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Battleship Jatok

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Battleship Jatok was the largest craft in Jatok fleet. It was rumoured that it had weaponry so powerful that in one large battle it destroyed 30 cruisers in 30 minutes. The downfall of this 'Indestructible' ship came when most strategists theorised that if a fleet could give them an advantage (due to Bifurcative Spacetime Strategy Theory) then a fleet with the largest ship at that time could cause them to win the Orbital Wars once and for all. Unfortunately, they decided to try this in an area of great instability (the Grey Zone). This caused the fleet and the indestructible ship to lose contact with their home colony, forcing them to eventually become their own society, led by the descendants of the ships' captains. When contact was reestablished, the fleet's leader was known as [Prince Ertoth Jatok]?.

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