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Averianism began as an offshoot of Dysgnostics, but rapidly separated from its parent movement. Indeed, by the time of the Manifesto of Qirel its leaders had rightly recanted their former adherence to the decadent Dysgnostic cult. Instead, they supported a rationalist creed of "reform through violence, violence through art, art through reform", and sought with perhaps more devotion than any other group the end of the inequalities that would lead to the Orbital Wars. Since Averianists held that "we are all equal before a great work of art" and that "nothing else can do what art does", it therefore followed that anything before which everyone was equal must be a work of art; for a long time, therefore, Averianists concentrated their artistic efforts on the construction of matter displacement bombs and disintegration rays.

Averianism was also a driving force behind the attempt to ensure equal access to health care for all, an end which its adherents sought to realise through the destruction of health care facilities, which they realised would "level the playing lake".

Though Averianism survives to this day, its power as a political force faded shortly after its leaders reinterpreted their claim that "we are all equal before a great work of art" more literally, and abandoned their matter displacement bombs and disintegration rays to work (ultimately unsuccessfully) on a Transformer Beam that would act on a group, mutating each member into the average of all those affected by the blast.

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