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Belasyse Finch

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Belasyse Finch was President of the Union during the first three phases of the Orbital War and is remembered as a Great Hero.

Born in the Second Class district of the city of Ketter, Finch trained in information and began work as a generalist in the Lateral Development Division of Pharmacon? at the age of fourteen. He was reputed to be solely responsible for many important filchings and achieved specialist status in just two years. The following year he transferred to the Action Department and after five years he was given command of headhunter operations, co-ordinating the assassination of key workers in rival conglomerates. At the age of twenty-five, he took over the Checking Division and instituted an internal investigations regime so efficient that it was soon the industry standard. He became Pharmacon's Head of Safety five years after that, leading several purges during his three years in this position.

Fince retired from active service at Pharmacon aged thirty-three. By now a rich man, he was able to purchase both a wife and a seat on the board of [Semco Explorations]?. He became Chairman of Semco six years later, and at the same time was elected Governor of Ketter, with a seat on the Executive Committee of the East Rim Consortium. He was elected Director of the Consortium shortly after his forty-third birthday. Eight years later, he and has wife were one of the first couples to use Allelodrene, developed by Finchís old employer, Pharmacon. They produced a baby daughter, who they named Angostura. The year after that, it was the Consortiumís turn to hold the Presidency of the Union, and Finch was serving as the sessional President when news of the [Qirel Encounter]? first broke. He co-ordinated the Union's initial response, and by acclaim remained President throughout the first three phases of the Orbital War, being granted and serving through a full reincarnation. It was solely through his labours that the Union remained stable as a political and social entity during the second and third phases of the Orbital War, as its constituents engaged each other in manic combat. His permanent death, at the hands of [Mikhail Un]?, was a tragedy on a par with the Qirel Encounter itself.

After his death, other factions in the Union began a smear campaign in the hopes of discrediting Finch's legacy and the East Rim Consortium itself. The notion that Finch was part of a conspiracy that engineered the Quirel Encounter, as an agent for another power or in the hopes of placing the Consortiums in absolute control of the Union, was popular for a time immediately after the war. However, when the Consortiums returned to power they were able to prove these rumours utterly false.

Angostura Finch, active in the East Rim Consortium's internal security, was responsible for tracing the Kelvod agitation theory to Z-Tel?.

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