been classified.

The Amorphians are believed to begin life underground, no Amorphian in this stage of life has ever been observed. The known life of the Amorphian begins when it seeps out of the ground in its adult form. The adult is ameboid in form and roughly 2.5 inches in diameter when shaped as a sphere at the start of its above-ground life. As it ages it will shrink gradually until it is only .25 inches in diameter as a sphere, and then it will return underground.

Amorphians change color at frequent unpredictable intervals by a process inolving special light distorting cells which are believed to have inspired much of the technology used during the Conflict by both sides. All Amorphians change their color at the same time, though it is not understood how they coordinate this or whether it serves any purpose.

Shortly after the Amorphians' discovery, the drug developement company Pharmacon? moved their research and development laboratories to the Amorphians' homeworld. Cospiracy theorists have several reasons for this, but the most likely reason is as a tax dodge, as according to the laws of the time, the planet was governed by the Amorphians, and thus not part of the Union. Despite the quarantine of the Amorphian homeworld, Pharmacon? has been allowed to continue its operations there, including frequent shuttles sent to and from their Main Office on Earth.

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