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Axis Of Kelvod

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Term that came into popular use overnight once the Kelvod agitation theory was published. It is used to distinguish those parties whose possession of ample Kelvodian dymetricists allowed them to harness this strange power. This started with a great number of smaller countries and organizations, heretofor regarded as backward or primitive, whose dispositions made them strange attractors, or perhaps breeding grounds, for Kelvodists. It changed quickly, however, as the big powers made grasps for these groups in order to reign them in and exploit this exceptional, yet largely unstudied and unfounded, power. As many of these parties were, as mentioned, more than a little backward, many had never even heard of the term Kelvod and were successfully nabbed. Others made a quick play of their new capabilities and catapaulted into high status in this new age- or were never heard from again.

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