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Book Of The Veere

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The Book of the Veere was a music band active some 150 years before the Orbital Wars. Comprising four Kelvodian dymetricists, they possessed very little by way of musical talent; they are, however, notable for the fact that the lyrics for all of their songs were in fact prophecies, mostly relating to the Orbital Wars themselves.

The name of the band, Book of the Veere, is thought to refer to [Zakarin du Veird]?, the renowned General who is now suspected to have used the lyrics of the Fourth Moon album to co-ordinate his strategy. We must assume that the events that lead to du Veird's death in the [Sacking of Surrator]? were either a result of complacency on the General's part or a deliberate mis-prophecy by the band, as retrospective examination of the band's lyrics has shown them to be first-class intelligence.

Analysis of the lyrics of the band's other seven albums continues. Nighttime over Apollo, Cirencester, Ban This Sick Filth and, of course, Fourth Moon have all been identified as having related to some facet of the Orbital Wars. Corpulence Culture may have some reference to the cultural upheaval experienced in Alphas after the Wars, while The Matchbook Diaries and Lead Me To Armistice both contain insufficient signifiers to allow researchers to accurately judge what they refer to. One particularly vocal researcher claims that these last two albums, plus the bands collected posthumous work, are all clues relating to the true life of Alexander Ducant; however, many other authorities dismiss this claim, as the lyrics of several of the tracks would require the subject to still be alive today.

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