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Bifurcative Spacetime Strategy Theory

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"An unwieldy explanation for unifying the strategy and theory that may have guided the leaders of the Orbital Wars.

The theory holds that the stategic placement of agents at crucial junctures in spacetime allows those controlling these agents to act with greater efficacy, due to the relative stability or instability, of those points. The background for this theory draws largely upon the (officially incomplete, and much contested) Case for Bifurcation paper of Alexander Ducant.

What gained this theory any recognition at all is that it is the only one so far to explain the deployment of forces in the Orbital Wars. It suggests that the controlling forces during the war were racing to get agents to key points of stability or instability, and that they believed this would somehow tip the balance in their favor.

But detractors from this theory have a strong foothold in that Bifurcation theory and its signifigance, as laid out by Ducant, are not yet readily understood by leading theorists. It is 100% accurate in prediction, but it is also a post hoc, and is largely derided as simply being oddly coincidental.

One of the biggest problems is that the theory is too effective to make sense. It explains not only every major placement of off-planet technology for the [New Unified Terrans]?, but for all forces at play. While we could expect one side to employ this theory in their placement if they possessed someone knowledgable of it, we cannot expect that every factor at play would have access and understanding to make use of it. Only the most conspiratorial of minds have proposed that all agents in the Orbital Wars were acting on orders from the same source, one that actually understood the supposed use of Bifurcation theory.

The theory also draws largely on a supposed portion of the Case for Bifurcation paper that has been discredited as being counterfeit. In this portion "Ducant" proposes usage of known sensitive conditions at key positions be brought in tune using (unexplained) methods for the purpose of charging points of convergence in botht he past and future with influence over surrounding conditions."

--Excerpt from the article "Stranger Still: Usage of Ducant's Theory from Alphabet to Wormhole" by Kleel Jarieg

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